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Comment Re:Not that easy (Score 1) 91

It's almost impossible to eradicate cheaters in CS:GO and similar games for one important reason: CS:GO servers send you full information about all the gamers who're playing the match with you, which means it's quite trivial to intercept this information and modify certain game engine variables to e.g. make other players visible though the walls (wallhack) or to make your bullets always reach the destination (aimbot). Now even if you don't send all the information, the game still has to show other visible nearby players to you, so dealing with aimbots seems like a lost game.

Well, the root of the problem is in this very paragraph.

As long as a competitive game will calculate stuff on the client side, hacking will happen. As the technology of hacking software grow, sooner or later we'll have to switch server side.

Let me give you an example of an extreme. The game could be computed 100% on the Server side and the client receive the audio + video output over the internet. Then client send the input (keyboard + mouse) to the server. Eventually hacker will figure out a way to analyse the screen to identify other player and control the mouse accordingly but most problematic hack will be neutralized this way.

Of course, computing "everything" server side and sending the video over the internet is a bit extreme (well, until everyone is connected to Google Fiber) but you get the point. To solve hacking, find their input and move them from client side to server side.

Comment Can VR really "fail"? (Score 4, Insightful) 88

Honestly, I don't see how VR could fail. It's a incredible feature for a lot of game (Try Elite Dangerous with a X52 joystick and I dare you to tell me otherwise).

Right now (and I emphasize on that), the only drawback is, well, money for both the consumer and the developer.

The specs needed to support VR is insane right now. Top that the +1000$ bucks for the VR and you'll scare more than a few. The cost for AAA game too is problematic as cannot use fixed cam to render only a part of the games. Top that the small number of people that can afford the VR and it's already unprofitable unless you're making a game that can play with or without VR.

I say, give it some time and, sooner or later, the VR will boom.

Comment Re:Meanwhile, you can buy a Chevy Bolt today... (Score 1) 112


Stupid name; great car. (and I'm a Ford guy...)

I'm betting you'll get your Chevy faster than your your Model 3; how long is it going to take to make 370k units?
Years...even GM (who know a little about mass-producing cars) are only planning to ship 25k units a year, with the possibility of ramping up to 50k units "later".

Of course, since the Model 3 will end up being more expensive than planned, I'm guessing many of those orders will get cancelled...

Well, I think we can all admit that the Chevy Bolt is certainly the biggest competitor of the Tesla 3 (well, until the Nissan Leaf upgrade their range), but it's too soon yet to decide which one of the two will be the best.

Let's wait that the tesla 3 officially launch so we'll have some real number to compare.

Comment Re:Shame (Score 1) 86

Which is really a pity - they are probably one of the last producers of phones with changeable batteries and sd card slot. My LG G3 is 2.5 years old and still going strong as day 1.

They have succumb to the trend set by (also failed) Google ARA project which made no sense to start with.

If anybody from the LG is reading this: keep doing what you were doing, only "modular" thing needed on the phone are battery and memory card. Keep the headphone jack, keep the excellent build quality and do as minimal changes as you must to the original android UI.

There is a lot of us that don't want flashy gimmicks with money to spend and less and less options to choose. Be smart.

Actually, the LG G3 was quite an amazing cellphone. When people around me break their latest iPhone and cannot afford de 800$ for a new one, I always recommend the LG G3. It's a High-spec, three-generation old cellphone that you can easily find around 200$ because of the low recognition of the brand. Still, there's a few flaw they made that could be easily avoided. For the LG G3, the Pixel-Heavy-Overkill screen if the main problem, draining the big 3000 mAh in less than a day. It's a stupid marketing move only to have more pixel density than the competition. Oh yeah, and their crappy LG OS-over-android is another one.

It's a shame they always try to do something "special" instead of simply focusing on doing everything "great".

Submission + - France to review food whitener additive, titanium dioxide, for health risks (reuters.com)

Eloking writes: The French government has ordered a review of the safety of titanium dioxide as a food additive after a scientific study released on Friday found health effects in animals that consumed the substance.

Titanium dioxide is widely used in industry as a whitener, notably for paint. It is an ingredient in some foods such as sweets and known as additive E171.

