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Comment Re:All the data means all the data (Score 1) 226

That's not what the article you linked to says. All it really says is that Fox gets a big market share because they're one of the few (if not the only) major media outlet that doesn't skew to the Left.

But the media does in fact skew to the Right. Think about the ownership of the mainstream media outlets. Military contractors, warmongers, Rupert Murdoch (and his Saudi friends), the whole lot of them.

If you take a view through the actual political positions espoused in the mainstream media rather than through the "Overton window", you will see that the mainstream media and NPR and the BBC, are all right-leaning. Even the (supposedly liberal) NY Times and Washington Post were cheerleading George W. Bush during the run-up to the Iraq War.

Comment Re:Pile it on.. (Score 0, Flamebait) 226

I realize that it works, which is why it is such a popular technique. Mentioning Saggy pants and how stupid they are, gets me labeled "racist".

This is known as the "but white people eat fried chicken and watermelon too!" argument.

It is a rhetorical device used most often by racists who get caught with their dicks out. It is seldom persuasive.

Comment Wheels within wheels (Score 2) 220

"The protesters have made 16 demands," according to the article, six related to related to supposed infiltration of Tor by government agents, and 10 regarding the Appelbaum ruling and investigation -- including "asking all Tor employees that participated in this investigation to leave" and "the persons behind the and the @JakeMustDie and @VictimsOfJake Twitter accounts to come forward and their identities made public."

It sounds like these protesters need to figure out what it is they're protesting. And their demanding that an online accounts should have their "identities made public" sounds a little bit incongruous with Tor's own mission.

Shutting down Tor to protest an attack on Tor sounds like they really haven't thought this thing through, regardless of their agenda. It's not like a one-day boycott of Tor is going to cost Tor money or anything, so it's not really putting any pressure on the elements within the project that they want to force out. Plus, as other people have pointed out, it hurts Tor users more than it hurts the people they want to hurt.

Finally, the dumbness of their manifesto calls into question the validity of their claims. We don't have to worry about the government trying to destroy Tor as long as they're doing such a bang-up job all on their own.

Comment Re:Adolf hitler, lennart p, donald t (Score 2, Funny) 522

Adolf Hitler, Lennart Poettering, Donald Drumpf. All of german / austrian origin, and all horrible criminals.

But at least Adolf Hitler never used systemd. And few people know that the fuhrer was a terrific dancer, and could paint an entire apartment in one afternoon...two coats!

Comment So easy to corrupt (Score 3, Insightful) 125

It's been a long while since Wikileaks was a scruffy little band of freedom fighters. Unfortunately, they've become an outfit used by oligarchs, intelligence services and dictators to settle scores, gain advantage and destroy enemies. And this happened partially because Julian Assange understandably developed something of a martyrdom complex while he was hiding from rape charges and allowed his self-regard to run out of control and is now easily manipulated. It's all pretty predictable if you look at the dramatic arc of the story.

Wikileaks changed the world, and changed along with it, trivializing their mission and becoming what they were trying to defeat. They've been co-opted and are now they're a joke that posts online polls of the US presidential race. They've become Breitbart. They've become Gawker without the accountability. They're just another organization of online trolls.

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