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Journal Journal: Keep the Government's hands off our Timbits! 3

Following the recent expose done by CBC's investigative reporting show, '22 Minutes', the Canadian public has become aware of a bill being pushed through parliament to create a national timbit registry.

Gordon Lightfoot, representative of the Assembly of Native Canadians, was said to hold that, "even considering such a bill was ludicrous, as it would destroy the current goodwill and respect painstakingly developed over the last two centuries between the government and native Canadians."

Political Rights Activist Brian Mallroony added that he would sooner "swallow a timbit whole than register it with the government," as such a thing goes against the very basis of the values upon which our country is based.

Others across the nation have commented that they would continue to purchase and distribute timbits without registering them with the government, if such a law came into effect.

"The Canadian Native population has long depended on hunting and gathering in harsh environments in order to survive. Over the centuries, they have perfected their tools to achieve the greatest sustenance with the least amount of effort. Today, these generations of refinement have resulted in traditional Canadian Timbits, which are cheap and relatively easy to produce and yet when used skillfully, can sustain a large tribe.

"The problem is that the use of timbits in Canada has become so widespread that their use is beginning to threaten traditional Canadian food sources. In order to combat this, the Canadian government is considering instituting a Timbit Registry, so that anyone who posesses timbits must register them with the government prior to transporting, using, or selling them.

"This proposed solution is drawing fire from the Canadian native community, who view timbits not only as an integral part of their way of life, but also as a status symbol. They feel that this proposal is purely an attempt to isolate the native Canadian communities by denying them access to timbits for traditional use and social recreation."

Having arrived at a stalemate in the Timbit talks, the government is now asking the international community for their suggestions on how to peacefully nullify the impact of timbits on the environment at large, while reaffirming the native culture that celebrates the timbit as an integral part of day to day life. Please feel free to use this forum to help hammer out the details so we can present the government of Canada with a well thought out, unified statement.

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Journal Journal: JHL Continued... 0.0.56 Onward. 14

Current version: JHL Available Here!.

JHL, the Java Hotline Client.
Slashdot archived my previous entry, so here's a new one. You can find the previous one here.

Send someone an e-mail with this link!

There's an official jhl website now, so these slashlogs aren't really needed anymore. If you have bugs to report, leave them as comments for the version release you find the bugs in. For feature requests, leave them in the comments of the version you're currently using. Be sure to note if it's a BUG REPORT or FEATURE REQUEST at the top of the comment.

For those who can't be bothered with the official site:

Here's some documentation for JHL as it stands now, since some things can be a bit confusing.

JHL is a Java Hotline Client first and foremost, although it also does rudimentary IRC, and looks to handle AIM chat in the future. There is very little built-in documentation, and its main audience is experienced hotline users who want a more powerful client to use, want to get rid of the spyware that is the official client, and/or want a uniform client that works on all the unixes (including Linux and MacOS X) as well as MS Windows. JHL is currently a closed-source beta, but once electron feels he has made it feature complete, and stable it will be released as open source.
Why not release it as open source now? For obvious reasons -- projects which do not start as open source which are released under a FOSS license too early tend to fizzle and die. Plus, electron wants to clean up his code before others can look at it and critique it ;)

All the following is true as of version 0.1.

First off, the AIM client hasn't been designed yet. It doesn't do anything.

Second, the IRC client is REALLY buggy -- a lot of things will lock up the entire monolithic app if you try them.

Now on to the Hotline client:

There is now a way to save settings files.

In order to create new bookmarks, you enter your connection settings in the connect dialog, and click the save button to save a new connect file.

The preferences save in the current session when you click the save button at the bottom of the preferences pane, and to make them load on startup, click the "Save to file (defaults)" button.

One other quirk is that you can't do some things by double clicking -- for example, download files -- and this is considered by some to be a good thing. However, some double click features are being added -- you can now double-click in the user list to send a message.

On to the description of the interface:

The little hand above the userlist is an ignore hand; click it while someone is selected to ignore them, click again for their chat to start showing up again.

Nicknames can be tab completed in chat; just start typing someone's nickname, hit tab, and it will autocomplete.

In the file tab, refresh refreshes the subcontents of the currently selected item; folder counts belong to the parent item, and you can not upload to a selected file; you must select the folder you wish to upload to first

There is a hotline 1.2.3-compatible folder download/upload feature. Select a folder, and it will download/upload all files in that folder.
NOTE: it will NOT download subfolders or their contents.

As an additional note to downloading, double clicking does not work. To download, you must select the file/folder(s) to download, and then either click the download button or right click and select download from the contextual menu.

For Windows users, do the following to create a shortcut that's launchable from the start menu:

select the jar file and create a shortcut

get the properties of the shortcut, and replace the Target line with

C:\WINDOWS\system32\javaw.exe -jar jhl.jar

change name and custom icon as desired.

All other hidden and unobvious features are left to the user to discover at this time; maybe I'll make another update sometime.

Finally, my requests:

Red highlighting on the chat/transfer tabs when new stuff is available. For chat, it would be new chat, for the transfers tab, it would be new items in queue and transfer finished (removed from queue).

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Journal Journal: Odd Spam

Here's an odd Spam I just got in my inbox; what do you think their scam could be?

Dear Fellow Internet Surfer;

I just want to share something that just BLEW ME AWAY when I first saw this a few weeks ago.

DON'T worry, This one doesn't cost a penny. Just a moment of your time.

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How would you like to have High-Speed Internet Access for FREE? What do you think about giving away FREE BROADBAND worldwide and GETTING PAID for it again and again?!? Hundreds of MILLIONS of people worldwide will potentially be flocking to this service once they learn it really exists. And all that is needed is a simple phone-line.

And beyond that this company provides it's affiliates (free of charge) the most amazing marketing support program I have ever seen. Free to Join and Free to use.

DO NOT HESITATE on this folks , there is ABSOLUTELY NO RISK. It's going to be like the great Gold Rush of the old west! This company offers you some AMAZING income potential. You will not believe it if you just take the time to read through the site.


-Easy to install and very simple to use

-Available anywhere in the world

-Works with your existing ISP

-A software download so there is NO need for new hardware

-FOUR times the speed of normal broadband

-Compatible with any type of phone line

-Works with any PC or MAC of the lowest specification believable

-Compatible with old 9,600kbps modems upwards to the most recent modems.

-Guaranteed to provide a minimum of 2MB internet speed and that's SUPER FAST!!

-Coming very soon worldwide OCT 1 2004, It just pre-launched a month ago!!


If you would like to receive more information, please write to: (write "SEND INFO" in the subject field)


The Dwabiz1 Group

note: if you wish to unsubscribe to future mailings, please write: and put "REMOVE ME" in the subject field and I will immediately delete you from my list.

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Journal Journal: JHL Feature Requests 20

Grab JHL here.

This journal entry got archived, so go here to continue the discussion.

Also, has moved to a new URL until the DNS issues can be resolved. The current domain rental expires in 2009, so it probably won't be usable again for some time unless a miracle happens.

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Journal Journal: Sad but True... Trolling works on Slashdot. 1

Well, I just thought I'd do an experiment, and post an unsubstantiated troll in a fairly new article:

As you can see, it is still the case that people tend to give points to posts that match their own "common sense" opinion, rather than posts that actually bring something new to the discussion, like facts, references, new ways of thinking, etc.

The sad thing is, people responded to my post in an informed manner, and many have been fully ignored, even though their points are much more valid than my unsubstantiated comment.

Because of this, I guess I'll continue to read slashdot at the +1 level; the +3 and higher posts aren't worth looking at (I hope someone noticed the obvious about this sentence).

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