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Comment Re:Finally an iPhone that is better a Google phone (Score 1) 143

Why such a feature is so important to you? It's not even true wireless charging, more like inductance charging (there IS a wire after all, just not in your phone)

Also, there must be a loss of energy in the conversion, making "wireless" charging inefficient and more expensive than regular charging, but i can't prove this.

Comment Re:Logical (Score 1) 16

I knew about the last 0.5 gig issue. Guess what? The card runs fine. Sure, maybe it could run 3% faster or something. But it's the best card i have ever had for now.

I'm sure the 1070 is a lot better. But it still is too expensive. However 1080p is fine

Comment Re:Reports of it being hacked in 5...4...3... (Score 1) 108

Take Denuvo for example, when the first videogame using this technology was hacked most people thought "game over", but aside from some exceptions, Denuvo is still winning the crack battle.

Hacking an OS is "easier" in the sense that there are lots of more entries for a hacker to jump into, so let's see what happens. Of course if no one uses the OS, it will be harder as there is no interest.

Comment Logical (Score 3, Interesting) 16

I have a third gen i5, and wanted to upgrade but seeing benchmarks i may get only up to 15% of speed increases. Today you get a much better upgrade by getting an SSD drive and a new GPU.

I have a nvidia gtx 970, excellent card, silent, no issues. It was a little expensive (330$) but nobody could deliver a faster product at that price.

I wanted to upgrade to the 1070, but since i game at 1080p i couldn't justify the (more expensive 450$) cost.

Comment Re:Can't wait to return to my home, Linux! (Score 1) 64

Yes i have. Running ubuntu 16.04 at home. Go search for benchmarks: the only linux games that have decent, nearly native windows speed are those based on the Source engine, which surprise surprise, Valve makes.

Try any other game and you will see the frame rate drops quite heavily. And this is with the nvidia binary driver, which is very good.

The latest example is Deus Ex Mankind Divided.

Sure, you can say "this isn't Linux's fault, rather it's the developer who makes shoddy unoptimized ports" and you would be right, but the end user won't care who is at fault.

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