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Comment Re:That's 129.2F if you're interested. (Score 1) 350

0C is the point at which water freezes most places, forming dangerous ice. It's also close to the point where you can start to experience severe health problems due to the cold if you don't take care.

Spoken like a true wuss. Try living in Wisconsin sometime: 32F is nothing. Try going out at -20F in the morning and hoping your car will start. Yes, that actually happened to me TWICE last winter.

Comment Re:remember CJD? (Score 1) 258

the result of using cheap cattle feed that included ground-up sheep infected with Scrapie. This induced BSE in the cows,

Today, from the "what the fuck were they thinking?" category...

Seriously, feeding ground up diseased animal to a different animal? What could possibly go wrong? It sounds like the public should have been aware of effects of DDT in 1962, which demonstrates what happens when bad stuff enters the food chain and gets concentrated up.

Comment Re:It is not unlimited. (Score 1) 420

Your latter metaphor is better, since both parties initially agreed on the dog being okay. If you were throwing loud parties, which you were explicitly allowed to do in your initial contract, then you should kind of be able to tell said neighbors to shove it.

Are they still offering unlimited plans? Because this whole stupid thing was caused by them calling it that in the first place; now we're just looking at debris left over from that initial bad decision.

Or how about, you get a license to operate a printing press. The only restrictions the government place on you (hypothetically) when you get said license is that you can't post any incitement to riot, call for lynchings, etc.--stuff that directly risks causing physical harm. Then when you start printing complaints about how your government representatives are all incompetent (but carefully avoid any talk of violence), then they come down and take away your license because there's an unwritten rule about only publishing positive information about the government, since it's obviously unwritten because it's not legal for them to make it a written condition.

Comment It is not unlimited. (Score 3, Insightful) 420

Their unlimited plan is unlimited. But if your unlimited usage is exceedingly high

By definition, a usage "exceedingly high" implies there is a limit. If there is no limit, you cannot exceed it.

If they don't want you to have multiple users on the plan or use it for business reasons, fine--put it in the terms. There are already ways of doing that without lying.

Comment Re:So basically... (Score 1) 420

Skype doesn't somehow disconnect the call if it detects you walk away from the desk, dude. Also I'm sure there *have* been at least a few people who left their Skype on continuously for a week or something, reality show-style.

Why are we even arguing about this? The GP's point was that the rate was ridiculously low, not that the example itself was a dumb use case.

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