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Comment Why the fuck are you buying Snap, Inc? (Score 1) 62

Snap has filters and disappearing texts. Other than ads, there is no user or product data to mine unless they are breaking their own rules. The product is easily cloneable by Facebook, goliath of Internet with it's brethren of Google, Microsoft and others. Reminds me of... Groupon?

As described by a coworker: "Snap is the Uber of Twitter."

at least Twitter has data to mine, the product is still you... even with a character limit.

Facebook is big enough to get the Goliath media attack. Looks really like a Snap stock prop piece.

Comment This is a big deal (Score 4, Interesting) 31

One can nit-pick all they want, but this is a really great move by Microsoft. We happen to use Azure already, so it's like free cookies (the yummy kind, not the browser kind).

IP Trolls are a significant threat to any business, and anything that helps is extremely welcome.

Obviously they didn't do this just out of the pure kindness of their hearts... it gives them a potential competitive advantage in the rapidly expanding cloud market. But a pretty smart one at that.

Comment Re:Not a new thing by a lot! (Score 1) 91

Well my circumstance is a little more complex than being just Dumb Mr. Consumer:

I own a shit ton of both... because I make mobile games. So, regardless, I'm going to be buying the latest iPhone no matter what. I prefer iPhones, so that's what I carry. And this is the only major issue I have had with it... whereas Androids... well... that's a whole other thing.

And, incidentally, considering how much money I've made off of making games on these things.... no amount of hassle will ever make this a net negative for me.

Comment Not a new thing by a lot! (Score 1) 91

I hate to break it to Apple et al, but this symptom is not new. Had this on on our iPhone 6 going back over a year with my wife's 6s.

Apple, which has usually been good about these things, refused to replace the phone. I had the same issue on my last 6... I just held out until the 7 came out since I didn't feel like arguing with an Apple employee about it AGAIN.

My 7 has not had the issue... yet. But not I'm wary it will return since, if this story details are accurate, we're talking about software not hardware issues.

Comment ... but still... not groking free speech (Score 1) 546

It's still a bit stunning to me how few people understand the whole concept of "Freedom of Speech". Even this anon doesn't seem to understand what it is all about. There is nothing in the First Amendment about you or me impinging on anyone's freedom of speech, only on congress passing laws that would do so.

So it would not matter what Anonymous did, unless Anonymous happened to be the law-making body of our government (i.e. congress) that would apply. So the whole free speech part of the press release speaks really poorly of their (or that person's) understanding of this particular issue. There was no need to defend themselves from the imputed accusation that they were impinging on someone's freedom of speech, since they are perfectly free to do so if they wanted too.

Comment There are 4 types of shops.... (Score 3, Informative) 136

There are Microsoft shops out there, and there are some that I've worked with that are happy with Microsoft.

There are IBM shops out there, and there are some that I've worked with that are happy with IBM.

There are Best of Breed shops, (LAMP/OSS/etc) and they are happy as hell.

There are Oracle shops out there, and never have I heard a client say "We Love Oracle!"

Comment I hate to be THAT GUY... (Score 2) 242

But, I was seriously disappointing in the film. Not due to the book, since I have not read it. But because it gave the impression it was going to have some sort of scientifically-accurate veneer on it.

But as the story unfolded, I immediately started to shake my head and smack my forehead in disbelief at the blatant nonsense of the film from a science standpoint.

It would take an immense post to cover all of the things that wrong both scientifically, practically or procedurally. For those interested, I'll cover as many as I can before fatigue sets in. This is based on the film, not the book.

Launching a space-ship in a violent storm. So violent that it is pushing the dang thing over. Obviously one could argue it was designed for that, but I see no reason to believe it was from the movie.

Watney is hit by debris and whisked away. An astronaut asks how long he could survive if his suit was breached (or something like that). A) That question would not be asked, they would know. B) The answer is not whatever they said (1 minute or something) but rather 3 minutes (max, which is what they'd be concerned with).

Watney is in left on the surface, and wakes up the next.... day, I guess. O2 is low, apparently, but otherwise in pretty good sleep. Suit or no, he would have faced freezing to death. Quite often the film deals with cold one moment and then ignores it the next.

Funny thing... he used a normal Hero camera to do his vlogging... yet the results as shown were 3D. :)

Watney talks about the awful things that can go wrong. The final one he says something like, "... and if the hab fails... I'll implode!" Implode? You don't implode in a thin atmosphere! Or even zero-atmosphere. Your bowels and bladder would evacuate. You'd lose consciousness pretty quick, and die in 3. If you held your breath your lungs would rupture. But you don't frikin implode. He must be thinking of... the bottom of the sea or something? Mr. science astronaut guy would never say anything so lame-brained.

Hollywood's rediculous portrayal of computers, even the kind everyday people use, is on full display. Sure, some of us appreciate the shoe-horned in nod to Zork 2 and Leather Goddesses of Phobos (especially, given it's Mars), but takes nothing away form everything else shown. When Watney goes around talking about "Hex-Y-Decimal" spoken like someone who's never picked a color for a web page before, I just cringed.

It wasn't clear, but it also looks like he tried to point the communication dish at Earth? It is true Pathfinder had the ability to communicate directly to earth through both a low and high gain antenna, but the way it would work is the low-gain is omnidirecitonal, and once signal is received then they remotely determine how to orient the high-gain which is more focused. That is more of a quibble.

Some basic of Mars are wrong, like gravity. Sure, hard to get right.... but still wrong.

There were many scenes on the Hermes where EVA was treated very poorly. I was really amused when the one guy pop'd the hatch to watch the docking operation. Maybe he was going to help out instead of what was really happening.... putting himself and the mission in ridiculous danger. The whole EVA crawling around the space station was just shy of Gravity-level ridiculousness.

Basics of space wrong: There is no sound in the vacuum of space. Sure some sounds could be heard in the suits from things happening to the suit (things dinking off the helmet or whatnot) but there was way more sound than that going on.

The Hermes itself was not believable. It had these parts with gigantic glass picture windows. That's not a likely design feature. Needing a bomb to open a hatch... okay maybe, but mostly just seemed a way to try and figure out how to "science up a bomb" on screen than anything.

I'm sorry to disappoint, but poking a hole in your glove does not make you Iron Man. How do I know? Because this has happened before. Know what really happens? Your skin seals the hole, ,without much notice, and you get a little red welt that goes away later. Very non-dramatic.

Now I think the worst part for me had to be where they introduce the supposed astro-navigation socially-inept genius. Everything about that was absurd.

First, the idea of a sling-shot gravity assist to get back to Mars is not some genius plan. It is basic space vessel navigation. The idea he had to dumb it down so the head of NASA could understand it was so laughable I almost fell out of my seat. Bad plot device... BAD.

Seeing him sit in a data center with his laptop jacked into some server so it could tell him "Calculations Correct" was a laugh-out-loud moment. Guessing those servers were not on any network, huh? And, um, why would Mathmatica not run the same on both computers? :)

Nothing to do with science, but watching them try and lift every cool line they could form Apollo 13 made my eyes roll each time. They WERE cool in Apollo 13, but here they sounded desperate in an Armageddon-sort-of-way.

I didn't read the book, and it wasn't mentioned, but it looked like Watney might have had scurvy at the end there. If so, that part was a nice touch. I assume his vitamins must have run out at some point.

I must be forgetting as many gaffs as I remember.

Getting things right wouldn't make this story worse, it would have made it better. It didn't look like there was decisions made to skimp on the accuracy so much as a lack of caring. From what I understand, the opposite of the book.


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