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Comment Re:Radiation wrecks robots? (Score 2) 307

When one looks at the AP1000 design, while more safe than current reactors, there are still problems. Several systems have to function for cooling to occur, even though you do not need a generator. If a cooling line is physically destroyed, coolant will not get where it needs to go, for instance.These things also have a tank that has to be filled after a few days, assuming the coolant lines from the tank to the reactor are not damaged. There are valves that have to be activated by control systems to open the emergency cooling system, so you assume those systems will work, that the control systems are physically accessible and have not beenn destroyed by damage, that any electrical control systems are not damaged, etc. When dealing with catastrophic damage, all of these safety systems could be rendered moot and nonoperative. So these designs are filled with all sorts of assumptions and still could completely fail and lead to a meltdown.

Your non-chalant attitude about radioactivity downplays the risks, Radioactivity has toxicity properties in its own class, unlike say arsenic, it releases radiation which constantly bombards surrounding tissue should it accumulate over time in your body. A meltdown and loss of control can cause it to spread wide as it has with Fukushima.

Comment Re:Remove the spyware/outdated debug crap for savi (Score 1) 78

An IOMMU is quite useful to users since you can map hardware between VMs, so this is a good feature. For debugging, you do need things like being able to single step and to trap instructions, which also is important for VMs. I understand most performance related things have nothing to do with ISA and are more of a electrical engineering and physics thing

Comment Intel dropping the ball (Score 4, Insightful) 59

Intel for the past decade has dropped the ball. Its missing the boat on mobile and failing to push x86 chips into mobile phones has weakened their entire platform which really needs to be an "everywhere" platform. It has been clear for a while that mobile would be a majority of CPUs for a decade, why it has not pushed x86 into more phones is beyond me. Its totally incompetent, especially given x86 binary compatability between desktop and mobile could be a selling point

Comment Re:Next up dead (Score 1) 399

The overproliferation of black box special purpose devices is concerning. The technology controls us rather than we control it. I would much prefer to watch an record programs using open source software on Linux rather than a smart TV. Ever try to find DVR tuner hardware for Linux, especially when you want 5 tuners? It is difficult and damn near impossible. Open source desperately needs to go mainstream in everything so that we dont become slaves to machines and that people can control the devices that they purchase.

Comment Re:Only remove it for California (Score 1) 218

Debatable, because the First Amendment has the words "Congress shall make no law". So, it can be argued that the first amendment does not apply to the states. It restricts the power of US Congress. I know about the SCOTUS, but the Constitution is what it is. The SCOTUS is not infallible and is not immune to misinterpretation or abusing its power. We should not confuse the legitimacy of these rulings and them having defacto impact. I agree with the first amendment and I think the states ought to be bound by it, but this is not how things are under the Constitution despite what SCOTUS says, and I am with IMDB with this, but the Constitution is what it is. There is still a free speech issue under the California Constitution.

Comment Totalitarian progressivism (Score 2, Insightful) 218

This is absolutely a violation of the first amendment. It is an example of the totalitarian nature of progressivism where in the name of "fairness" they will implement totalitarian regulations that take away all free speech. This is just the tip of the iceberg, they want to ban anything they deem to be "offensive", in violation of free speech rights. The only issue with ages is that there is a right for privacy but since these are actors this information is publicly available anyway, and otherwise as long as we are talking about information people volunteer which they can later delete, people have a right to do so. I can more sympathize with laws that have a process for sites to take down personal information of private persons, but thats not what this law is.

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