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Comment Re:Game Dev here. (Score 2) 104

Changes in Steam key redemption

A little over a year ago, we launched OAuth Steam key redemption, creating one-click Steam key redemption for games purchased through Humble Bundle. However, Steam is removing support for OAuth, so we’ll be returning to the system we used before, which requires you to manually redeem your Steam keys.

Comment Learn to analyze and solve problems, not to code (Score 1) 352

Software development is mostly problem analyzing and solving, not writing the instructions for the solution.
Kids should be learned to solve "complex" logical problem, not to write code.
The skill to analyze and solve logical problems can also be applied to other places.

Comment Already did for me (Score 1) 160

I no longer have regular TV because there isn't anything on it for me anyway, especially not at the time I want to see it.
Sadly in .nl the Netflix catalogue is only 33% of the US catalogue, so I still get stuff to watch via "alternate" channels.

I only one about one other VOD service available here, and it has absolutely nothing to offer (crappy Dutch productions).

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