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Comment Re:Testing old Windows (Score 1) 46

Or use Firefox on them since Firefox uses it's own crypto library and not the Windows supplied one. Still leaves you with the problem of Windows Updates but all packages are signed there, don't know how they sign them though if they use SHA1 there as well or if they do something else.

Comment Re:Best fucking part (Score 1) 795

There is no such duty since this is not a case nor a trail, this is "preliminary investigation", which is something that a prosecutor in Sweden does in order to determine whether there are grounds for actually bringing a case to trail or not. And the reason for there being no speedy trial is of course due to Assange hiding in the Ecuadorian embassy.

There have not been a long row of prosecutors involved, senior or not, in this case. The initial case where lowered from rape to sexual molestation by Eva Finné who is an ordinary prosecutor. Marianne Ny who is the one who raised the allegations from molestation back to rape is the senior one since she is a "överåklagare" (higher prosecutor). It's true though that she received criticism from the Court of Appeal that she had not done enough to speed things up, which is far from "acknowledge that her tactics considered of delay after delay".

Comment Re:Best fucking part (Score 1) 795

They have not broken any laws in Sweden. A prosecutor can take a case to trail without the consent of any victims. And I'm quite sure that this is not unique to Sweden either since it for example would be impossible to take a murderer to trail (since the victim is now dead and thus cannot decide whether to press charges or not).

Comment Re:How many crashes due to insulation? (Score 1) 161

According to https://www.vardfokus.se/webbn... there have been roughly 50 ambulances involved in accidents since 2010, so roughly 11 accidents per year. How many of these where caused by people not paying attention to the ambulance or not it does not say, also it does not say anything about collateral crashes since it only lists the amount of actual ambulances that have crashed.

Comment Re:Ignore the law (Score 1) 110

No it's not muddled, if you have legal presence in a place you have to comply with the laws of the place. The reason Uber manages to dodge some of the bullets fired at them is because they have no legal presence in the place, it's the drivers that do and thus they are the ones getting into trouble. Both Apple and Google want to have physical and thus legal presence in Russia so there is no Uber-like situation here.

And judging by how things went for Kim DotCom, TPB and so forth, Uber might soon find themselves into uncomfortable conditions. Apparently they where involved in over 173 lawsuits just in 2015, that number have probably increased over the last year.

Comment Ignore the law (Score 1) 110

The removal of the LinkedIn app from Apples App Store and Google's Play shows the willingness of major internet gatekeepers to comply with individual nations' data-control laws, on both the web and mobile devices.

Since exactly when have any company on earth managed to ignore the existing laws in countries where they operate?

Comment Re:Awesome (Score 1) 483

Thanks for the info. One other thing that I wonder is why Microsoft is not doing more about this, not that I think that they have a responsibility to do it but that it would be in their best interest to not tarnish their company name. Since they have a large pool of employees in India as well one would think that they would also have some leverage with politicians and law enforcement (prejudice tells me that corruption is wide spread in India which should work in Microsoft:s favor).

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