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Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 278

Well you have to understand that the EU is blamed for all possible strange things by the European politicians so that might be why you as an outsider have a better view of EU than most of the people in it. I.e when national politicians wants to push some legislation that there is public outcry for they always say that they "have to do it due to EU" and for some reason people swallow this most of the time.

Just look at the Brexit situation, there the anti EU people somehow managed to convince Brittons that the a country the political and economical size of UK would have no say in any EU decisions and they all lived like slaves under Germany when the real truth is that there was probably not a single EU decision ever made that wasn't OK:ed by the UK government. And then there exists these millions of EU myths that even otherwise sane news media have published as being true, for example the ones brought up on the BBC QI show:

Comment Re:How do you generate different keys? (Score 1) 54

As others have mentioned if the OpenSSH daemon notices that there are no host keys it will automatically generate them when it's started so all you have to do really is to make sure that you do a

rm /etc/ssh/ssh_host_*

Before you create the image that you flash, and if you upgrade your embedded systems by flashing your image then you have to either move these keys to a location where they are not overwritten (i.e deleted) by your upgrade image or move them out before upgrade and then move them back after otherwise you might accidentally remove them on each upgrade and thus creating new keys on each upgrade.

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