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Comment Apple Tv is for suckers (Score 0) 105

.....while the rest of the world watches what they want on YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, or just bit torrents it.

I broke down and started buying movies on Amazon after they blocked all the bit torrent traffic while I was deployed in the desert. $6-20 (most for $15)for a movie to buy in HD, works on my phone, Kindle, laptop, Fire TV and the other 5 devices I have scattered around my house and at other family members houses with zero effort on my part and bonus works just about anywhere in the world. Sold.

Way cheaper than cable, less of a hassle than than rent and rip, and quicker and easier than bittorrent (with zero garbage low def copies/trojans) and the best part even my tech illiterate family can figure it out.

Comment An improvement is an improvement. (Score 1) 111

Ah a tech advance brings out all the fucktards disappointed that it still isn't good enough to prevent them from breaking their phones when they do stupid things with them.

All I have to say is good job Corning at improving your product. Now back to the lab, there is more work to do, or better yet find some dude name Scotty and ask him about that transparent aluminum stuff.

Comment Re:Missing Info (Score 1) 639

You are sort of correct on the DIY diagnostics. Most things are set up for the simple fact that the average person is an utter tool, but as far as the software being complex. They've been pretty much using the same basic stuff for the past decade across multiple makes of cars, so there is nothing complex about it.

Digging into engine controls and some of the modern handling driver assist stuff is much more so, but the basic ECM settings for everything else is dead simple. Everything on a modern car is hooked up to them, even the dome lights, and then all can be modified through some pretty easy check box settings.

Comment Re:Missing Info (Score 1) 639

Yeah getting the bumper and some of the body panels off, the damn things where layered on, was a pain in the ass. The goal is to get it off without breaking a bunch of stuff so it'll go back together without having to replace things. Not that hard, but not oblivious if you've never worked on that kind of vehicle before.

Yeah the cabin air filter is dead simple to replace. Again if you know where to find it. Ask around, 97% of the population doesn't even they exist, much less where to find it, and how to replace it. Which is why the dealers can rip people off charging $40-$60 to replace them. Yes I used to work on half a billion dollar aircraft for the Air Force, but that means jack squat when you are digging around under the hood looking for the GD cabin air filter, not knowing that it was behind the glove box the whole time.

Comment Re:Missing Info (Score 1) 639

Yeah you are pretty much stupid. Warranties aren't that long. And as far as not putting on your seatbelt, well there is the old standby where I reach over and smack you in the teeth and tell you to put on your fucking seatbelt. For some odd reason it's not an issue.

If you aren't retarded then liability is not an issue.

Comment Re:Missing Info (Score 1) 639

That used to be true. You had to know about which modular plug you where installing. The damn things are prewired all over the place. That and they have a little control module up under the dash you have to put in as well, which if you don't know that you need it or how to find it, makes all the rest of the pre wired stuff worthless.

5 years after the fact sure there are a dozen videos on YouTube and plenty of forum posts that will walk you through it, but that wasn't the case at the time.

Comment Re:Missing Info (Score 1) 639

Yes and no. FJ Cruisers went through a minor structural redesign and an engine swap after 2009. Couldn't find any PDFs anywhere for my 2011 at the time. Besides I'm an old school aircraft mechanic. I like having the books in front of me. I detested trying to use rugged laptops while doing maintenance. B1-B, B52H, B2-A, HH-53, KC-135 (Air Force).

Comment Re:Darwin was right. (Score 1) 330

In the long run it will be healthier for society, even if they take a few innocents with them. (People who get crashed into aren't paying attention either.)

Try riding a motorcycle for a few years if you want to see the true minimums required to operate a vehicle on the road. Most people can barely make the cut.

Comment Re:Missing Info (Score 5, Informative) 639

Not even remotely what they are wanting. They want to be able to have access to the repair manuals, special tools, and software that is needed to work on the tractor, which currently all the manufacturers are keeping for themselves and refuse to sell to the public.

When I bought my last 4x4 SUV (FJ Cruiser) part of the deal was a full set of dealer repair manuals. Most of the dealers I went to did not want to sell them to me. The one that did, and was willing to order me a vehicle to the specs I wanted not just what ever they had on the lot, got my business. While the manuals themselves ran me $600, they have paid for themselves a couple times over since I could do most of the minor work myself. Half the battle is just knowing where all the damn screws are located to get a part off. A must have if you are going to modify and work on your own vehicle.

A few examples of what I'm talking about.

AC repair. Dealer $160 labor, parts $350. DIY $50.
Cabin air filter Dealer $50, DIY $6.
OEM trailer hitch install $350. DIY $120.
OEM alarm. Dealer $275. DIY $0. Changed setting in ECM.
Plastic body panel replacement. Dealer $500 parts and labor. DIY $100
Seatbelt warning bell. Dealer didn't want to turn it off, claimed it was impossible. DIY $0 changed setting in ECM. Fucking priceless never having to listen to that piece of shit ding again.

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