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Submission + - Krugman: Say no to Comcast acquisition of Time Warner (nytimes.com)

nbauman writes: In his column, "Barons of Broadband" http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02... (easily circumventable paywall) New York Times columnist Paul Krugman says:

Comcast perfectly fits the old notion of monopolists as robber barons, so-called by analogy with medieval warlords who perched in their castles overlooking the Rhine, extracting tolls from all who passed. The Time Warner deal would in effect let Comcast strengthen its fortifications, which has to be a bad idea.

Comcast’s chief executive says not to worry: “It will not reduce competition in any relevant market because our companies do not overlap or compete with each other. In fact, we do not operate in any of the same ZIP codes.” This is, however, transparently disingenuous. The big concern about making Comcast even bigger isn’t reduced competition for customers in local markets — for one thing, there’s hardly any effective competition at that level anyway. It is that Comcast would have even more power than it already does to dictate terms to the providers of content for its digital pipes — and that its ability to drive tough deals upstream would make it even harder for potential downstream rivals to challenge its local monopolies.


Submission + - Theives go on $45k shopping spree after stealing 2 (scmagazine.com.au) 1

mask.of.sanity writes: Thieves have made off with $45k after they intercepted a victim's two factor online banking codes used to verify large transactions.

The scammers got the Australian executive's mobile number from his daughter, and work place details from his willing secretary.

Armed with this data, they bluffed Vodafone which ported his phone number, meaning the criminals could verify the bank's two factor verification codes generated during their spending spree and the victim never knew a thing.


Submission + - Would you buy this CD or download it? (youtube.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Paul Potts won the British TV show "Britain has Talent" with this opera song. His CD "One Chance" was released about two weeks ago. A real Cinderella story: a mobile phone salesman; not very good looking, blows the world away with sheer talent. YouTube has more than 5000 comments from stunned viewers. For the first time in 10 years I went to a music shop to buy a CD — because of the awesome talent and modest attitude of the artist. RIAA take note: I don't mind paying for quality. My question to Slashdotters: will you buy this CD or just download?

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