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Comment Re:Anthropological principle (Score 1) 185

as the bible dictates the universe being created by God for man

I think that you're making assumptions about what the Bible actually says.

Earth was made for man.

I'm not a Christian but I know their book. It does not preclude intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, in fact, it might even suggest that there is. John 10:16 mentions "Other sheep" who are "not of this sheep pen(or fold)". Could those other sheep or the other fold refer to non-humans who are not on this planet? It's debatable.


Comment Re:Win/Win (Score 1) 73

I support competent workers with a strong work ethic...which is precisely why I don't support unions. Having joined unions in two separate industries ( well, conscripted is more the right term as I didn't have a choice of the matter ), I saw just what "supporting each other" amounted to. The least competent, least ethical, workers were protected from any disciplinary action...ever, and as a result gained seniority. New folks would start and be full of energy and ideas, ready to work hard and make a difference, only to be stifled and discouraged by the more senior workers.

The best would leave, the rest would get beaten down and join the system.

Then, when there would be layoffs, the best staff was shown the door first while the wastes with seniority would be safe.

So no. No, I don't support unions.

Comment Re:Language selection (Score 1) 312

One of the other reasons I recommended C# ( over java ) was that the development environment is more streamlined; it's easier to produce functional, non-trivial, code ( for beginners anyway ).

I get where the C recommendation came from, but there's more to the fundamentals than loops and decisions. Object orientation is fundamental too.

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