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Comment Re:Let's hope they don't succeed... (Score 4, Insightful) 55

Copyright violation is not theft. And if it were, it would be pretty hard to steal something that is not (lovemaking or otherwise) available anyway. And if the girlfriend was born on this side of the pond, she had the right to see anything she wanted to see. After WW II, we were granted the right to receive all signals as a basic freedom (the Germans had made listening to free radio stations a crime). I know the industry wants to take all rights away, including the fundamental ones, but for now the radio freedom is still a fundamental part of being a free citizen.

Comment ... in a private and secure manner (Score 4, Insightful) 229

your Web app can communicate with nearby Bluetooth devices in a private and secure manner, using the Web Bluetooth API

Given the fact that even the battery API was abandoned for privacy reasons, I just don't believe it is ever possible to do this securely and privately. This is just an attack vector begging to be exploited.

Comment Re:Just develop shields already... (Score 2) 64

Extremely hard. On earth, there is an atmosphere that limits the speed of projectiles. Pieces of rock in space can be sent at very large speeds at your precious spacecraft. It takes some really heavy armour plates to shield against them. And "heavy" is the dirtiest word in space travel.

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