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Comment Re:Remember to forget (Score 0) 366

Great saying.. Second favorite saying... de- clutter, de-clutter. Finish a project? get rid of the leftover scraps... Books and magazines always exceed the size and number of the bookcase... If you want to work on a new project but have to get "organized" first you may be on our way to appearing on the next episode of "Hoarders" A tough habit to break but worth it. Read "getting things done" for good tips...
XBox (Games)

Anatomy of an Achievement 157

Whether they annoy you or fulfill your nerdy collection habit, achievements have spread across the gaming landscape and are here to stay. The Xbox Engineering blog recently posted a glimpse into the creation of the Xbox 360 achievement system, discussing how achievements work at a software level, and even showing a brief snippet of code. They also mention some of the decisions they struggled with while creating them: "We are proud of the consistency you find across all games. You have one friends list, every game supports voice chat, etc. But we also like to give game designers room to come up with new and interesting ways to entertain. That trade-off was at the heart of the original decision we made to not give any indication that a new achievement had been awarded. Some people argued that gamers wouldn't want toast popping up in the heat of battle and that game designers would want to use their own visual style to present achievements. Others argued for consistency and for reducing the work required of game developers. In the end we added the notification popup and its happy beep, which turned out to be the right decision, but for a long time it was anything but obvious."

Comment Re:Circuit Cellar (Score 0) 327

An excellent magazine but Compute! had a lot more small snippets of code that stood by themselves and could be loaded, tested and ripped apart in minutes. Copying programs from magazines certainly had its place but is not the way to go today. Interestingly enough a friend mentioned that his son, a college freshman with no programming experience showed an interest in "programming". If it were the 1980's I would have packed up a C64 and numerous issues of Compute!, Run transactor etc and let him have fun. But it is June , 2010 so instead I pointed him to Harvard University CS50 website; This includes video lectures, problem sets, notes and a virtual machine to run Linux . Most importantly it starts off teaching you how to make a game!! From the description ; Languages include C, PHP, and JavaScript plus SQL, CSS, and XHTML. Problem sets inspired by real-world domains of biology, cryptography, finance, forensics, and gaming.

Comment pretty colors (Score 0) 281

Color; 4 channels The scope trace color matches the colored channel button that matched the colored c clip on the scope probe. As simple as this sounds it simplifies debug by asking which probe is attached to which channel. USB port for saving images. Ethernet port for connecting to the network. Battery operation mode.. AS previously mentioned if you are buying more than 1 scope buy the exact same type. It simplifies user interface issues. Buy 8 probes, the kind without legs..... Convince your bosses to get an external current probe and amplifier. It is cool to actually have data to prove Ohm's law. That's real physics....

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