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Comment Plenty of older (Score 2) 67

I'm sad that one of my favorites have come to an end.
First started in 1996 and only finished end 2017. With four-ish pages a month. (Archive: )
And for the geeks, it was and mostly is still done with an Amiga. Fans of the platform will know EWS's style. :)

Comment Re:No (Score 5, Insightful) 328

Expose every kid to programming? Sure! Force every kid to 'be able to program' no.
Treat it like Ceramics or Drama.. A pass should be 'I did the exercises and now I know what it's like'.
And like those subjects, those who really like it/are good at it will continue on and do the 'real' programming/CS subjects. Those who have no affinity at all for it can move on to what they are good at.

Comment Re:Enjoy it while you can. (Score 1) 94

And in an ideal world this would be true.
Problem is the 'we only want to make one version' problem.
Easier to secure their own product line and get it certified everywhere than an 'FCC only' version.
There'll be open versions, we'll just loose easy and affordable access to gear we can secure and play with.
Doesn't matter for amateurs in Oz anyway, ACMA sold off a big chunk of the 13cm band anyway.

Comment Re:I'm in love (Score 0) 81

Compared to some of the other stuff I've done and had done to me this is pretty safe. At least it's not removing slivers of metal. And I know folks with this and much more extensive body-mods done and they have no problems. It's done in a very specific location I intend to follow the advice of
And the smooth glass might make it easier to move, it also makes /much/ easier to remove later and reduces the chance of damage, or at least damage that will still leave me with a hand afterwards.. And of course, if it causes problems, it'll come out and will be a failed experiment.

I've lost too many keys, tags and forgotten too many passwords for this to not be useful.

Comment Re:It's easier than you might think. (Score 0) 81

I'm already running that, been fiddling with it.. And with my implantable NFC tag( showing up two days ago.. I'm looking forward to saying good-bye to both keys and unlock screens forever! Or at least until I find something I can't enable.. :)

Comment Less is more (Score 0) 399

I'm new to Smart Watches and I got it because of a few features..
It's usable in full, bright midday sun, I get 5 days to a week per charge, it's quite waterproof and oh yes.. It happens to make a rather nice watch if my phone is not around!
I've already got a 'smart' device with all the bells and whistles in my pocket/bag, I really wouldn't want a 'watch' that can do much more than the pebble, it gives me a remote display so I don't need to take my phone out of my pocket to check simple things like GPS navigation direction and at the end of the day, it's just a watch that I can have fun with different watchfaces on..
And I know people who have continued to use their Pebbles even while they were without their smartphones for weeks at a time, just as a nice watch.

To me, it's turning out to be a handy extension of the phone, but it's not meant to 'take over' any functions..

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