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Comment Re:The last thing anyone wants is their day in cou (Score 1) 87

A single case does not invalidate parents claim. The reason that (smart) Lawyers don't represent themselves in court is the very same reason that (smart) Personal Trainers hire another PT to train themselves and that is you so easily get "home blind" (sorry don't know if this is a valid expression in English since English is not my first language) and emotionally attached to things that does not matter so that they do miss the things that do matter and thus an external impartial view is very important. Also lawyers specialise in different areas so if you are a criminal courts Lawyer you might not be able to correctly handle a civil courts case at all.

Comment Re:EEE (Score 1) 410

I hope that you are right but so far I have not seen any evidence that this would happen. Just look at the company that cries in TFA, they are heavily invested in Microsoft technology, they write their games in DirectX and on Windows only so they do absolutely nothing to help change the situation. So I'm quite confident that if Microsoft manages to destroy Steam then Gears of War will be released on the Windows 10 App Store or what ever it's called, they might whine and cry but they will release it there.

Comment Re:It will succeed, or at the very least, won't fa (Score 1) 157

So that is why the same companies could port their games to Xbox360 and PS3 which isn't x86 based. Or why for example both Ubisoft and Capcom ported their engines to the Wii U but then only released one or two games?

All those insanely expensive things that you talk about are in the design phase of the game, the code which is the engine is mostly standard stuff these days (of course they improve it slightly from time to time) which is evident in the low costs that where involved when Assassins Creed 3 and 4, Watch Dogs or Resident Evil Revelations where ported.

Comment Re:Still hasn't learned (Score 1) 157

Which is funny considering that back in the day the same game could be released for both the Amiga and the Sinclair Spectrum. And in those days the gaming market where much much smaller than it's today. So no I don't think that the slightly less powerful hardware in the Wii U has anything to do with the missing 3d party games, it's all political, i.e they decided to not support Nintendo for whatever reason.

For example Watch Dogs where ported but never the DLC even though it didn't contain code. Also we had Resident Evil Revelations (so Capcom did port their game engine) but never got Revelations 2 or any of the other RE games that utilized the exact same engine that where already ported.

Comment Re:EEE (Score 1) 410

Been there and done that. We used Netware back in the NT4 days on my first workplace and with great mystery the Netware stuff got slower and slower with each NT4 Service Pack. And they will get away with this again if they begin to target Steam because as you say they are to big to fail, if something does not work well in Linux it's a Linuxproblem but if your application does not work well in Windows then it's your problem. The sad thing is that it's the Microsoft customers that have brought this on themselves.

Comment Re:Even if you disagree with the judge . . . (Score 1) 150

The bank does not care yes but they have to report every transaction to your national version of the SEC and they are fined quite heavily (they can also loose their banking license) if it's found out that they did not fully report and trace the transaction. So what the bank cares are does not care about is quite irrelevant.

Comment Re:Even if you disagree with the judge . . . (Score 1) 150

How does your anecdote invalidate his claims? You told the bank where the money came from (even when you claimed that no one cared), they registered it and some one in the back checked that the money actually where sent from the accounts mentioned (i.e from your parents to you) and that this was money that your parents had access to legally.

If you could have just appeared in the bank and threw 100k GBP on the table, refused to disclose where the money came from and they still would be ok with that then you would have had a point, but that is not what happened.

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