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Comment Re:I like Systemd (Score 1) 329

You see the fact that it makes things easy to use is a problem for some Linux people, who seem to think Linux needs to be difficult and complex to use. In many ways the old way of doing init was backwards , you are right the declarative style of systemd is far more intuitive and with less wheel reinventing.

Comment Re:Init alternatives (Score 1) 329

Wrong. It can manage things if you want it to. I have configured my own scripts to mount things on systemd just fine. Just more FUD. systemd has worked well here, with simplifying administration. systemd just randomly kills process? What are you talking about. It only kills them if thats what you ask it to do.

Comment Re: Farewell and Thanks for My First Job! (Score 1) 40

Its important for companies to hire and give opportunities to people who do not have "experience". Corporations today are basically destroying our young people because they only want to hire people with 20 years of experience in DB2. In addition to killing the H1B program, what we should do is give companies some tax breaks for hiring people with no "experience". You have to start somewhere and how is anyone going to be able to get anywhere if all jobs require 5 years of experience? College s far too expensive as well, why have people use up 4 years of their life studying medieval french art, when they can actually be doing real things? If people want to learn about art and so on they can do that in their free time but asking people to spend thousands of dollars and years of their life on this is an outrage. To really turn this country around we need to 1) Kill all immigration so the jobs go to our own people 2) do apprenticeships so people can learn on the job while making a wage 3) allow people to start off in apprenticeships with no experience. This would save tons of money and would make life better for everyone by getting young people into productive jobs immediately where they can start learning their life career and making a wage at the same time, instead of racking up college debt and working at McDonalds for years while going to college.

Comment With Canonicals help (Score 1) 403

Unfortunately it is the airheads at Canonical that helped them with this. It was obvious that this would help Windows only and Ubuntu showed themselves to be so clueless and easily taken advantage of to go along with it. It is an advantage on the MS side since it gives people a reason to use Windows rather than Linux and thus hurt the Linux kernel. Of course many people know that Windows will take away the ability to control and audit the OS and would bring people under the enslavement of the Windows OS, a black box that microsoft can use to exploit and control its users.If Ubuntu really was competent they would have made it possible to run Windows hardware drivers and Windows Apps on Linux, which is really what would help people get off of Windows. And I dont mean the glitch prone, pathetic, 50% application compatability that Wine has, which is just not good enough, for average users would need to be 99%.

Comment Zero-immigration protects all americans (Score 0) 805

When we import foreign nationals into the country and then give them jobs, really anywhere, what we are doing is we are reducing the opportunity available to our own citizens, it adversely impacts citizens of all races, really, denying them the opportunity in their own country. It really just boils down to economics. One of the ironies of immigration is it often disadvantages black people quite substantially by competing for many of their jobs as well. This is really about protecting the sovereignty and the right of all american citizens, regardless of their race, to a secure country, and to exclusive access to our countries resources and jobs. Immigration, legal or illegal, does have very serious consquences, immigrants do not have to commit violent crime to have a very adverse impact on citizens, because they always end up reducing job opportunities for americans and suppressing the wage/salary market. A zero immigration policy therefore would protect all americans of all races, not just one group or another. So please, dont assume that people who opposed to immigration are trying to advantage one race over another, this is an out and lie, and it is totally illogical, because blocking all immigration would have the same benefits for all americans, no matter their race.A country does have a right to secure borders and to stop their borders from being breached and overrun, and to stop all immigration, this is a well established right under international law and is not in dispute.

Comment LF charter should ban maker of competing OSs (Score 2, Insightful) 202

Microsoft never opened sourced the parts of .NET that would help most end users like WPF. Much of Microsofts open sourcing is of things that are already open source in the Linux ecosystem, and would not result in damage Microsofts products. Linux is dominate on servers, so Microsoft open sources server code, but does not open source desktop code where Microsoft is still dominate. The Ubuntu Windows thing is designed to hurt Linux by giving people a reason to not run Linux, instead allowing them to avoid Linux and run Linux apps on Windows, this will weaken the Linux user base and the Linux kernel. Another shrewd move by MS, and it also shows how stupid Ubuntu must be for participating in this and what a bunch of incompetent suckers Ubuntu is. If Ubuntu were really competent they would have done the reverse which is to have Windows apps run on Linux which would have been an advantage for Ubuntu.

Microsoft considering its conniving should not be allowed to join Linux Foundation. The Linux foundation charter should be amended to ban companies like MS who sell competing OSs.

Comment Re:It gets worse (Score 1) 1066

By the way, you liberals want there to be as many poor people as possible so you can buy them off with welfare goodies. Best way to fix healthcare is to get people off of public assistance by bringing our jobs back. So, getting rid of the climate change whackoism and producing abundant energy will help us reduce poverty and create jobs here. Reducing poverty is a nightmare for democrats, democrats are not about reducing poverty, they are about putting as many people on welfare as possible and keeping them there. They depend on that welfare vote, which is why they want Co2 regulations to turn the US into a third world cesspit.

