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Comment Re:25 years, still garbage for the mainstream (Score 1) 301

Of course not but do check the parent post that started this all. The "IT stuff" was a reference to fix things as the parent post thought that "Linux will NEVER be taken seriously by anyone other than you bunch of greasy nerds if you need to use the Terminal all the time whenever the slightest issue come up". It was never a point in trying to say that web surfing, photo editing and so on should be done via the terminal.

Comment Re:User friendly (Score 1) 301

I have never understood the "Visual Studio blows every other IDE out the water", is this related to projects that use C++, Net and other forms of object oriented programming languages where you have tons of classes, members and files? Or for visual type of programming where you design GUI:s by drag and drop?

Because for me (back when I did code for Windows), Visual Studio 6.0 was the last version that I could comfortable use, but then I code in C so that might explain why I don't see the benefits of VS.

Comment Re:User friendly (Score 1) 301

Note that it says "May stop" and not "Does Stop". This all played out in 1997/1998 so obviously that person didn't experience this particular problem. Win98 (but it could be Windows Millenium actually) however could not survive 24 hours running our application (stock trading terminal) without completely freezing regardless of patch level. Thinking about it some more I actually think that it was WindowsME and not 98.

Comment Re:25 years, still garbage for the mainstream (Score 1) 301

Yeah because just that I believe that most IT stuff can be done faster using a CLI than with a GUI then I'm soo damn stupid that I think that the same applies to 100% of all work including photo editing...

This would be the equivalent of me accusing you to indicate that you would prefer to enter text in a word processor with only the mouse. Now this is so stupid that no one unless they are insane would claim that and still you want to claim the same regarding photo editing. Please use your brain.

Comment Re:User friendly (Score 1) 301

Reminds me off a guy that our support staff had to help over the phone on my first workplace. It took them a while to realise that his definition of stopping and starting the computer was powering the screen on and off :)

Or that Windows 95 user who had never turned his computer off since the day he got it, he was utterly impressed that all kinds of stuff began to work after our support staff rebooted it for him...

Comment Re:25 years, still garbage for the mainstream (Score 1) 301

When will Windows get rid of the registry? And what is it about this GUI obsession with you millennials? A good terminal (like bash) lets you do stuff faster and easier than any GUI. It's also damn easier to give the advice to "open terminal, copy past these lines" than it is to have to create multiple screen shots of how to do the same thing in a GUI and then hope and pray that the end user is using the same language and version of OS as you do.

Comment Re:User friendly (Score 1) 301

Well XML can be a workable choice if the structure is stable. Don't know how it's for their other configuration files but the project files for Visual Studio is a complete nightmare since it changes with every release. And of course just using XML because of XML is never a good solution, having simple field=value (or fieldvalue) is quite useful.

And nightmare when things go wrong, o boy. My son just got a laptop from his school which refused to connect to our home WLAN, it spins for a few seconds and then "could not connect", not a single piece of error code or anything else that indicates what the cause is and the troubleshooting guide only wants you to restart your router and see if that solves the problem...

Comment Re:User friendly (Score 3, Informative) 301

So why then is there always a post in every Windows article describing how you disable something by adding some strange named variable fifty levels deep into the registry? Windows can keep on doing shit like that and no one cares because it's Windows. That is the stronghold you get on the user base from creating a monopoly in the 80:ies and 90:ies.

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