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Journal Em Emalb's Journal: Em on teh Big Game... 18

Well, I waited for 21 years for that game. I woke up yesterday morning at 8:30 with one thought in my head: LET'S GO BEARS!! (clap-clap, clap-clap-clap).

By 9:15 I'm sitting there watching pregame coverage. By noon I'm geeked out of my head...having watched youtube highlights of the Bear's season...ugh. I'm too pumped up.

Head over to my friend's house at 3, with beer, brats, some cheese dip and chips.

At 4:30, the brats are on the grill, I've got a beer in hand, other friends are showing up, it's time to do this.

6:35pm: Kickoff!


Devin Hester, you da man!!!

OMG Payton threw a pick! This is gonna be a walk!

WOW what a run by Thomas Jones! Great catch Moose!

then the bottom fell out. Where was the vaunted D? Why were they giving such a huge cushion the the Colts receivers? Why the fuck can't you guys stop the run? Holy hell! This is getting annoying.

Well, halftime, we're down by two points, no biggie!

What do you mean the Colts are gonna go on a 942 play drive and score? Come the eff on!

Rex? What was that throw? I realize it's wet, but TJ has been running the ball solid! Turner, are you watching the game you're calling plays for?


Game over.

Good game, Colts.

My Bears just didn't show up. Everyone will blame Rex, but fuck, the "vaunted" Bears D couldn't make a stop. How many 3rd and 5s, 3rd and 8s did the Colts convert? Christ.

RUN THE BALL, TURNER! It's a fucking monsoon out there!

For all you Rex haters: Homey was scrambling the entire fucking game. The Bears o-line sucked. The Bears D sucked. Special teams, other than the first play of the game, sucked. The turn-overs sucked. The only player who it seems even realized this was the Super Bowl was Thomas Jones.

Everyone else: I'm ashamed to have watched that pitiful effort. You sacked Manning once. One time the entire game. You got ran on (Rhodes should have been the MVP, not Manning)

A huge let-down, to be sure...

Next year: The only player on D that doesn't have a contract through 2008 is Lance Briggs. You might know him as the guy who doesn't get credit for being the bad-ass he is. Urlacher gets all the credit, when play after play after play it's Briggs making the tackle, or busting through the gaps to stop the run, taking on the fullback head on.

I sincerely hope the Bears lock him up for a few more years at least. Next year, we'll get the hardest schedule in the NFC. Which means I don't see a 13-3 season...but the North is weak, especially with Favre coming back for one more year of abuse in Green Bay. We'll make the playoffs, and then it's "all bets are off"

I hate this time of year...nothing til hockey playoffs. :(

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Em on teh Big Game...

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  • You are right about what you said. Rex is young and will improve, and Urlacher gets all the props, when Hillenmeyer is good, and Briggs is fantastic. I've seen multiple times when Urlacher gets caught up in a block, or when he gets runover by a back.

    Anywho, the defensive scheme was the right one. If you want to play the Colts, you need to play a deep cover-2, 3 or 4 every play. The last thing you want is for Peyton Manning to throw the deep ball, cause his receivers are athletic enough to give them a
    • Rex reminds me of a young Brett Favre. Brett didn't spring out of his momma's loins with great football instincts, he developed them somewhat slowly. Give Rex a year or two of playing a full season and you'll see huge improvements.

      Everyone slags on this kid, but shit, when's the last time the Bears had a real quarterback? McMahon? Don't think so. Look at his sucked. He was a great QB because of his attitude and the fact that he had an easy time of it in the SB.
      • Heh. Yeah, I remember McMahon. Big ego (and mouth), not much talent relative to other quarterbacks at the time. Joe Montana and Steve Young each had more talent in their nose hair.

        I felt bad for the rest of the team, because he acted like he was carrying them, when the opposite was true. Payton in particular did far, far more for them.



        • by RevMike ( 632002 )

          Heh. Yeah, I remember McMahon. Big ego (and mouth), not much talent relative to other quarterbacks at the time. Joe Montana and Steve Young each had more talent in their nose hair.

          don't forget Phil Simms!

          • Well yeah, there were lots of great quarterbacks in the 80s. Joe Theismann, Dan Marino, John Elway, Randall Cunningham and so on. McMahon's just a footnote in comparison.



