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Comment Re:Re-writing history are we? (Score 1) 531

Prior to massive regulations insurance was affordable.

Um, that's if they're willing to sell it to you. I could not get insurance for epilepsy pre-ACA because the medications I needed were expensive, and also because people always called 911 after every seizure which meant routine ER visits, about two per month. Since insurers wanted to keep their insurance "affordable" for healthy dickheads trying to decide if they even needed it, that meant telling me GFY- which they did because there were no "massive regulations" preventing them.

Comment Re:IN SOVIET RUSSIA (Score 1) 535

There were three emails marked classified. Only one was actually classified. None of them were marked classified in the header, but the body. The news doesn't report whether Hillary sent or received the classified email. The FBI thinks that whoever sent the email didn't notice the markings.

Nobody would go to jail under those circumstances. To top it off, the reporting I read was that the emails had to do with State department phone call talking points that are declassified after the phone call.

Comment Re:IN SOVIET RUSSIA (Score 4, Informative) 535

"Everyone working in intelligence all agree that if they did what she did, they'd 100% be charged. Never understood that one."

No need to understand something that isn't true. Go look at what they actually found on her. It amounted to nothing. The second hand stories that travel around are overblown, to say the least.

The reason Comey couldn't recommend prosecution is that he didn't have enough evidence for a prosecution. No prosecutor would agree to take the case.

Comment Why do you believe that? (Score 5, Insightful) 456

"People desperately need a universal solution which is secure, decentralized, fault tolerant, not attached to your phone number, protects your privacy, supports video and audio chats and sending of files, works behind NATs and other firewalls and has the ability to send offline messages."

I don't see the sense in that. There's so much evidence to the contrary.

May as well say people desperately need a universal language. May I interest you in Esperanto?

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