France's National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) and partners in a study on oral exposure to titanium dioxide had shown for the first time that E171 crosses the intestine wall in animals to reach other parts of the body, INRA said.

Comment Re:Shipping and Handling (Score 1) 308

couldn't we simply install a sort of catapult on the asteroid to send big chunk in a trajectory that'll eventually reach earth?

No, it would just sling around the Earth and stay in an elongated orbit. Or it would crash to the Earth's surface and be scattered as fine dust.

Come on, it's not Facebook. No matter how you're planning to bring the iron here, of course you'll obviously need an efficient system to handle the atmosphere re-entry (I may be wrong, but it look to me that this will be the bigger challenge).

And is it really possible for an big chunk of iron on solar orbit to be captured and enter in a Earth orbit without an external force? I'm curious about the math.

Comment Re:Shipping and Handling (Score 1) 308

Somebody forgot about shipping and handling.

It's all about location, location, location. You got a buyer for that $10 Quintillion USD worth of iron protoplanet located in the astroid belt? Didn't think so.

Yeah, about this. Let's talk in a future "maybe" no too far away.

I know bringing the whole asteroid into earth's orbit is out of the question, too many people will freak out about the the risk of a collision (and I'm sure the cost of such propulsion system would be insane).

I didn't do the math, but couldn't we simply install a sort of catapult on the asteroid to send big chunk in a trajectory that'll eventually reach earth? Of course, the counter-force of these launch will "eventually" send the whole asteroid to the opposite direction, but I'm sure we'll have our share of iron when it'll start to be a problem.

Comment Re:I only want one thing (Score 1) 116

Metroid will forever be 2D for me.

Prime just felt lame and hard to control. I tried again with Prime 3, but alas, they hadn't fixed anything.

The GBA ones were good. The NES and GB ones were great. And nothing beats good ol' Metroid 3 (a.k.a. Super Metroid). If you want proof, just watch any of the GDQ's and see what their "main event" is to cap off their marathons. It's always Super Metroid in some configuration or another. That game was just a masterpiece.

Metroid will forever be 2D for me.


So basically, follow the trail of Megaman? Those type of 2D scrolling game doesn't age well.

Personally I find that Metroid Prime was one of the most impressing revival of the videogame history and it completely transformed a series that became one of Nintendo's strongest. I'm just a little sad that they dropped the ball after Metroid Prime 3. As for "Federation Force", I find that the initial idea was a great way to restart the franchise again, but it was poorly done.

Comment Re:Is this always the safest? (Score 1) 162

If you want to drive above the speed limit on undivided roads, don't use autopilot, it's as simple as that. Nobody is forcing anyone to use it.

Of course nobody is forcing me, I'm one meaningless person, nobody care if I use it or not.

My point is, if everyone deactivate the feature because they don't like driving slower than everyone else on the highway, how will Tesla accumulate autopilot date and hour to progress this tech?

And I wonder how many accident will happen because the Tesla is thinking there's a working zone at 70 km/h while it was actually finished and people are driving 120 km/h. Sure it's that guy's fault for driving fast, but nobody is expecting a "human" to drive that slow on the highway.

Comment Is this always the safest? (Score 4, Insightful) 162

My grandfather always told me that the safest drive speed is the one that follow the traffic.

I got this example in my city (and I'm sure most of you can relate) of some big, perfect straight highway with 5 lanes where the maximum speed is crazily set at 70 km/h (45 mph). And, as you can guess, everyone, even the slow lane, goes over 100.

In my opinion, this is where corporate responsibility have entered too far in personal responsibility, kinda like I don't want my GPS to start an alarm and stop working if I go over the limit. So if there's an accident related to high speed where the user have set the speed over the limit, it's the driver's fault.

Submission + - Canada's CRTC declares broadband internet access a basic service (www.cbc.ca)

jbwiebe writes: In a ruling handed down today, the national regulator ordered the country's internet providers to begin working toward boosting internet service and speeds in rural and isolated areas.
With today's ruling, CRTC has set new targets for internet service providers to offer customers in all parts of the country download speeds of at least 50 megabits per second (Mbps) and upload speeds of at least 10 Mbps, and to also offer the option of unlimited data.

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