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Comment Public securitization (Score 2) 56

Wunderground hosts private weather stations across the U.S. in a broad brushstroke data collection that deepens the weather data pool. IBM obviously has the power to submarine down into those depths revealing chaos patterns and resolving a weather picture unattainable. For a price!

Fun to see WallSt. takeover the backcountry reporting stations, backyard weather rigs and blend them into a special sauce just for paying customers. What are the chances JonQPublic finds free access benefit from their free contribution? What are the chances local impacts can be forecast better with IBM?

Comment Self-driving strawman (Score 1) 397

Autonomous self-driving!

Think about thatâ¦

Cars. Why cars?

Cars provide self-sustaining R&D funding capital along the path to autonomous robotics. Cars are the highest and best embodiment for human-robotic technology development. Developing cars enables companies like GOOG, AAPL and Tesla-like competitors to affordably grease the runway for the autonomous economy future. Future progress promises autonomous action without the detrimental reliance upon an irrational unreliable primacy of man of modern economies.

MIT street-cred notwithstanding, the argument for non-autonomy is simple strawman which serves to appease the present status quo in the ascendancy of technology over human based economics.

Comment Solar Decathloss (Score 1) 127

On a deserted island out in the pacific where the military needs to stash "stuff" CNC ply constructions soldiers jigsaw together no electricity required win-win.

Solar Decathalon competition optimized architecture for affordable environmentally sustainable energy contributing urban dwellings for human habitation - Loser.

Comment MITM attack execution (Score 1, Insightful) 85

Downloaded BEEN when first posted online. I expected it too good to last. Here's why:

Websites are unusable due to advertisers banner attacks. Apps are quickly monetizing to un-usability too. BEEN stops that Shit! Not only did I download, install and turn on BEEN, gladly, I added VPN capability to Stop app advertising pollution.

Why? BEEN is my MITM gatekeeper. I have the Internet back ad-free and yes Shit from advertisers is trapped before It can waste my time in-app or online.

Advertising is POLLUTION. Stop that Shit at source. Thank you. Now I have only one MITM. No worry. It's BEEN. There's a problem? I have one place to go. BEEN is scrubbing Internet emissions at the source like smokestack emissions does for EV automobiles.

It's a fair trade-off no advertising pollution, screen contaminants and network degradation in exchange for a MITM scrubber at the source. Or you can follow the automobile tailpipe analogy spewing Shit out every user's car by the millions.

BEEN there. Thank you VW you lying builders of "Clean Diesel" advertising. Now I have control. I know my weakness. I know who it is. Ain't beholden advertising Shit ever again.

Comment No auto analogy (Score 1) 535

â¦drives "Auto" types crazy AAPL first in foremost has no, none, nada, zip street-cred in rolling technology.
Like SteveJobs says " we were too stupid and didn't know we couldn't build a computer - or else we'd have never succeeded" also Bob Lutz " experts don't know anything" - Steve Jobs.

Comment Re: Of course the world is safer. (Score 1) 82

The nightmare keeping these people awake when they should be soundly asleep is the fact that AI is a product of human intellect capable of replicating all the flawed logic, errors and omissions as humans. Except now it is running in digital time at orders of magnitude speeds beyond human comprehension in digital scale worldwide in digital systems unintelligible in control of our lives in financial, transportation, health and human safety. What could go wrong?

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