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Comment Re:Q and A Time: What can Powershell do... (Score 1) 396

I have, and their syntax seem like you are reading some perl code. It's hard to understand what the script does by just looking at it unless you are a sed/awk guru. The powershell commands can be understood even if you don't know anything about them, and can be quite shorter to boot. I don't have an example handy (i read some on a powershell book), but powershell's main feature is that everything is an object, therefore you can expose their methods/properties and have some great features. In bash, everything is just... text...

Comment Re:Q and A Time: What can Powershell do... (Score 1) 396

Piping is really enhanced and customizable in Powershell compared to bash. It's really a nice feature. On linux, piping commands in bash are extremely limited. mostly because the command you pipe from cannot customize what data it is going to output to the command you pipe to.

As usual, Microsoft likes to integrate heavily whatever they are making, and it shows.

Comment Use a semaphore with a countdown (Score 1) 203

As used in Venezuela and some other latin american countries (don't know if somewhere else), there are semaphores with countdown timers, so you can see exactly in how much seconds the color will change.

They must be more expensive to operate, but they are really useful

Comment Re:Full experience (Score 2) 376

in my experience the only problems that windows 8/10 detect is when windows is hosed due to a HDD problem. But just last week, i couldn't get windows 10 to boot properly, windows loaded but before the ctrl-alt-del screen it just freezed therefore windows "thought" it loaded properly and wouldn't get me the safe mode.

If i had F8 enabled i could have used safe mode to use system restore to an earlier day instead of having to reformat.

Comment Re:My two experiences (Score 2) 376

Oh, i forgot about this one. On the work machine i installed SumatraPDF which is a very light pdf reader. The installer asks you if you would like to associate it with pdf files (how nice, instead of actually doing without asking). When it did, windows "detected some nasty attempt to change the default app to open pdf files, and for my security it would revert back to microsoft edge".

The nerve of microsoft to deny the user of choice.

Comment My two experiences (Score 1) 376

I updated to win 10 AU (from win 10 1511) in both my laptop and work machine.

My laptop had an in place upgrade. Everything was left intact , the update was flawless, just as the one from 8.1 to 10 and 10 to 10 1511.

My work machine i decided to format from scratch. Installation worked, but windows update ran before i could apply the group policy and started to download updates from the internet instead of my WSUS server, and not even when i rebooted it got updates from WSUS. Had to wait for the first batch to finish before it started using WSUS.

Even after that and my customary deletion of metro apps, windows began to connect silently to a bunch of akamai ips such as,,,,,,,,,, Windows ignores the hosts file, so i had to create a rule in the windows firewall and each time i put a ip, Windows tried a new one. It drove me nuts for two days until it seems to have finished.

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