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Comment How exactly is Amazon screwing me over? (Score 1) 110

This just in "stupid people too stupid to shop on Amazon".

A couple of clicks and a little bit of math and it's pretty easy to figure out what the best deal is.

Price and shipping are but two items on my mental list to go through when I'm looking around. The time and cost of buying it local. Tax. Speed of delivery. Hassle factor if it is broken/wrong item/size etc.

If you can't do the mental arithmetic then you probably shouldn't be allowed on the internet unsupervised.

Comment Blue ray vs HD DVD anyone? (Score 1) 207

Duh because video standards don't matter anymore and online delivery of both hardware and media is driving down prices quickly. The consumers are better educated than the previous generation who were still wrapped around the axil over the whole VHS DVD HDDVD Blue ray debacle.

Customers have switched over to Netflix, Amazon, youtube, and a few others as the method for getting content. No waiting around for the various companies to get on board with a set standard. Want to watch in it 720? Go for it. Want 1080? no problem. Want to watch 4K knock yourself out. Still fucking around with ripped DVDs in SD? no one cares have fun.

Comment Re: Shocking! (Score 1) 527

Not trying to hide the corruption. All you have to do is point at the two main political parties.

Republicans - corrupt

Democrats - really corrupt

Both groups have their agendas both have their problems. I like neither, it's like either being kicked in the balls (Republicans) or kicked in the balls and then raped in the ass and then expected to say thank you for that privilege (Democrats)

Comment Re:OK, so what will people do all day? (Score 1) 400

What will people do? Easy, grow food, make clothes, build homes, raise kids etc.

We are talking about what humans have been doing for a few hundred thousand years. No jobs you say? So what. As the level of automation goes up prices will continue to fall and it will be even easier to obtain goods. Yes in the short run companies will use it to swell their profits but eventually they'll have to lower them down. Don't believe me then look at that smart phone in your pocket, does it cost $10000 to buy, have a battery that lasts 4 hours, weighs 10 lbs, only works in a single city, only make phone calls, only allows 10-20 people (on the entire network) to make cell calls at the same time, and costs a $1000 a month service in 1980 dollars (About $3000 now). That's what you would have been paying back in the day.

Now part of the price drop problem is the government sucking on the economy like a fat tick pulling an ever larger portion of the profits for itself. This is why prices are slow to fall. It's hard to lower prices through innovation when a greater and greater portion of the price is made up of fees and taxes. Eventually people will figure that out and demand change.

I can see a return to people using all the new automation to simply go Amish. Give me 10 acres of land with some trees on it, a work shop, a source of water, and dirt cheap automation/electronics and I won't need much else.

The problem is in that world poor people still won't take care of themselves and will be demanding that everyone else do it.

Comment Re:Shocking! (Score 5, Insightful) 527

Who can write bigger checks than the oil industry? That would be the US Federal government.

They are playing both sides of the field, it just depends on which politicians/agency you are talking about. The Federal government makes more per gallon of gas that anyone in the oil industry in terms of taxes, fees and royalties. They also dump huge sums of money into research for climate and have been agitating for some time to be able to tax us on our carbon use to gain even more control over us.

Corruption at its finest.

Comment Re:Pierson's Puppeteers (Score 4, Insightful) 709

Lol, you kids crack me up. The pollution and climate change will get so bad? First off unless you live in the 3rd world shit hole, pollution has gotten lower than it has ever been in my life time and that of my parents and even grandparents. Then again, 3rd world shit holes are not exactly the same as they were when I was a kid either. Back in the day they were truly horrible places to live. Sure they are worse off with pollution compared to say the US or Europe but everything else disease, poverty, crime, famine, etc is much less so. Eventually they will clean up their act as well, and everyone will wonder what the big fuss is about.

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