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Comment Re:Not plugin free (Score 1) 134

I completely agree that sandboxes are vitally important, this doesnt change the fact that binary blob plugins need to go, many other problems with them, since they often do not work on the BSDs and create a lock-in to Windows as which can be seen with Unity3D and Shockwave. The browser should be 100% open source with no binary blob native code plugins and the thing should be heavily sandboxed and multiprocess on top of that.

Comment Re:This move from modularity to massive monoliths. (Score 1, Interesting) 134

Most Firefox memory use is due to memory leaks and caching of image data, rather than actual code. What the browser could and needs to do is allow for more on the fly decompression of image so off screen images are not stored in memory uncompressed and allow the user to set the maximum size of the image cache. Google Chrome seems to do a little better because each tab is a different process, there is more chance for memory to reclaimed by the OS when a tab is closed and the process killed. Firefox is one big process that just accumulates leaked memory.

Comment Re:Not plugin free (Score 1) 134

I am for getting rid of ALL native code plugins and instead providing Javascript APIs for audio, video and 3D. Replacing one native code plugin API with another would be a huge mistake. Native code plugins are just begging for binary blob plugins that run only on Windows and therefore keep applications unavailable to Linux users, like Unity and Shockwave has done. Unity, Flash and Shockwave needs to be killed off for good.

Comment Good riddance (Score 2) 134

Removing NPAPI is actually a huge improvement, this has only been an invitation for companies to make a fleet of closed source, proprietary plugins that only run on Windows and which contain tons of security problems. Good riddance! Instead, if app developers need to do 3D and and video, they can use the built in browser APIs to do this, like WebGL, implemented better audited open source code available on all the platforms.

It is Netscape/Mozilla that is primarily to blame for Flash, Java, Unity, Shockwave plugin junk, because Mozilla for a while did not include built in Video and 3D capability for a long time despite enormous demand for this, but did provide plugin APIs which were just an invititation for Windows only plugins that would lock out FreeBSD and so on. There are still too many applications, often corporate custom apps used in corporate and education environments, and online games, that still use the Flash, Unity, and Java junk despite Flash disappearing from many sites like YouTube. We have Mozilla to blame for this plugin mess. Hopefully it will now go away for good and take all of its binary blogs, crappy proprietary code and so on with it.

Now, Firefox finally needs to get sandboxing and multiprocess to work to further security and safety, something that should have been done eons ago like Google Chrome has done.

Comment Microsoft Propoganda (Score 1) 115

Apparently Microsoft paid for the article, because its not a Linux bug. If I am not mistaken, Windows and all other TCP OSs have this problem because of the fact TCP is an insecure protocol (by itself), OF COURSE you can rewrite the packets if you are a man in the middle. This has been known for a very long time. TLS will solve this problem of course.

Comment Much ado about nothing (Score 1) 227

Really, I think its all rather insignificant. It doesnt jeopardize consumer safety. People act like this is some kind of huge fraud, But I dont think it is, because the consumer still gets a car that is safe as advertised. Also, if you are really concerned about safety, the emissions related COLA restrictions are not your friend. Studies of COLA have shown that they actually decrease passenger safety in cars because heavier, more rigid metal body components are eliminated which leads to less protection for passengers.

Comment This is not "Linux on Windows" (Score 2) 228

Linux is a kernel. The Linux kernel is not used in this emulation layer, instead it emulates Linux system calls on the Windows kernel. So, there is very little if any Linux in this scheme. Its not Linux.

I don't think this is a wise use of Canonical's resources, a better use would have been greatly enhancing and accelerating Wine development with a goal of getting it to 99% app compatability within 2 years and as well funding a project to provide a driver compatability layer to allow Windows drivers to run on Linux. This would make it easier for people to make a complete move to Linux and to bring their apps and hardware with them, rather than creating a reason for people to stay on Windows.

Comment Re:What can go wrong? (Score 3, Informative) 144

Aedes Egypti, the targeted mosquito, is not native to Florida and most places where it is found. This treatment targets this one species of mosquito. Florida and other places have their own native mosquito species. These species are not nearly as dangerous as Egypti. When we eradicate Aedes Egypti, the native mosquitos will take over the niches left and things would if anything be returned to their more natural state in these areas.

Comment Re:Translation: More H-1Bs (Score 1) 118

I definitely fully agree. The whole thing is a scam and the democratic party is as corrupt as any other, totally infatuated with enriching itself, and basically doesnt care about the country one bit.

The idea that there is an IT worker shortage is a documented lie and that this is a fact. You have Tech giants who have billions and want billions more who want cheap low wage labor to increase their profit margin. The main way the democrats get elected is promising more welfare giveaways and free college. They may give lip service to jobs but as with anything its all verbiage designed to dupe an ignorant public who is supposed to believe the lies.

The fact is college debt issue would be far less critical if 1) STUPID and incompetent, greedy colleges and their staff would stop letting people take useless degrees such as Art History and Sociology and steer people into STEM programs 2) we would stop giving our jobs away to foreign aliens and thus depriving our own citizens of the jobs that they were promised when they began to study for their degree.

