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Comment Re:Pinouts (Score 1) 610

RS232 is still pretty common with the electronics hackers.

A lot of modern embedded computers such as modems/routers have a TTL level serial port somewhere on the board. It's nice to have an extra way into the machine if its network is down, for example.

or you can make one in software.

Or software-as-hardware when programming FPGAs. Many FPGA boards have one traditional RS232 port, but it's only provided with voltage converters, so you need to program the actual signaling logic. But if you only need TTL level signals, you can skip the traditional voltages and use plain FPGA pins.

Comment Re:Gravity wave != Gravitational wave (Score 4, Informative) 82

Let me wikipedia that for you: -- waves on the surface of water whose dynamics is dominated by gravity. See for smaller ripples dominated by surface tension. -- what the fucking article is about

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