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Comment Re: Finally (Score 1) 540

That's the first time I've heard of an egalitarian economy referred to as the end of the world. I didn't realize that living to live instead of work was such a horrible thing. Although if you mean the end of society in it's current form (and not actually the end of the world), then I would say that history repeatedly disputes your nonsense. Society has continually changed in dramatic ways when new technologies have come about. The economy has followed because it is just a sociological reaction to the current state of the world.

I really you hope you don't think automation is not going to displace labor without some serious government intervention (which by the way the US gov has generally demonstrated support for automating tasks). I think you're just spitting hyperbole and know it (read: a troll).

Here's a question I ask myself every time I try to comprehend how much a technology can change the way our society trades: How long has the personal automobile been ubiquitous and how was (insert some specific task) accomplished before?

While fishing last weekend I saw an old bridge and asked my buddy, "Do you ever think about what it must've been like to build that?" He responded, "I try not to think about how hard it must've been to be a slave." It totally blew my mind. I was thinking about how the hell they got the rocks there and manually mixed and poured so much concrete. I hadn't even considered that bridge was most likely built by a group of slaves as it was the most economically feasible way to construct the bridge during that time period. Anyhow he, being a history major, continued to detail for me how a group of slaves and a whip cracker or two likely moved the rocks from a nearby quarry and mixed up the concrete from mostly local ingredients. This of course led to a conversation about Freemansville and colonization, which is kind of drawing some parallels to our current situation.

Anyhow, before you get anymore foot in mouth disease I'd highly recommend looking at US history during the Civil War and the Reconstruction Era. It's a pretty good pattern for what to expect if we had such a huge abundance of unskilled labor demanding higher wages than what's offered.

Comment Re:OMFH!!! (Score 1) 294

They're just idiots. 1's and 0's arranged as symbols to convey meaning is generally accepted as a language since it uses symbols to convey a meaning. It even has a name: Binary Code. If they want to claim it's not Binary Code and merely equations resulting in direct action by hardware... well... you can't patent a mathematical equation.

Comment What is your perspective of the media's portrayal? (Score 1) 410

The media portrays your personality to be one of an ego maniacal sociopath. Please understand this is not me calling you a name or attempting to label you. My opinions are reserved from this until I've been able to hear from both sides. I can imagine that you may have something you would like to say or address about the overall negativity media expresses toward your character before people adjudicate personal bias toward it.

Comment Re: The gauntlet has been thrown (Score 1) 79

There are people doing that. They're called auditors. You have to be just good enough at security to keep them off your back. The whole point is to keep security ahead of the curve: effort required to secure * value of controlling resource > effort required to obtain * value of gained resource (inclusive of satisfying motivation) If we didn't do this ridiculous draconian thing security could really slip in general to a point we'll have trouble securing it, like transportation signaling equipment. However I don't think they need to take care of it with this model. We likely have a while before the technology to achieve this is ubiquitous enough to make it anymore dangerous than the intense motivation to kill you someone would need to do it like this. I mean a hammer could just as easily assassinate a diabetic.

Comment Re:Linux users should be getting worried. (Score 2) 247

The commenter was likely getting downvotes because they were trolling. Now, in true Slashdot fashion, they received upvotes from someone saying, "why're they getting downvotes, durr?"

You are likely getting downvotes for spitting the vitriol the troll feeds on. You may have even helped them climax.

If I had anymore mod points I'd downvote both of you for those reasons. Instead I'll just leave this here and hope others agree.

Comment Re:No Problem With This (Score 1) 149

While I appreciate the link very much it is actually more than money they're after. If you read the terms it is very apparent you are paying them to enhance their data mining. I'm looking for a product from a company that's being a bit less evil and more forthright with what they're selling me. So thanks for the link. It will likely help someone. Unfortunately it's way off the mark for me.

Comment So let me ask you (Score 1) 222

How much of the world favors the right to vote for people that they see as their enemy? There are only a few fundamentals to the foundation of the "free world". Respecting the rights of a rival as inalienable is the corner stone. Let's not forget what atrocities group think and fear of the unknown have brought us. Let's also recall what wonderful things bravery had allotted us once we coupled it with dissent. Please be brave.

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