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Comment Re:Personal Anecdatum - sample size of one (Score 1) 223

And no one is forcing you to. However bear in mind the power of nocebo, there is at this point in time no double blind study where aspartame have proven to induce headaches. But of more importance is the fact that there exists no hypothesis on how it should induce headaches, all the metabolites of aspartame are already produced by the human body as well as present in the majority of fruits, vegetables and meats. And that in higher concentrates than what can be consumed in a diet soda.

Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 359

Sounds more that the applications that you use need options on startup to enable logging and that whoever created your unit files forgot to add these options while there are present in the old sysvinit files. Could also be that you have new SELinux templates that denies the syslog messages from being sent by the applications in the first place. All that I know is that systemd does not swallow any logs, in fact it catches far more logs than sysvinit ever did since it also catches output from stdout and stderr which few other init:s do (upstart did to some extent).

Comment Re:Personal Anecdatum - sample size of one (Score 1) 223

Now I don't say that this didn't happen to you but there is a ward study where 40 subjects who made the similar claims (i.e that they got headaches every time they consumed aspartame) where given either placebo or the amount of aspartame as would be in 4 litres of soda. 45% of the people who got placebo got a headache while 35% in the aspartame group got a headache.

Comment Re:Huh? What? (Score 2) 223

And let me guess that caloric intake, diet quality, physical activity and smoking where determined by people filling out forms. I.e the kind of input that is known to be fatally flawed (i.e there are ward studies where they fed people exactly the food and amounts that they filled in their forms that they ate and they all lost weight).

Comment Re:DeadHat !! (Score 4, Insightful) 85

Not exactly true. The systemd that you talk about (encompassing applications) are the systemd the project and not systemd the pid 1 (init) application. Each new "application integration" is done via a separate application so the UNIX philosophy still stands. And these are not done in order to match the philosophy of one person (the whole systemd project have lots of developers this day) but are done in order to present a common plumbing layer mostly aimed at container developers at this moment, i.e to present a common set of tools that work and look the same.

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