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Comment Re:Linux users should be getting worried. (Score 2) 247

The commenter was likely getting downvotes because they were trolling. Now, in true Slashdot fashion, they received upvotes from someone saying, "why're they getting downvotes, durr?"

You are likely getting downvotes for spitting the vitriol the troll feeds on. You may have even helped them climax.

If I had anymore mod points I'd downvote both of you for those reasons. Instead I'll just leave this here and hope others agree.

Comment Re:No Problem With This (Score 1) 149

While I appreciate the link very much it is actually more than money they're after. If you read the terms it is very apparent you are paying them to enhance their data mining. I'm looking for a product from a company that's being a bit less evil and more forthright with what they're selling me. So thanks for the link. It will likely help someone. Unfortunately it's way off the mark for me.

Comment So let me ask you (Score 1) 222

How much of the world favors the right to vote for people that they see as their enemy? There are only a few fundamentals to the foundation of the "free world". Respecting the rights of a rival as inalienable is the corner stone. Let's not forget what atrocities group think and fear of the unknown have brought us. Let's also recall what wonderful things bravery had allotted us once we coupled it with dissent. Please be brave.

Comment I have a great idea. (Score 1) 242

What if you paid for a service and that service was provided to you with the provider focusing on you as the consumer instead of looking for ways to increase revenue from third parties off your transaction? You know, you pay for something so it's offered to you without having to bypass multiple additional barriers. This "cutting back" is too little too late now that they waited for competition to evolve the ecosystem instead of driving the change themselves.

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