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Comment Wait, the brake never actuallty failed? (Score 2) 106

Tesla has issued a voluntary recall for approximately 53,000 Model S and Model X cars, which may be susceptible to having stuck parking brakes. The company hasn't received any reports of the parking brake system failing, but decided to issue a recall for precautionary reasons.

Well, this is the first time I heard about this. Look like they never watched "Fight Club" and the X=A*B*C and if XCost of Requall, then you shouldn't do one.

Comment Re:Tesla will flourish if complexity is reduced... (Score 1) 271

Folks, how about creating a near "normal" car with better range and more competitive pricing?

Then why would I buy Tesla instead of a Renault Zoe or one of the many EVs several companies are going out of their way to release? The thing that sets Tesla apart from everything else is the amazing about of car you get for your dollar. Aside from the model X screwup they have a good thing going.

Well they only have two model (I'm not counting the Roaster) so, in other words, the model S is good.

Comment Re:I kinda have to call bullshit on this (Score 1) 61

If I'm a researcher entering a PIN multiple times I'm in a chair hunched over the phone. Me? I'm in my La-Z-Boy. I'm on the toilet. I'm in bed. I'm in the kitchen cooking. I'm at a red light getting a message. I'm in the grocery store unlocking my shopping list.

You really wanna tell me my gyroscope is in the same position in all these scenarios?

From looking at the summary (TFA is not interesting enough to read), my guess is that they use the mouvement of the phone as you as entering your password. For instance, if you press the #9, your cellphone will slightly tilt to the upper left (compared to the other key). By comparison, the #4 will tilt slightly relatively at the same strength on the left side, but less on the upper side. So if you look at the gyro's data of the 4 digit, you can certainly make a pattern and have an idea of what if the password. I'm pretty sure you could also guess a pattern password that way. Of course, it won't work if your cellphone lay on a flat surface.

But, as someone already mentioned, for this to work the cellphone have already been compromised. When hacking in a fortress from inside, why wasting the time to search for the key when you can simply unlock the door?

Comment Re:Hey GM, how about that EV1? (Score 1) 289

Nissan are in danger of missing the boat too. The Leaf is a great car and they have done a lot to get people driving EVs, especially in Europe. The problem is that circumstances have kind of screwed them - Tesla's Model 3 is looking unbeatable right now, so far ahead of anything anyone else can offer it's stunning. That big screen, full self driving if not from day one fairly early in its life, and best of all software updates in an age when most manufacturers can't keep the sat nav up to date.

I honestly disagree and here's the main reason why :

Elon Musk stated that it was temporary, but for now this is what the design look like. I personally hate that "stripped down" inside, there's literally nothing except that "computer screen"

On the other end, ever heard of the Chevrolet Bolt? (Not the Volt)

It's specs and price are similar to the Tesla Model 3. And here's what the inside of the Bolt look like :

So yeah, I disagree about the Tesla Model 3 being "unbeatable".

Comment Yeah this is overvalued, so what? (Score 4, Interesting) 289

Yeah the Stock is severely overpriced and, as much as I like Tesla, there's no way it's value can compare to GM and Ford at the moment. We all know that, and we all know this balloon will eventually deflate. So what?

Unless someone put a gun in your head and force you to buy Tesla stock and kept them no matter what happens, this is good news for everyone. It's a proof of confidence to an emerging car maker in North America (who would have thought this would be possible in the 2000s?). Also, it send a serious message to the GM/Ford and it make them better (Ford is back on track and it's Ford Fusion is, in my opinion, the best mid-size sedan in the market, and for GM is launching the best competitor to Tesla Model 3 with the Chevy Bolt).

This is better for the car industry and it's better for the environment.

Comment Revolutionary Rocket aka aerospike engine (Score 5, Informative) 44

I remember back in the early 2000 when I first read about the aerospike engine and saw that stunning picture :

Quite an impressing concept, the nozzle compensate depending on the altitude to kept it's efficiency on a wide range of altitude. One of the reason of multistage rocket is, of course, to lower the weight to raise efficiency as you climb, but another more subtle reason is also that conventional bell-shaped rocket are only efficient at a narrow range of altitude.

