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Comment Me not worried. (Score 1) 369

I am a long time repair tech (aircraft) and soon to be mechanical engineer.

I at some point will be unemployed, but that is because my robot army will be taking care of everything for me, including running any dirty hippies off my front lawn.

Seriously though, what is there to worry about? Being unemployed? Do your own farming and make your own stuff. Prices for tools and automation are collapsing. It is getting to the point where for the cost of one decent large shop power tool or two at 1980's prices you can outfit most everything you need for a full garage workshop/maker space.

If you can't make or fix stuff or don't have the magic social skills that get people to work together you should be worried. You will be on welfare and not have much opportunities beyond that in the coming decades, but then again with the prices tanking on all tech and finished goods that means basically a lower-middle income lifestyle, which these days isn't all that bad.

Comment Re:With an small download cap! (Score 2) 147

No idiots in the US would rather give internet, phone, and cable companies local monopolies for what ever reason that kills competition.

Currently I live in Tampa where we have excellent internet service where you can get it. Unfortunately HOAs, apartment complexes, and some counties have implemented deals that give only 1 service provide access to customers. In those places you can get service that is so so for way to high of a price..

Luckily I live in none of those places. On a lark just called up Frontier. My $75 a month no contract service for 75/75Mbit speeds is now $65 a month for 100/100Mbit speeds.

I feel your pain though seems in a lot of places they do nothing but gouge.

Comment Re:Bow to your Amazon overlords. (Score 1) 186


Want to revise your statement? Brown got the budget balance, but only after seeing pretty large bumps in taxes, not cutting spending, now that is slipping away from him.

Reagan Democrat. I'll give you that. Leave people alone is my motto. Socially liberal, economically conservative is close enough.

Hillary is neither of those things. Socially she was lurched back and forth between homosexuals are deviates and blacks are animals to the we must accept and care from both (politician=liar/bullshit artist.)

Putin does need to be checked, but another 4-8 years of Bush/Obama. (Hillary is closer to Bush than Obama) No thanks. If we get into another war, they need to be public, declared, and most importantly violent and brief. We don't need another 4-8 years of Obama/Bush incompetence.

Comment Re:Bow to your Amazon overlords. (Score 1) 186

You live in California and voted for Hillary and voted for Jerry Brown and claim to be a conservative........................best troll ever.

Seriously I don't think there is a medical condition that could reach those levels of mental defect, though the Liberal world has been applying all their resources in attempt to discover it.

Comment Same thing different decade. (Score 4, Interesting) 501

Huh? This is no difference a decade or two ago with most people with PCs using them with services like AOL. They didn't us the "open" hardware or software, they just used what ever locked down crap peddled to them by the gatekeepers. Same goes for 99% of Apple users.

The only difference now is they use a smartphone or a laptop rather than a desktop.

The difference now is you can buy a computer for a few hundred dollars, even less if you just need hardware connected to the internet, along with a firehose of an internet connection, and can pretty much do what ever you want. That is as open as it gets.

The real heart of the matter is that most people could give a flip less about coding up their own solutions, any more than they are willing to change the oil on their car. They never will. The minority that is willing to do that will be the ones selling them solutions.

Comment Re:Bow to your Amazon overlords. (Score 1) 186

I think I will stick with my first comment. You as an IT guy voted for Hillary. Knowing what you know and knowing what the Democrats did, we are not talking about the immoral or illegal or just plain ruthless things they did, but the simple fact that she ran her email the way she did, and how half her staff easily got phished, and you still thought it a great idea to vote for her.......

Wow.....you must....wow just wow. I weep for what ever company you provide IT support for. Do you work for the DNC?

Comment Bow to your Amazon overlords. (Score 5, Insightful) 186

Cool, but Amazon is simply cannibalizing the retail sector. That 100,000 jobs probably represents 1/3 (or more) of the total retail sector jobs that will be lost as Amazon pushes out less efficient players in the market. I'm all for it, I love Amazon, but let's not fool ourselves into thinking this is something that is going to be happy for the "fight for $15" crowd in the country. (They will be unemployed).

Comment Re:Simple question (Score 1, Insightful) 101

You are insinuating that space money would be best spent on "important" things like social programs (NASA budget $17 Billion, US federal social spending $2,300 Billion), you would be wrong.

Besides socialism only works if we have unlimited resources. There are unlimited resources, but they are in space. All we have to do is go get them.

On a plus side for those people who would "benefit" people who are productive members of society, that have a work ethic, intelligence, and curiosity, will finally have way to ditch all you socialist leaches once and for all. They will leave you behind to starve.

Comment Stupid idea (Score 1) 277


There are plenty of other places that would be much more appropriate for solar panels without the extra cost.

Sidewalks would be much easier to do. Roofs of any modern buildings. South facing walls of said buildings. Carports for cars on public and private property. Covered walk ways. Utility poles that already have power lines strung on them.

This is a company chasing government dollars, not one with a viable product.

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