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Comment The economics are against it (Score 2) 177

The big problem with this is that storage is too cheap. ie. it's cheaper to keep buying more storage than to spend the time deciding on what to retain and what to delete.

And this was a point made 5 years ago, not by me, but a senior exec from storage division of a technology giant developing new ways of increasing hard disk capacity!

Comment Re:Understanding should increase astonishment (Score 1) 1486

If you understand them, it's not a miracle. It might be awesome (or awe aspiring to not confuse things), but it's not:
* not explicable by natural or scientific laws
* the work of divine agency
* highly improbable or extraordinary

it may be:

* an amazing product or achievement

but that's just a tail-end definition of the word.

Comment Re:TNG Commands ... (Score 1) 395

Have you ever been served tea in America? You know the kind where someone has splashed some hot water in a cold cup and left the tea-bag on the side, so that by the time it gets to you all you can do is dunk the poor thing in some luke warm water and hope for some tannins seep out for some token coloration of your tepid water? I bet the reason JLP orders it that way is because that is how poor Patrick Stewart had to specify it every day to get something drinkable.

Data Storage

Need Help Salvaging Data From an Old Xenix System 325

Milo_Mindbender writes "I've recently gotten ahold of an old Altos 586 Xenix system (a late '80s Microsoft flavor of Unix) that has one of the first multi-user BBS systems in the US on it, and I want to salvage the historical BBS posts off it. I'm wondering if anyone remembers what format Xenix used on the 10MB (yes MB) IDE hard drive and if it can still be read on a modern Linux system. This system is quite old, has no removable media or ethernet and just barely works. The only other way to get data off is a slow serial port. I've got a controller that should work with the disk, but don't want to tear this old machine apart without some hope that it will work. Anyone know?"

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