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Comment Re:Sterile and shattered. (Score 4, Interesting) 240

One thing you're forgetting is that these stars have very low gravity, so when they throw flares they get a lot further out into space than they do on the sun. Typically the incident radiation will be low for the reasons you described, but when a planet orbits through a flare it gets zapped really hard. Meanwhile, orbiting the sun, we are so unaffected by flares that when we saw one, we thought it was the Russians jamming our radar.

People who get excited about aliens living on planets orbiting dwarf stars are kidding themselves. These stars are a dime a dozen and make up more than 90% of all stars, their light is more strongly affected by planetary transits, and they tend not to gobble up their innermost planets when forming. It's no wonder we find exoplanets around them all the time. But there is nobody interesting living on any of them. You can really only trust type F and G stars with life. Larger stars explode so fast their planets haven't even had time to solidify, and smaller stars have to be hugged so closely that the planet is affected by the star's fickle weather patterns.

Comment Re:What brand of hammer? (Score 2) 149

Programming languages do not matter. Any program can be written in any language. Programming languages are as interchangeable as hammers.

That's taking the concept of a Turing completeness a little too far. Malbolge is Turing complete and can theoretically do anything that Java can do. This is "Hello World" in Malbolge:


That string of code was not written by hand- it was generated by a beam search algorithm.

Comment Re:Our coal is pathetic. Everybody laughs at it. (Score 1) 364

The GP is clearly sarcastic. I don't get the trigger-happy mods and the virtue-signaling replies.

I was the GP. I thought complaining about not being able to dump mercury into rivers would clearly signal that I was being sarcastic. (BTW last week Trump really did block an Obama rule keeping mercury out of rivers.)

I'm impressed the post got modded to hell as if I were being serious. (What could have happened to put everyone is in such a grouchy mood lately?)

Comment Our coal is pathetic. Everybody laughs at it. (Score 0, Troll) 364

So the American coal industry is so wrecked by Obama it's now as profitable as if they were treehuggers. Folks, this is what's happened to coal in this country because of obscene government regulations and now that coal companies can't dump mercury in rivers it's becoming really hard for people owning coal mines to even survive. The world is laughing at us. China is laughing at us. But it stops right now, folks.

Comment Re:You just now started worrying? (Score 1) 460

Voter ID, just like every other civilized country in the World,

No ID is required in Australia, Denmark, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland). In Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland, ID is required only in cases when one's identity is in doubt for some reason. Canada accepts multiple non-photo IDs. Countries that include Photo ID include Spain, France, Malta, Belgium, Mexico, but those are much easier to obtain than in the U.S.

Incidentally, most other civilized countries also lack reinforced concrete walls all along their borders.

National Elections need to be a Federal holiday with few exceptions.

The people who favor voter ID don't like this idea at all. Their goal is to make voting a hindrance.

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