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Comment Opposite (Score 3, Informative) 117

helps customers find items on their lists

So the robot actually does the opposite of what stores want. Stores themselves like to make the customer take the least efficient way, because that brings the customer in contact with the most products. For the customers themselves, however, this might be useful.

Comment Re:Wrong R&D investment... (Score 1) 126

Apart from that, it is the wrong solution to the wrong problem. The problem is that the equilibrium of the reaction

C + O2 <=> CO2

has moved too far to the CO2 part. If you store the CO2, the reaction does not change and effectively you are storing oxygen and carbon. This is exactly what happened in the Biosphere II experiment, where the concrete of the buildings took so much CO2 out of the air that the people had not enough oxygen left to breathe.

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