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Comment Re:One advantage FF has over Chrome, IMO (Score 1) 511

I am in the same boat as Maow,
I can't trust Google either.
Spybot S&D always seems to pull up tracking cookies in Chrome folders and not FF folders. So unless FF cookies are defaulting into Chrome folders I have a pretty good indicator of who's allowing what.

Google makes it money through intelligent data sales. FF is Open Source. You tell me who seems more trustworthy!?

Comment Re:There is no FIRE IN SPACE YOU DUMBA (Score 1) 146

So from what you're leading to if you see a fire in microgravity and try to run away from it your motion would pull in oxygen and make the flames fly towards you!?

The more you move the worse the fire gets as you create more convection. Yikes!
There goes stop drop and roll, would be more like Stop and remain motionless.

Comment Re:So here I go getting modded "troll"... (Score 2) 370

No, you're not a troll. You're on point.
I love Linux, I hate Windows.
But it is not my religion.

Bottom line when it is this important you develop a specifically created OS. Like you said you create it, you control its use. Nobody else can!

Remember the days when the boys at Bell labs did stuff like that? What about the kids at Berkley?
Make your own OS!!

Now get off my lawn!


Submission + - Linux 19 years behind with new Logo (phoronix.com)

Espresso2xshot writes: New proposed 3.1 Kernel Logo designed to poke fun at Windows 3.2 makes Linux look like it's 19 years behind Windows. Brilliant guys!
FTFA: This proposed logo for the Linux 3.1 kernel isn't to raise awareness for any animals or other causes. but to poke fun at Microsoft Windows 3.1 http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=OTg5Nw


Submission + - Nasa produces proof that we landed on the moon (bbc.co.uk)

MrSeb writes: "Remarkable new images of the Apollo landing sites on the Moon have just been released by Nasa. The pictures clearly show the hardware left on the lunar surface by American astronauts in the 1960s and 70s, including Apollo 17's "moon buggy". The images were acquired by the robotic Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), which has been circling Earth's satellite since 2009. LRO has recently lowered its orbit from 50km above the Moon's surface to just 25km."

Comment Re:Facebook wants to be the Internet's ID layer (Score 1) 283

Wouldn't you agree that REAL purpose of FB and G+ is that they want to market and sell to their users ? The ID layer is just the way to ensure that they are selling the most accurate data (users)? It seems like everywhere I go I see the like button. Everything I "like" allows FB to gather and sell my preferences as self indicating preferences to a product or service. Isn't that their real purpose? The connection to my friends also indicates what my preferences based on their likes, Networking is just a by-product.

BTW my name is Brian Smith .. . lived down the hall from a Brian Smith in a College dorm named Smith Hall. LOL!
I love the anonymity associated with my name!

Comment Re:Rocks Hit Earth (Score 1) 145

Well ok, you could have just said no but your complicated answer works as well. (I'm not a moron and I did understand what your were explaining)
I heard my now "silly" theory from a P.h.D of the religious sort in a lecture one time. I didn't hold much to the theory but from your response I understand why a firm no is a logical conclusion. Thanks for the reply. Your +1 was well deserved, if I could I'd give you a + mod point as well.

Care to point me to some literature you were referring me to? I love to read over my head, so feel free! (Seriously)

Comment Rocks Hit Earth (Score 1) 145

I've read most of the posts here and did not see anyone posting the possibility that meteor have hit the earth over the years (however many billions of years) which launched some "building blocks" or Amino Acids into space in the form of meteorites etc. . .?
Could it be possible that some of those rocks God threw at us bounced off and scattered materials across the galaxy and beyond?


Submission + - Some Prefer iPhone to Sex, Shoes and Showers (ibtimes.com)

gabbo529 writes: "What if you had to choose: a week without your phone or without sexual intercourse? Which would you give up?

Well, one-third of all respondents in a recent survey gave the somewhat surprising answer that they would rather have their phones for a week than have sex. The findings come from a survey commissioned by TeleNav, Inc. which overall highlighted Americans' passion for mobile phones. The survey quizzed 514 U.S. mobile phone users (half male/half female) of driving age."

Submission + - ASK: Self-hosted GMail alternatives? 1

linkedlinked writes: "I'm tired of building my sandcastles on Google's beachfront. I've moved off Docs, Plus, and Analytics, so now it's time to host my own email servers. What are the best self-host open-source email solutions available? I'm looking for "the full stack" — including a GMail-competitive web GUI — and don't mind getting my hands dirty to set it up. I leverage "most" of GMail's features, including multi-domain support and fetching from remote POP/IMAP servers. Bonus points: Since I'm a hobbyist, not a sysadmin, and I normally outsource my mail servers, what new security considerations do I need to make in managing these services?"

Submission + - MPEG LA says 12 parties have essential WebM patent (h-online.com) 2

suraj.sun writes: MPEG LA says 12 parties have essential WebM patents:

The hopes that the VP8 codec at the heart of Google's open source WebM video standard would remain unchallenged in the patent arena are diminishing after the MPEG LA says 12 parties hold patents that its evaluators consider essential to the codec. The disclosure came in a recent interview with StreamingMedia.com. MPEG LA says that, in response to their call for essential patents in February, a number of parties submitted patents for evaluation and twelve of those parties' patents have been examined and found to be essential to VP8.

The parties involved are as yet unnamed and MPEG LA told patent analyst Florian Mueller that "confidentiality precludes [MPEG LA] from disclosing the identity of the owners". Mueller thinks it is likely that there is an overlap between the twelve companies and the members of the MPEG LA AVC/H.264 patent pool.

H-online: http://www.h-online.com/open/news/item/MPEG-LA-says-12-parties-have-essential-WebM-patents-1288232.html

Comment Re:McCain should look in the mirror. (Score 1) 722

Except that Palin is not a true Teabagger. This whole tea party thing is as much smoke and mirrors as any of it. Palin jumped on the bandwagon when she saw it as a real way to align herself with a group of people that would pay attention to her and get her to appear on all those cable "News Channels" (and I use the term news loosely). I have lost complete faith in the system as a whole. They're all crooked, every last one of them Repub, Dem, Libritarian (who are they anyways), Teabaggers etc, ALL crooks.

Damn politics has reduced me to a fecking TROLL!


Submission + - Time travel proved impossible with a photon (geek.com)

An anonymous reader writes: In order to time travel all you have to do is manage to travel faster than the speed of light. It sounds quite simple when you put it like that, but the tough bit is managing to go fast enough to break through that speed barrier, a barrier that scientists now believe they have proved is impossible to exceed.

Professor Du Shengwang, physicist and head of a Hong Kong University Science and Technology research team, decided to prove that time travel was impossible once and for all. He did this by managing to measure the speed of a single photon in a vacuum using controllable waveforms. A photon is the basic unit of light and has no mass, it is also known as an elementary particle.

The experiment is relevant because for the past 10 years it has been thought optical pulses may be able to travel faster than light under specific circumstances. This is called superluminal. However, it was later proved wrong, but left scientists with questions about how fast a photon could travel as it would be the one particle that could potentially break the speed of light barrier.

Shengwang’s work has proved that is definitely not the case and Eintein’s theory that light is the “traffic law of the universe” still holds up as true. The research also goes beyond just proving light speed is the upper limit and offers insights into the transmission of quantum information.

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