The fact is instead of blaming the police for crime it would be better if we had apprenticeship programs and better STEM career paths in inner cities and stop promoting policies that cause a deterioration of the family. What happens is these aimless youth without fathers or guidance go into gangs and through peer pressure and acceptance in the gang and the financial rewards, they have to attack innocent victims, and kill that part of them that tells them its wrong. Instead, the same little elite club that includes tech giants promoted through TV just a moral vacuum without good moral values and does little or nothing to promote traditional values which are proven adn documented to reduce crime.

Lets say if there was a shortage of workers, hypothetically, you could hit two birds with one stone, fixing the social and economic disaster in inner cities and poor community by getting Americans into the jobs that we have. This would give you a supply of labor while fixing the countries crime problem. All the DNC seems to know how to do is scapegoat the police and promise more welfare programs, while at the same time they are in bed with media giants which are actually a part of the social collapse and disarray in the US such as the high divorce rates, through the decline of moral examplar and positive images in the media.

The fact is the DNC would rather continue to let the inner cities in the US go to hell, because they want this, and instead bring in foreign aliens into the country to both steal jobs that should be for American Citizens and also drive down wages. The DNC knows that the inner city welfare population will vote for the DNC, because its who gives them welfare, not realizing the DNC gives them welfare. And the foreign alien votes DNC because the DNC helps them steal jobs from American citizens. So its a win win for the DNC, but horrible for the country. You end up having policies that continue to neglect inner cities and the poverty in the USA, so a bunch of greedy fascistic evil bastard Tech Giants can greedily bring in cheap foreign labor instead of investing in their own country.

Another evil aspect of the H1B is the fact it keeps third world countries poor while making the USA a third world country because of wage suppression. This is because it drains third world countries of the very high intellect high skilled workers those countries need to develop those countries technologically.

Also add on to all of this that the Tech Giants are born out of a culture in many parts of the country which sort of has a chip on its shoulder against America because of all of the indoctrination about how terrible the USA is, and apparently they have taken it very seriously, wanting to wreck and ruin the country. Thats why I saw H1B visas are punishment in order tp punish americans, even though most Americans dont have anything to do with slavery, as Ben Carson said, no one alive today is a slave or a slaveholder. Yet the grudge is there, and some take it to an unhealthy extreme, thast everything the USA has been has to be destroyed and eliminated. This extremism which dominates the DNC today is what turned me against the party. The party is no longer about equal opportunity for minorities, which is something I and quite frankly most in the RNC want, its about attacking and getting revenge against the country and its majority group, and doing everything they can to scapegoat and villify them. Tech giants devastate the US by bringing in H1B visas and then they can use the result that poverty in the inner city never improves as a way to scapegoat innocent Americans.

You also have others who feel like they have to "prove" something to the DNC and the globalists by agreeing to flood the US with cheap foreign labor. Anyone who opposes it is accused of not liking this or that immigrant group. Really, we dont have to allow foreign aliens into our country to prove anything and stopping all immigration does not mean that we dislike foreign people, but on the other hand that we do have a right to secure borders, sovereignty, and for the Americans to have good well paying jobs. The idea that unless you allow your country to be flooded with immigration invasions that you dislike a foreign group is a false narrative. Having a zero immigration policy has nothing to do who a foreign group is, and does not mean they are as not as good, it does have to do with the USA having a right to maintain its sovereignty and traditional character and as well protect its citizens jobs.

The DNC as always has done a masterful job of disguising its hatred of America under all sorts of meaningless feel good terms like "diversity". What drives the lust for immigration invasions, such as H1B programs that steal jobs from Americans, is because they hate America and want to erase the country from the face of the earth through immigration invasions and they feel it is their duty to punish American citizens. Another false narrative of the globalist is that immigration from everywhere promotes diversity. It does not. With those kinds of policies you would destroy diversity because every country would lose all of its distinct qualities and characteristics. If you wanted to protect diversity you would be for zero immigration policies because that would protect the unique identities and cultuires of all of the nations of the earth in the best way we can. The people who really respect the heritage of all groups on this planet are those who oppose H1B programs and other kinds of mass immigration.

I know that into these things native americans often comes up. How does flooding the US with more immigration help the Native American? For instance, in Hawaii because of continued immigration of the Japanese into Hawaii, the native population of Hawaii as a percentage of population continues to fall. I am all for native americans growing their population and maintaining their unique culture and identity. The only use for a DNC globalist for a native american is to use it as a guilt trip to continue their vengeful and hate filled agenda to ruin and destroy America.

The reality is if we respect the heritage, culture and identities of all of the nations on this planet, and protect the diversity of such, we should support zero immigration policies.

Comment Re:This is why Globalization won't matter (Score 1) 474

macroeconomically it doesnt have to create new jobs. It can literally leave no jobs left to do, so any freed up consumer money basically just has no where to go. IF the jobs do not increase proportionally to demand, its true, i mean, if 0 jobs are being created by demand, its technically possible to have really no need for humans. As well, if consumers decide they have enough things, they will just stop buying so even money freed up by automation just wont be spent.

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