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Comment Re:Not going to read it (Score 1) 194

Well, he certainly suffers from an inflated ego.

I am Randall C. Kennedy, former internet "shock jock" blogger for InfoWorld and current holder of the title "Most Reviled Person on the Internet, 2010 Edition."

Most reviled person? The most significant thing I can tell about him is he's your average paid pen who'll write anything and everything for a steady income stream, barely worth mentioning, let alone reviling. Pity maybe, then swiftly forget.

Comment Re:Perish (Score 2, Insightful) 329

perish [...] just like the Iphone

I'm inclined to believe there's a fair amount of people who, when their time comes, would just love to perish as the iPhone is perishing now.

The Company sold 8.7 million iPhones in the quarter, representing 100 percent unit growth over the year-ago quarter. (Apple Reports First Quarter Results, 2010/01/25)

Comment Re:screen (Score 1) 307

I'm not sure if you meant this already, but screen doesn't disconnect anything, except SSH's output to and input from the terminal, and that only in a redirecting sense. Detaching from a screen that's running ssh will leave the SSH connection open exactly as if there was no screen involved. Anyway, OP is off-topic.

Comment RPN is stack-based (Score 1) 289

The <enter> is not part of the RPN. More correctly, you don't need it exactly because you're using RPN, which works on a stack. Values get pushed on, operations pop values off the stack. 2 4 + 5 6 + * P works just fine.

You add 2 and 4 to the stack, then execute + (on TOS and TOS-1), so TOS is now 6. You then add 5 and 6 to the stack, exec + again to get a stack of 6 and 11, on which finally you execute * to get a TOS of 66.

A reverse-polish calculator stores numbers on a stack. Entering a number pushes it on the stack. Arithmetic operations pop arguments off the stack and push the results.

Manual page dc(1), ll. 22-24

% echo "2 4 + 5 6 + * P" | dc

Comment Re:Unsurprising (Score 1) 403

Yes, they applied for a European banking license in Luxembourg, a country best known for its friendliness towards big financial players and its status as a tax haven in general, themselves.

Now why would they do that voluntarily? Hint: It's not because they think they should be regulated more strictly.

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