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Submission + - Hacker Publishes Personal Info of 20,000 FBI Agents (

EthanV2 writes: While America was getting ready to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday, a hacker promised he would dump online a list of more than 20,000 agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and 9,000 Department of Homeland Security officers.

Right after the big game’s kickoff, the cybercriminal carried out part of his promise, publishing a list of 9,000 DHS employees. On Monday, less than 24 hours later, the hacker, who wishes to remain anonymous, has fulfilled the remaining part of his promise.

Comment So it's not unlimited, then... (Score 5, Insightful) 346

I'm starting to get tired of this mentality from service providers that, just because someone is using their services in ways they didn't expect, they're somehow 'abusing' the service. If you advertise the service as unlimited, it should be unlimited. You shouldn't care that I'm using it to torrent or do whatever.

If you can't provide a truly unlimited service, don't advertise it

Submission + - North Korea denies hacking Sony Pictures (

EthanV2 writes: North Korea has denied it was behind last weekâ(TM)s cyber-attack on Sony Pictures, which resulted in the leak of several unreleased films and caused massive disruption to the companyâ(TM)s email and other parts of its internal computer network.

An as-yet unnamed Pyongyang diplomat in New York has been quoted as saying: "Linking [North Korea] to the Sony hacking is another fabrication targeting the country. My country publicly declared that it would follow international norms banning hacking and piracy."

Submission + - Ofcom Will Remove Mandatory Ham Callsign ID interval, allow encryption for some.

product_bucket writes: The UK's radio regulator Ofcom have today published changes [] in the licensing conditions that remove the mandatory 15 minute callsign ID interval on all allocated frequencies apart from 5MHz, where special conditions remain. In it's place, a requirement for the station to be "clearly identifiable at all times" has been made, along with a requirement to transmit the station callsign "as frequently as is practicable" in a form consistent with the operating mode. The decision also permits the use of encryption when the station is being used for, or on behalf of a user service such as St. John Ambulance. Unusually, no response to the consultation [] has been made available, so there is at present no way to assess the extent to which the changes were based on actual reponses.

Comment Not the only problem (Score 5, Interesting) 72

the problem isn't just the fact that the code and hardware isn't open-source, it's the fact that the developers openly lied on their Kickstarter campaign. Not only is the hardware not open-source but it wasn't even designed by them, it's a cheap Chinese knockoff of a tp-link 3G router! On top of that after looking through the firmware they've found that it's not custom software, but a badly configured OpenWRT build with a standard root password (set to "developer!"), an unsecured wifi ssid and sshd installed and running by default! The scale to which these jokers have deceived their backers is ridiculous, and this Kickstarter needs shutting down.

Submission + - BlackBerry's square-screened phone to free us from our "rectangular world"

EthanV2 writes: Most smartphones produced in 2014 will follow a certain design playbook: rectangular screen, a few buttons around the edges, and just enough thickness to house the internals and the requisite battery. One could argue that this is the idealized design for a touchscreen phone, arrived at after years of research and development and even more years of booming sales. BlackBerry would argue that all phones look like this because innovation is dead.

Submission + - XP Systems Getting Emergency IE Zero Day Patch (

msm1267 writes: Microsoft announced it will release an out-of-band security update today to patch a zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer, and that the patch will also be made available for Windows XP machines through Automatic Update. At the same time, researchers said they are now seeing attacks specifically targeting XP users.

Microsoft no longer supports XP as of April 8, and that includes the development and availability of security updates. But the about-face today speaks to the seriousness of the vulnerability, which is being exploited in limited targeted attacks, Microsoft said.

Researchers at FireEye, meanwhile, said multiple attackers are now using the exploit against XP machines, prompting the inclusion of XP systems in the patch.

Submission + - Bradley Manning gets 35 years in prison (

EthanV2 writes: US Army Pfc. Bradley Manning was sentenced to 35 years in a military prison this morning after being convicted of 20 counts related to his leaking classified documents to WikiLeaks, which consisted mostly of diplomatic cables. (He escaped conviction on the most serious charge of "aiding the enemy.") In addition, he will also forfeit all of his pay and allowances, have his rank reduced to private, and be dishonorably discharged.

Submission + - Samsung Hits Apple With 20% Price Increase (

EthanV2 writes: The Wall Street Journal cites a report which quotes a "person familiar with negotiations between the two tech giants", apparently confirming this special price hike for Apple. The source said: "Samsung Electronics recently asked Apple for a significant price raise in (the mobile processor known as) application processor. "Apple first disapproved it, but finding no replacement supplier, it accepted the [increase]."

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