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Comment Re: I blame Republicans (Score 1) 37

Is that the current excuse, not enough money to fire the bad ones? Pray tell, how does that hold water when a) the TSA has never readily fired any of their employees, including borderline rapists

Fifty percent seems about right for law enforcement across the board.

Do you know what happens to police officers that shoot unarmed, innocent citizens? Or ones that get complaints from the public (which is how most TSA agents get cited)?They're put on a desk for a few days and then back to normal. Shoot someone in the back? The Blue Brotherhood protects you. Stomp some skell (or someone who looks like they might be a skell? The first round is on the house.

I don't see why we should expect TSA to stand out.

Comment Re:ah (Score 1) 35

but they like it, they love it, they want some more of it.

Look at the number. A minority of drivers, "like it, they love it and want more of it".

I'm surprised anyone thinks "cybersecurity" when it comes to cars means anything beyond, "No, you cannot fix it yourself, you can't see what it's doing, and you definitely can't turn off data collection". Automobile manufacturers will be the Google/Facebook of the next ten years. You're nothing but the consumables.

Comment Re:Hypocrisy at its best (Score 1) 29

child pornography or stealing music/movies

Those are interesting things for you to group together.

Why not, "child pornography or going 7 mph over the speed limit"? Or, "child pornography or carrying an ice cream cone in your back pocket"?

You might want to figure out the whole moral equivalency thing. You're doing it wrong.

Comment Re: Wow... (Score 1) 218

I call bullshit. While standing in line to reserve a model 3 in Denver, I was surrounded by Model S owners or extended family of an S owner, and a few Leaf owners. I saw a Roadster drive by, presumably looking for a parking space. From that experience, my wag is 10%, maybe 15%, were repeat customers.

Your anecdote is not borne out by data.

Comment Re: Wow... (Score 2, Interesting) 218

This is likely the first of many good press stories released by Elon Musk

You will notice, if you click the link, that the entire basis for this story is an email from someone named "Larry". Show of hands: who thinks Elon Musk is above having a staffer make up this email or making it up himself? Tesla stock has been bouncing up and down in a mostly flat range for a year now, since his cars have become a regular sight on the roads. He needs this to take off, and the poor fit and finish and cheap interiors of Teslas is turning off a lot of potential customers.

Tesla does not have a good record of repeat customers, either. People who buy a new car every year are not buying a second Tesla.

Comment Re:River in Egypt (Score 1) 77

$3 billion in 1-2 years is nothing compared to what Apple makes in revenue which is around $50 billion per quarter.

It's not about the numbers, it's about the news cycle. This was the story at the beginning of the quarter:


And it actually turned out a little worse than expected. Don't be surprised if you see some Apple selling in the market ahead of the quarterly statement next week.

Comment Re:River in Egypt (Score 1) 77

Apple is going to go broke any day now.

Nobody says Apple's going to go broke. But nobody said IBM would go broke, either. They just faded into the B2B sunset.

Apple investors are a skittish, faddish lot. Bad news about the iWatch is enough to make it a good short play heading into next week.

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