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Comment Re:You mean you didn't already know? (Score 1) 106

That's the point I addressed waaaaaaaaaaay above Crashdoxy. In the modern world we use all kinds of very toxic stuff in chemical processes

The point you made is you don't know the difference between toxic and non toxic and catalysts that are suspended in solution and those embeded in a matrix.

Good job poser.

What did you teach janitorial studies ?

Comment Re:This is going to take some work (Score 1) 106

Your only "correction" of your dozens of attempts you got right was due to moving the goalposts from Western economics to Chinese Communism - just give up. It's pathetic.

LOL you can't even realize other people corrected you on your embarrassment there.

I have to ask are you some sort abuse gimp poser boy ? You never get shit right.

Comment Re:This is going to take some work (Score 1) 106

High school level chemistry Crashdoxy.

Nickel is non toxic and isn't in solution. Which just proves your stupid and ignorant.
Stupid for talking about something of which you know nothing.
Ignorant for not even understanding you are stupid.

You could still be both and be an engineer, but the fact you don't understand why makes you a poser.

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