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Comment They're mostly (Score 1) 80

complaining about how radically different Gnome 2 and Gnome 3 are it was a Python-level community split and I say that as someone who basically doesn't care. So the people who hate Gnome 3 are mostly KDE people or Gnome 2 people.

I personally hated Unity mostly because of it's corporate bullshit which Canonical I'm sure is still pursuing (ads on your desktop anyone? Sound familiar?) in some form.

The first Linux desktop I saw which actually impressed me was a customized one in the 90's that a friend made from Gnome and Enlightenment.

I'm not a programmer either, I started with Slackware in 1995, I have Linux machines but not as my primary desktop and I am not exactly a zealot.

For the end user, the difference is mostly in the UI/UX and what applications will play nice with what (as far as integrated look and feel you can mostly run whatever); I usually end up installing the dependencies for several to get shit to work or to use some part of something I like over the other. I'm not really talking about package management which you listed (just about everything is a front end for a front end for a front end at this point. I like yum and apt more or less equally (and yes I said apt not apt-get, search is good)).

I have Mint on my laptop and Cinnamon (based on Gnome 3) is decent but not without problems. So yea... some rambling .. maybe some of it is useful.

Oh and yea API/where files go/*everything*, they have their own window managers there are lots of choices and differences between them; you can install them and then use the login manager (for the name) in Mint to try different window managers and find one you like but warning YMMV and some are broken by default.

Comment So they can low ball you and pocket the difference (Score 1) 142


E.g. If I'm willing to pay $80k for the position, but I know you make $60k and I offer $70k you will probably take it as it's an increase for you and I pocket the $10k difference because you have 0 way of knowing how much I'm willing to pay to start with.

That's why ALL interviewers ask this question EVERYWHERE and will not proceed with interviews without this information unless prohibited by law.

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