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Comment Re:everyone's doing it. (Score 1) 111

Ghandi was a genius, albeit an evil genius...

Ghandi realized that his forces could not match the British on the battle field, so he changed the rules of the battle to fit the strengths of his army. Hide under the umbrella of "non-violence".

Straight out of "The Art of War"... "Attack where they cannot defend, defend where they cannot attack."

Comment Re:Double Duty? (Score 1) 301

The problem is that most rivers of any size have a large delta area of brackish water, not a thin region of fresh/salt water.

Environmentalists would have a cow if you tried to put electrolytic plates into either a river or the ocean. They'll probably say it makes the rivers run backwards or the ocean currents to turn 90 degrees or some such thing.

It is kind of interesting though, even Tesla did some work on "magneto-hydro-dynamics". I read some stuff on thermo-magneto-hydro-dynamics a few years back.

Comment The Look (Score 1) 67

Now if you could teach men to understand the meaning transmitted in "the look" directed at him from his wife, then you'd be somewhere.

I think my dog understands the meaning, but he either can not or will not communicate the meaning of "the look" to me. It would likely involve tearing my face off.

Comment Re:I find this highly dubious... (Score 2, Interesting) 334

That's an interesting correlation.

I find it easier to measure the "tooth to tattoo" ratio. Having been an EMT in a past life, I've observed that those who have more tattoos than teeth have a much higher likelihood of dying in an emergency room. Granted this is just a loose hypothesis based on my random observations. YMMV

Comment Re:Bugs? (Score 4, Interesting) 197

Oil on plastic works as fly-paper. Once the fly touches the oil, it cannot fly. It starts to squirm until a wing touches, then it ain't going anywhere. Soapy water works too.

A neighbor attached a 10 inch glass disk to an old style computer box fan, and it turned about 15 RPM. He positioned the disk so that it dipped into a half plastic milk carton of vegetable oil. A lamp was positioned to shine on the glass. On the first night, the tank was completely full of bugs (mostly moths), and it looked like mud.

What I want to know, is the details of the digester, what is the reaction that produces electricity. How do I make that part?

Comment Re:I'll go ahead and say it (Score 1) 925

In the US, women receive more cancer screenings than any other country in the world.
Their cancers are caught earlier.
They receive treatment sooner.
They have a higher survivability rate.
Even if they don't have insurance.

Little tiny Sacramento County ( 2 million people) has more MRI machines than all of Canada.
In Canada, there is no medical or pharmaceutical liability, zero malpractice lawsuits, that's about 10% of the cost in the US.

It is important to remember that the US population is about 15% Black people, and unfortunately Black men have a very high death rate to diabetes and heart disease, most die before 60.
The US is also about 20% Mexicans, and they have shorter live expectancy that Caucasian people.
Canada has a very high Asian population, and Asian people have a much higher life expectancy than other groups.

In the US, homeless people call 911 for a free taxi ride (in an ambulance) to the emergency room in order to warm up. I saw it myself twice while doing volunteer work in an ER.

And where do the hell do Canadians or Kiwis or British get off telling us how to run our own country?

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