Aerospike engine doesn't have this problem, it stay efficient at all time. And on the plus side, as you can see in the picture above, they look freaking cool.

Comment Re:More US warmongering (Score 1) 755

In the short run, maybe so. In the long run, what's the value of deterring use of chemical weapons? How the value of US credibility when we make threats? That's surely worth something, particularly if the US wants to continue being the international police man. (Maybe the US isn't the best international police man, but we've done better than any other country that's held the post. Certainly better than Russia or China would do, if you value any type of freedom.)

Yes, thanks so much for creating the power vacuum that resulted in ISIS. Nice one.

Well, his point still stand. Take an history book and compare Iraq to the achievement of the previous strongest military power of the past.

Nazi Germany
The Empire of Japan
British Empire
The First French Empire
Ottoman Empire
Roman Empire
The Mongols
The Huns
The Persian Empire

Comment Wow, didn't know the homosapiens were scientist (Score 3, Informative) 96

Yeahhh..... I'm sure the homosapiens compared the calories betweens species before hunting.

More seriously though, I find that this studies goes wayyyy to far in it's analysis of the situation. In my mind, for the decision of the prey to hunt, the quantity of food per individual fall pretty low in the decision process.

What's the season? How easy it is to hunt and what are the odd of success? How much experience we have hunting that prey? How far from the colony the prey is? How dangerous it is to hunt that prey? Is there additional benefit to hunt that prey (are they challenging our territory? Can I impress the village if I hunt this?)

Comment Re:/. can you start working on your headline? (Score 1) 364

I mean, this is getting ridiculous. When there's not a mistake, it's simply incomplete. And for this news, it's both at the same time.

"Student Loan Debt Has Nearly Tripled".....compared to what? I have to read the Text to find that is was compared to 10 years ago....which is also wrong.

Start earning your salary and work those Headline...and please stop the sensationalist too...

You know, I agree that the quality of editing at /. is at an all-time low. Having said that, it's bad enough when people complain that TFS doesn't contain all the details to be found in TFA, but the headline?? Seriously? Read. The. Fucking. Article.

In the absence of more targeted grant or scholarship programs, more people are taking out student loans, and they are borrowing more. All that borrowing adds up to a total of $1.3 trillion, nearly triple what it was a decade ago.

I obviously doesn't expect to have every fucking detail explained in a few word headline.

But there's a ways to summarize the headline so that we have an idea of what is in TFA and, when we read it, we doesn't find out the article is completely different than the first idea that we had while reading the headline.

So, for the actual article, was "Student Loan Debt Has raised by 70% in 10 years" that hard?

Comment /. can you start working on your headline? (Score 2) 364

I mean, this is getting ridiculous. When there's not a mistake, it's simply incomplete. And for this news, it's both at the same time.

"Student Loan Debt Has Nearly Tripled".....compared to what? I have to read the Text to find that is was compared to 10 years ago....which is also wrong.

Start earning your salary and work those Headline...and please stop the sensationalist too...

Submission + - From Earth to orbit using a single-stage rocket and aerospike engine (

Eloking writes: New Mexico-based ARCA Space Corporation has announced that it is developing the world's first Single Stage to Orbit (SSTO) launch vehicle that can deliver both a small payload and itself into low Earth orbit, at a cost of about US$1 million per launch. Dubbed the Haas 2CA after the 16th century rocket pioneer Conrad Haas, the new booster uses a linear aerospike engine instead of conventional bell-shaped rocket engines to do away with multiple stages.

Submission + - SpaceX makes aerospace history with successful launch/landing of a used rocket (

Eloking writes: After more than two years of landing its rockets after launch, SpaceX finally sent one of its used Falcon 9s back into space. The rocket took off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, this evening, sending a communications satellite into orbit, and then landed on one of SpaceX’s drone ships floating in the Atlantic Ocean. It was round two for this particular rocket, which already launched and landed during a mission in April of last year. But the Falcon 9’s relaunch marks the first time an orbital rocket has launched to space for a second time.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk appeared on the company’s live stream shortly after the landing and spoke about the accomplishment. “It means you can fly and refly an orbital class booster, which is the most expensive part of the rocket. This is going to be, ultimately, a huge revolution in spaceflight,” he said.

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