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Comment Re:Nice Job HTC (Score 1) 205

Sorry, dude, but these people know where their bread is buttered and while I don't see a ton of value in removing a headphone jack they're not going swayed by a handful of neckbeards threatening to buy whatever. Every time tech takes a jump there is a cry from a couple dozen people like you about not wanting the new tech for any number of reasons (many better than what you're presenting here) but in a couple years even you will be on the bandwagon.

I live in two different worlds. I am a geek, so I do tech stuff but I'm also a gun guy.

Do you remember when Smith and Wesson signed a deal with the Clinton DOJ to get preferential treatment on government contracts? The backlash was so swift and severe, the owners had to sell the company to stave off bankruptcy and the new owners had no intention of honoring the deal. To stop this trend, there has to be this kind of a revolt among HTC's customers.

This one feature might not be a bridge too far for most buyers but I suspect that there's some cell phone maker out there cheering because they know that their sales are going to get a bump from the people who won't ride this wave.

But, I'm not opposed to tilting at windmills. I'm still continuing my 20+ year one man boycott of Nintendo. I stopped using Opera when they removed the menu bar and I won't use Chrome for the same reason.


Comment Dear Apple (Score 2) 130

Dear Apple,

How about making products your customers actually want? Like a MacBook Pro that's actually a pro-level computer. Or, a "Cheesegrater" Mac Pro with Thunderbolt and USB 3/3.1?

See, here's the deal: no one wanted the trash-can Mac Pro. We wanted the existing model with the I/O capabilities you put in your home-user machines. But, it's too late. You've lost us. We're tired of paying premium prices for last-years already outdated technology.

And you guys are really missing the bus with your lack of VR-compatible hardware. Sure, VR might be a flash in the pan, but isn't the fact that you make NOTHING with the CPU/GPU power to support it worrying?

RatBastard, a former Mac customer.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 238

I understand, I just don't care. Neither do most consumers. They look at perceived picture quality and cost, largely. How is OLED significantly different in those metrics, other than being much more expensive?

Remember; most people are happy with LEDs. They're "good enough". So OLED brings...what to the table?

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 2) 238

I think many of us are kinda burned out from the TV industry selling "the next big thing" over and over again, when it's obvious they're only doing it in the hopes of getting fools ( read: consumers ) on a 2-5 year tv rotation.

It's always the same, "This is going to be huge! It's a revolution in TV quality" only to die off to little fanfare a few years later because it was an incremental upgrade at best, and not worth the extra cash for the vast majority of folks out there.

It'd help if the industry revamped it's marketing game and targeted only those who are purchasing TVs instead of attempting to manipulate everyone into upgrading.

Comment Re:Propaganda? (Score 0) 210

My Pre-ACA HMO plan was $440/month for me and my children. No deductibles. Just a co-payment for hospital and doctor visits.
After the ACA took effect, the HMO plan became too expensive for my employer so I had to go to a PPO plan. It cost me $250/month but everything cost more money. Higher co-pays, a BS deductible, less overall coverage. My daughter needed an EKG and that cost over $1,100.

I'm happy that there are people who didn't have coverage before that do now but my coverage was not as good after as it was before and I keep seeing assholes tell me how great the ACA is for me.

Comment Re:Welcome (Score 3, Insightful) 161

That's like saying you ate at a restaurant, so you're now partial owner of that restaurant and demand access to their secret recipes.

It's more like saying that since you paid for the food, you have the right to add salt, pepper or any other seasoning of your choosing in order to enjoy the food, that you purchased, in the manner that you choose.


Comment I want to believe (Score 3, Funny) 280

I want to believe MS has competent design managers working for them. Maybe they are being micromanaged to the point of irrelevance, but I want to believe that after 20 years of trying to make a decent web browser they'd achieve success...or lacking that, they'd fail because some idiot manager keeps fucking them up.

Because damn...I'm embarrassed FOR them. How do you not put out at least a baseline capable browser by this point? Multi-billion dollar company who's spent 20+ years in the market, and they still fuck it up.

Comment A note about piracy (Score 4, Insightful) 87

Piracy was only ever a symptom of the problem, not the cause. What's the problem? Music labels sticking their heads in the sand and ignoring changes to the consumer landscape. They were so used to dictating terms that they thought they would always get away with it. So much so that they continued trying even in the face of lost profits and outright consumer hostility.

Not that I ever thought piracy was ever that big of a contributor to the losses, mind you. I think they lost more from folks like me who started refusing to buy full albums for a single song, or pay 15-20 for a single album altogether.

Comment Re:The election is a poor barometer of relevance (Score 1) 284

As of the last time I checked, Hillary won the national popular vote by just over 2.8 million votes. She won California by at least 3.4 million votes.

Without California, she doesn't win the popular vote. This is precisely why we have the electoral college.

It gets even worse. Hillary has a national lead of 2.8 million votes, in just 10 California counties, she has an advantage of 2.9 million votes.
Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Riverside, Santa Clara, Alameda, San Bernardino, Sacramento, Contra Costa and San Francisco aren't supposed to choose the president for the entire country.

Again, this is why we have the electoral college.


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