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Comment Re:Finish the FTTC rollout first pls kthxbai (Score 1) 132

At least your exchange has FTTC. My exchange is one of the 1% that won't get FTTC until well after 2020, if at all, even though I live only a mile outside the edge of Bristol. At the moment, I only get 1 Mbit/sec on a good day and this won't increase until FTTC arrives.

Comment Re:Driver in video was unfamiliar with the car (Score 1) 191

It also varies depending on the brand. I'm in the UK, and Japanese cars tend to have the turn signal stalk on the right, and the wiper on the left. European cars (Ford, Opel/Vauxhall, etc) tend to have the turn signal stalk on the left and the wiper on the right. My parents Merc has only one stalk on the left, it's for both turn signals and wiper. I remember a 80's Citroen CX had no stalks, instead had switches on the dashboard for the turn signal & wiper - the same car has unusual cylinder gauges as well.

On the other hand, when I went to USA for holidays, I hired a 2014 Toyota Yaris and it had the turn signal on the left and wipers on the right. It also even varies within the same brand. For work, we have a Ford Galaxy and a Ford Focus, and I own a Ford Mondeo and a friend owns a Fiesta. The Focus and Fiesta has the exact same stalk configuration, and the Galaxy and Mondeo has the same stalk configuration but different between the two pairs. Pain in the arse when I try to turn on main beams, wiper washers or rear wiper.

Comment Re:Drop test? (Score 1) 63

They all are the same, break easily. I had a Samsung Galaxy S3 that was always in an Otterbox case for 2 years, I dropped it more times than I'd care, straight on concrete after a 2 metre fall- no problem even when I demonstrated, throwing it straight on the floor. For one day and only one day before I was due to put it on eBay after getting my G2, I had it out of the case, and it slipped out of my pocket, falling 30 cm straight on concrete and it had 2 cracks across the corner, enough to render it worthless for sale. When this happened, I put my G2 back in its box until I got an armour case for it. I did plan to buy a replacement cover but I could never find one that I knew was truly genuine so ended up giving it away to someone in my family.

You can get a phone with either a scratchproof display, or a crackproof display, but not both - at the moment. My Nokias in the past all were tough and never needed cases, but the glass/plastic screen scratched like hell. My dad had a Nokia that eventually got full of sawdust behind its display. Still worked great but was blurry as hell.

Comment Re:Electric windows don't work right (Score 1) 800

My 2007 Ford automatically parks the wipers even if I turn off the ignition as soon as the wipers start the next cycle. However, the wiper blades cannot be changed when the wipers are parked because when I pull up the wiper arms, they hit the bonnet lip. To solve this problem, I can pull down the wiper lever on my steering column and hold it there for 5 seconds and they go to the "service" position, about 45 degrees from the park position. It's at this position the manual recommends leaving the wipers when freezing rain or heavy snow is expected. The only problem (as mentioned in the manual) with this is that when I turn on the ignition, the car will immediately attempt to park the wipers so I can't use the windscreen heaters or any accessories until I'm sure the wipers are free. Also have to remember to put the wipers back on the windscreen otherwise I'll have wipers on the bonnet!

Comment Re:Let it die (Score 1) 510

I'm deaf from birth with hearing parents, BSL is my first language, I'm immersed in deaf culture, I've got a cochlear implant at age 13 that was my own choice - my parents were against it, but they supported my decision. I identify as disabled. Even though I can communicate with hearing people, I much prefer signing and deaf culture even though I get mild abuse from a tiny minority of deaf people however it's rare and I usually set them right. Let me say...

1. I never heard music before age 13, and I have never loved music after the implant, I can live without it. I rarely use my car radio, if at all. I simply don't understand music - it's just a bunch of random noise to me. I use music when I want to drown out boring noises such as car engines, however I'm more likely to turn off my processor than to turn on the radio. I don't miss what I don't know. I derive pleasure from many other things, I'm happy.
2. Children laughing as they play? I can *see* them. I derive so much more joy from seeing them than hearing them.
3. Birds singing? When they sing, I want to shoot the fuckers. Their noise is irritating due to the nature of implants, they sound like monotonous bleeping.
4. There are deaf smoke alarms that wake me with shaking and flashing. There are technology workarounds. I'm as likely to die in a fire as you are. You realise processors are taken off at night, and deaf people remain deaf, the implant isn't a cure, it's a prosthetic - in fact, that's exactly what written in my medical notes.
5. Who cares?

My problem is that cochlear implants are touted as a perfect cure - it's not. Hearing aids are of massively better quality than cochlear implants. Implants will only truly benefit a minority of deaf people, such as myself. My deafness is so bad that audiograms are just a flat line at the "No Response" spot at the bottom, I can't hear jet engines when standing next to them with 140dB hearing aids turned up at 11. Before implants I couldn't speak for shit, I couldn't understand any hearing people, but now with the implant, I can hold reasonable conversations. I know a lot more deaf people who are fluent in spoken languages and isn't obviously deaf that many people refuse to believe that they're deaf - and they wear standard hearing aids! Hearing aids are more than good enough for MOST deaf people and implants will actually be a hindrance, than a benefit. The issue is that when doctors find a child is deaf, they immediately recommend implanting, no matter the severity of deafness of the child - most of the time, hearing aids are in fact a better option.

The world isn't black and white - not everyone are the same. Different solutions fit different people - some deaf people benefit better if they're not taught sign language, while others benefit more if taught sign language. If I wasn't taught sign language I wouldn't be the happy person I am now.

Comment Re:Go Amish? (Score 1) 664

My car has this push button start thingy - when the car is in motion, a quick jab at the button won't kill the engine, however if you push it and hold it for 3 seconds it will turn off the engine no matter the conditions. Not great in my opinion, I'd prefer instant kill, but it's there. I know, I've tested it. At least the clutch and brake pedals both are still mechanical.

Comment Re:Can someone please explain ... (Score 1) 658

Issue is that it is really trivial to change the odometer.

My 2004 Opel (GM Europe) Astra had a problem with the ABS sensor. I saw online that I needed an op-com reader interface to be able to access the ABS computer to get the fault code, rather than an OBD-II code reader. So I brought one for £14 from China. I got the ABS fault code, including one other unrelated fault code I was unaware of from the engine cooling computer. I played around with op-com seeing what it could do, found I could enable features for free such as traction control, cruise control and total closure. I was shocked to find a page to edit the odometer reading - it wasn't even advertised!

If I can do this with something I brought for £14 that fits any Opel car with an op-com port - imagine the uptake of this sort of gizmo to avoid the gas tax.

Video showing changing of an odometer reading however I'd imagine this device costs a lot more than the op-com interface.

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