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Comment Diamond Rain in Saturn (Score 1) 177

I wish, for once, scientists would quit making things up as they go along. We have NO DEFINITIVE PROOF of any such thing. Though I do like to dream, there is a very hard line between dreams and reality. This goes back to scientists saying the Earth is millions of years old when they have no ABSOLUTE PROOF of that claim. If you look at the actual time lines of our written record, it is far easier to believe that the earth may be around 500,000 yrs old. Carbon Dating gives alot of FALSE POSITIVES.

Comment Sen. Leahy's ReWrite (Score 2) 403

I think its time for US, the PUBLIC, to start CHARGING our ELECTED REPESENTATIVES with TREASON for doing this back handed, secretive bullshit. They need to go to prison and made an example of. I'm tired of these ELECTED TYRANTS trying to change the CONSTITUTION that THEY are SWORN TO UPHOLD and PROTECT !

Comment Open WiFi - NOT ! (Score 2) 253

This is a STUPID idea ... particularly when governments around the world are installing hardware and software to SPY on people. Being able to lock them out is a necessity to you keeping your privacy unless you want a TYRANNICAL WORLD of 1984 (Orwell's famous classic book and movie) to be a reality or maybe V for Vendetta ! Rethink what you are proposing folks. Its not about having something to hide. Its about keeping your FREEDOMS and your PRIVACY from PRYING EYES !

Comment Google Distances itself from Apple-Samsung Verdict (Score 1) 404

Has anyone seriously taken the time to calculate the amount of money changing hands in these Technical Law Suits ? If they would simply STOP suing each other and start COLLABERATING they might find the world a better place to live. PATENTS need to be OUTLAWED ... I believe that time has come. Its time to stop thinking about SELF and OWNERSHIP and start WORKING FOR THE GOOD OF HUMANITY !

Comment Google's X Prize for those going to the Moon (Score 1) 74

We are going to have to move the planet off of the current financial system in order to bring about real work to accomplish goals like this. Money is a ROAD BLOCK to fully achieving success as a PEOPLE and a PLANET Cost is not a factor. It is the willingness and willpower of the People who live here to come together and make it all happen.

Comment CEO's, CIO's, CTO's, MBA's and Worthless Paper (Score 1) 269

A "Degree" does NOT make a man or a woman. It is a piece of paper, used as fodder, in the game of dollars between the HR department person and the prospective new hire. TECH Certifications also fall into this same category. Anyone can teach a monkey to push a button to get a banana from the hidden door. CEO's don't understand IT and IT Departments. CTO's are MBA's with a smidgeon of IT thrown in. CIO's are protectors of the companies secrets. The IT Department folks make or break a company any day of the week depending upon what failes and how fast it can be brought back up into working order. Trying paying your IT Tech's more money and quit relying on people in CIO and CTO positions that don't have or use any IT skills.

Comment CEO's dismissing CIO's over being too Techie (Score 1) 269

CEO's do not understand the ROLE that CIO's play. Sure, it would help if the CIO had some business experience, however, most CIO's are TECH's that have grown up into those positions. CIO's understand that the heart and nerve center of every business that uses and utilities IT infrastructures, CEO's don't ... they only care about the bottom line and the profit they generate. IT runs everything in this world. Water, Electric, Gas supplies, traffic lights, security cameras and so on. If we took a dive back 70-100 years, people wouldn't know how to work or how to act or how to conduct business because IT has made their lives so much easier (yet more complicated).

Comment Santorum Exits the GOP Race for President (Score 1) 577

It is indeed a sad day that Santorum leaves the race for the GOP Presidential nod. He should take all of his support and team up with Gingrich to topple Romney from getting the valued spot. Romney and the Morman Church do NOT need to be at the top of the heap. Romney is a JOKE ! He won't defeat OBAMA. He might have the money, but he does not have the CLOUT !!!

Submission + - Rogers To Follow Bell In Ending Throttling (

ForgedArtificer writes: "Following Bell's announcement in December, Rogers has also (after a threat of CRTC investigation) stated that they will be ending bandwidth throttling by the end of 2012.

They will remove throttling for about half of their customers in March (coinciding with Bell's action) and the remainder in December.

Steve Anderson of calls it "[...] a huge step for internet openness in Canada.""

Submission + - Beyond SOPA: ACTA, WIPO, and the Global Copyfight (

An anonymous reader writes: Canadian copyfighter Michael Geist has posted a great talk on SOPA activism and what it means for the next generation of global copyright agreements such as the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement and the Trans Pacific Partnership. The talk — which takes an hour — also assesses the global strategies employed by the U.S. and copyright lobby groups of shifting away from WIPO toward closed negotiations (like ACTA) and domestic copyright pressure (like the Canadian SOPA).

Submission + - New Malware Threat " Rogue.SmartProtection2012" on the internet

Evisscerator writes: "We recently found a piece of malware now floating out on the internet through Emails that is affecting a large number of network workstations and servers. Known as Trojan.Ransom or Rogue.SmartProtection2012, this piece of malware attempts to send locally stored data to IP address , an address on the hosted network of , located in Amsterdam. The malware was caught my Malwarebytes and AVG 2012. The malware creates an EXE file on your system called AEA595.EXE, also a temporary file called E.TMP in a C:\Documents and Settings\%UserNAME%\Local Settings\Temp folder and another file in the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data folder begining with a very long alpha-numeric sequence like \F4...4E\ and a file name of the same designation ending with F4*4E.EXE"
Your Rights Online

Submission + - Team Restores 5 Shredded DARPA Docs in 33 Days

adeelarshad82 writes: A team of eight members were able piece together more than 10,000 shredded pieces of paper, split across five puzzles, as part of the U.S. Defense Department's "Shredder Challenge." The shredded pieces were made up of normal plaintext messages, encoded messages, and one picture puzzle. The team used a visual identification program that could analyze the context of an individual fragment and offer matching recommendations based on its knowledge of every other piece. As winners, they were awarded a $50,000 prize.

Submission + - IT Pros Can't Resist Peeking at Info (

Orome1 writes: IT security staff will be some of the most informed people at the office Christmas party this year. A full 26 per cent of them admit to using their privileged log in rights to look at confidential information they should not have had access to in the first place. It has proved just too tempting, and maybe just human nature, for them to rifle through redundancy lists, payroll information and other sensitive data including, for example, other people’s Christmas bonus details.

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