Comment Re:It gets worse (Score 1) 1066

So I am sure you would have enjoyed your per annum 110% obamacare premium increases, $10,000 deductibles and I you are happy about people not being able to find work because businesses cannot afford to buy insurance or the Obamacare fines. Furthermore, all of those stupid young millenials who voted for it would end up being expected to pay far higher premiums to subsidize more expensive insurance to high risk groups to hide the real cost of Obamacare, a hidden tax on the young who often the least can afford it. The things a monstrosity. Good riddance. By the way, most people were getting healthcare and did have health insurance, Obamacare was successful at making it unaffordable for people who already had it. If you wanted to cover the poor, do it the straight up way by funding a subsidy for poor and high risk groups and be upfront about rhe cost by putting it into the federal budget, rather than try to hide the cost with all of your little games like jacking up premiums on young people.

Comment Fossil fuels are the way to prosperity (Score 0, Flamebait) 1066

I am 100% for getting out of every climate change deal and scrapping all of these climate change rules. Climate change is basically a bunch of scaremongering which is an excuse to reduce the USA to a third world condition and a Marxist scheme to basically redistribute the Americans hard earned accomplishments to already third world countries. Its an out and out globalist scam and a fraud. Its a computer generated fraud created by people who have an ulterior motive which is to economically bring the USA to its knees. the Climate change treaties tend to slam the USA hard with draconian restrictions on fossil fuels that will destroy jobs here and throw many people into poverty while allowing China to do nearly anything it wants. This would have devastating consequences, not only direct losses in the US energy sector but the fact that there would be manufacturing jobs lost because the energy to run factories would be much more expensive here.

Here the liberals show what a fraud they are. They are a bunch of globalist maniacs that use enviro-whackoism to throw the US into a third world state and to make china a global superpower because they are totalitarian psychos that admire China where you can be tortured and murdered for criticising the government and to bring the USA to its knees because they have a pathological hatred of the USA and its people.

I thought you liberals were the ones who were worried about the poor affording heating oil? Well, this is just a scam for you to dupe people into voting for you because your climate change garbage is going to make energy much more expensive and unaffordable, and getting rid of your regulations will make energy cheap, affordable and abundant, leading to our prosperity, to great reductions in poverty due to the jobs that cheap energy will create here, in conjunction with Trumps plans to get us out of bad trade deals

If you global warming people are so worried, why dont you and Al Gore give up your cars, smart phones, planes and everything else. Instead al gore and other global warming kooks fly around in airplanes powered by fossil fuels, because their mentality is that the greenhouse gas rules do not apply to them and are only intended to throw average common americans into poverty, thats because global warming a fraud designed to turn the US into a third world country run by a small liberal elite who ignore the greenhouse gasses because they dont believe in the claptrap themselves, its just an excuse to attack the American middle class and keep people in poverty and thus easier to control.

Fuck off you global warming environ-whacko commies.

Comment Re:And the hits keep on coming ... (Score 1) 1066

I know many liberals that got into housing investing during that craze and it was Obama who said we should hope that real estate prices shoot back up,when it crashed. I could see the crash coming in 2005 when housing prices were going up faster than inflation. Part of the problem was many Liberal programs that you Liberals love so much called the Community Reinvestment Act which forced banks to give out loans to people who could not pay them back, which forced an unsustainable pile of debt to accumulate in the financial sector, and a bunch of elitist liberals who were flipping houses again and again. Liberals then passed a horrible law called Dodd-Frank which basically is designed to make too big to fail worse by putting smaller banks out of busines, a kick back to the mega-Bankers who support and buy Liberals into office. So Liberals basically hav threatened to give us a banking monopoly.

Conservative economists were warning about the bubble but were ignored. Time Magazine is basically a mouthpiece for the liberal establishment, so its not surprising.

Comment Re:And the hits keep on coming ... (Score 0) 1066

I am not a baby boomer but I think that the idea that we should basically de-industrialize and throw people back into poverty over this computer generated fraud called global warming is outrageous. You are basically saying that you want to jack up energy prices, throw more people into poverty and so on over your enviro-whackoism . I am very concerned about us being able to produce the energy that we need to keep energy prices down. I thought you were the people that worried about the poor affording heating oil in winter? Well, dumping the enviro-whacko agenda will keep heating oil prices down. Solar and wind? Give me a break, its a puny contribution to our energy needs. Sure, lets have some panels, but thats not going to get you off fossil fuels.

Comment Hopefully will launch on Atlas or Delta (Score 0, Redundant) 156

Hopefully they will not launch on SpaceX, I'd hate to have to wait another 20 years for the replacement.

The Atlas V and Delta IV are expensive but extremely reliable. Really they serve a different market from SpaceX, at least for now. SpaceX is good for easily replaceable mass produced commodity satellites where you can afford to lose a few and a backup can be available in months, while Delta/Atlas still best for extremely expensive one off satellites. The Delta IV was the only rocket we had that was tried and true and made of all american parts. While I want SpaceX to succeed, ULA eliminating the Delta IV seems to be a bit premature.

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