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Comment Same old tune. (Score 2) 251

One man's propaganda is another man's truth.

Propaganda, insider information, hate facts. Who cares. More power to the Russians if they can disrupt a bunch of corrupt people from getting their way (DNC). I'd love for them to start poking at the Republicans next.

Sun light sanitizes all things. Keep dragging the truth from all the dark holes it is hiding in.

Comment Re:Social Media Is Killing Discourse (Score 1) 219

Well part of that is the problem with those sources. Unless you aggress with them watching those sources is highly annoying even on the rare occasion when they are accurate and honest in their reporting.

Fox and Hannity and the rest have their own issues which is why on the people on the other side ignore them as well.

Frankly I find anyone that uses only the mainstream anything as their sources, left or right, to very low information and not very interesting to talk to.

I started out as a younger man on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS as well as various newspapers and magazines and the moved towards Fox etc and more world based news sources/magazines after college. I've left them behind and found plenty of voices on youtube. When they get a little out there or agenda driven or just too repetitive (no new info) I dump them and move on.

There is only one form of narrow minding agenda driven news/opinions that I agree with: Those that push for freedom and liberty. Sorry but people wanting to squash gun rights or free speech or liberty in general, I find they have nothing interesting to say. I'm pretty sure a lot of people feel that way. I think that has a great deal to do with people shunning various outlets and defriending/blocking people. Those pushed to the outside are crying fowl now, but that is only because they used to be able to get away with it and did so to their advantage for most of modern history. The new reality is that the game is up, we are on to you and we can finally drive you from our village, even if it only a virtual one.

Comment The internet is not the really real world. (Score 1) 219

I have two strategies on this one.

The first is I come to the internet to either troll or to learn (sometimes both it , but that is usually not my intent.

really depends on how much alcohol I've consumed). I don't usually try to convince. Sure I a may be arguing points with you, but really all I'm doing is sharping my knowledge and arguing skills with the various fuckwits you find online that socially mean nothing to me. I may accidently point a few lost lamb in the direction of the light.

The second part is to take those skills and knowledge (as weak as they may be) and talk to people I know in the real world. If I convince 1 or 2 people a year on a particular topic I feel pretty successful. The lighter touch of a conversation over beers is usually for more successful than posts online. Most people already know what they know and aren't interested in "new" facts so you don't usually get many converts.

Comment Can you feel the stupid flowing? (Score 0, Troll) 524

Oooooo, sick bern.

Get it? Bern. As in Bernie Sanders. Oh that's right he lost, and then Hillary lost, but not for lack of I mean trying.
Can we kick her, along with anyone who committed voter fraud on her behalf, out of the country if the recount comes up with her still loosing?

A few million illegal immigrants can stay in their place if they go. (If they don't go it means they hate all Mexicans.)

Comment Re:Pretty dumb because all news are fake. (Score 1, Troll) 270

All perspective is relative and all space is infinite. There is no left and right. There is free and not free and all the variations in between.

. You are criticizing us by moving the origin point to a location that makes you look reasonable and us crazy. That is dishonest/delusional.

What you don't seem to realize is just a few points to the left from your "reasonable" position are the historical governments of Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia. All you need is another major economic, cultural, or military crisis (almost there on all three) and the rise of a ruthless leader willing to use all that power Europeans have just handed over to their government like the good little sheep they are.

We on the other hand are pushing very hard to stay as far away as possible from those positions and are more than happy that you find it disappointing.

Comment Re:Pretty dumb because all news are fake. (Score 1) 270

CNN is more guilty of looking into the sky to comment on the weather rather than look down at their feet as they step over the bodies left in the wake of their pet political ideologies and parties.

"We don't lie" is not the same thing as "We tell the truth"

They just conveniently forget to mention all stories that might go against their narrative.

Comment Eh? (Score 1) 313

This is a non-story. Anyone that is familiar with NIPR/SIPR military network would understand this.

A "forbidden" connection could be something as simple as using the wrong color network cable when setting up the NIPR machine. There are pages of rules on setting NIPR and SIPR connected machines near one another. Also it wouldn't be "secret" either because the network guys would have to actually set it up and give it access top to the network.

This is completely different than say setting up a personal civilian server in your bathroom and then totally ignoring the NIPR and SIPR machines the tech guys set up for you because you couldn't be bothered with remembering your password or encrypting your email traffic.

Comment But will it run Crisis at max settings? (Score 1) 59

I know we are long past that, so what game now is the recorded holder for "most ridiculous hardware requirements to run on max settings" these days?

Triple 4K monitors layout with Star Citizen/Battlefield 1? I've been so busy adult'ing this past decade I've not been keeping up.

I just realized my core machine is nearly 7-8 years old and the last time I threw a new video card at it was one that was already 3-4 generations out of date and that was 4 years ago. :'( Time to start spec'ing out a new box.

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