            • by RevMike ( 632002 )
              As a Giants fan, Theismann always will have a special place in my memory.
              • Yes, but in the end we got revenge by foisting him on an unsuspecting Monday Night Football public.

                That, and my 'Skins've still won more Super Bowls. :-)



  • I thought the Colts would be completely demoralized after those first few minutes and the Bears would blow them out, but they rallied pretty well and just tore up the Bears D...with ball control, for Chrissakes. In the rain. I think the Bears also got a bit out-coached, because the Colts really seemed to adjust well to the Bears' style of play and keep them off-balance, while the Bears just didn't seem to figure out a whole lot -- nothing but three-and-out even when they weren't turning over the ball.


    • Yeah, the Colts played a hell of a game, of that there is no doubt. As much as it pains me to say it, the Bears were outplayed, out-coached, and out-everythinged in this game. I don't get it. How can you not be "up" for the biggest game of your life?

      I'm very disappointed in their performance. It's been so long since I've had something to cheer for in the NFL, and they go and give such a dismal performance. I have SB hangover, and I barely drank (3 beers over the course of 6 hours) anything. :(
      • Briggs played a pretty good game, but Urlacher did not live up to his rep. I haven't seen him much this year, but he was definitely a force in the Arizona game. Of course, that was Arizona. Yesterday I didn't see him shedding blocks to make tackles much, which was my dominant impression from the Cardinals game. You think he's overrated? Not that he isn't good, but he seems to get an awful lot of hype.

        It seemed to me that the defense needed rallying, some leadership, and no one stepped up. Though it s
        • You think he's overrated? Not that he isn't good, but he seems to get an awful lot of hype.

          I think the media has hyped him too much. Last time I checked football was a team sport. Urlacher wouldn't be the player he is if the front 4 weren't doing their job. He wouldn't be hitting guys at the line if Briggs wasn't there blowing up the fullback.

          Don't get me wrong, I love his passion for the game, his ability to put the D in the right formation, etc, but he can't play the game by himself.

          As I said, I think
      • by Tet ( 2721 )
        I don't get it. How can you not be "up" for the biggest game of your life?

        I couldn't have put it better myself. After such a promising start, they just disintegrated. More importantly, they just didn't seem to show any desire to actually win the game. They were just out there to make up the numbers. The first half was a pretty enjoyable game to watch. The second half was just cringeworthy. How can a team that's played well enough to get the Super Bowl play so badly in the biggest game of the season (and l

        • Muhammad's nickname is "Moose". When he makes a good play, the crowd says "MOOOOOOOOSE", it sounds like a boo.
  • and then when they forced the Colts to run... the Colts ran up 191. I guess it was like choosing between the stake and drowning.

    But nothing until Hockey playoffs? Man we're about to head into NCAA conference play! Then it's March Madness! Also we're a short way from the NBA All-star game and then the important second half (FYI Cavs: the wheels have fallen off. Time to break out the Ritlin and start paying attention). And in a month pitchers report...

    The worst for me is June. By then the NBA playoffs
    • You're right about the NCAAs..but I don't give two tiddlywinks about the NBA playoffs. I'm, once again, not impressed.

      The Suns and Mavs look awesome. Everyone else? Meh.

      Right now the only thing upcoming I'm looking forward to is the Duke/UNC game on wednesday. That should be a good game, even if the Duke team this year is a bunch of underachieving white dudes.
    • by Tet ( 2721 )
      The worst for me is June. [...] All we have is baseball.

      Au contraire. June has [] plenty [] going [] on []. Perhaps not your thing, and admittedly something to be experienced in person, rather than making for a good TV spectacle, but nonetheless, there's sport there if you want it.

  • The D got them to the show, then didn't show up.
    The Dolts adjusted but the Bears did not.

    But it's a damn fine team they have thats only getting better.
  • Yeah, I watched with game with my degenerate neighbors, at the house of the professional poker player. (Obv, he had the biggest HD TV.) He had 10:1 odds that Devin Hester would score the first touchdown. Even though he's a Colts fan (hey, no one is perfect) he was going nuts when Hester was watching himself on the jumbotron. I thought that was actually a good call on his part, he could see behind him without looking back. His wife was asking him why he's rooting for the other team. HE said, "It's mone

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