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Comment Re:Fuck you (Score 1) 89

OK asswipe, I couldn't just ignore your bullshit. First of all, you don't know me, so your claim of me being a racist is a wildly inaccurate guess. Second, I was called "spic" and other anti-hispanic epithets way before a lot of other Hispanics came to the US and my wife, who was born in India, had to put up with racist crap too. Third, Ahmadinejad is the racist asshole who wants to obliterate an entire ethic group, not me.
I pointed out that Ahmadinejad looks like he hasn't gotten a decent shave or haircut in months and you call me a racist. I've know Iranians who are decent, intelligent, and respectable people - he isn't one of them.
If you dare to respond, it should be an apology.

Comment Re:Therewhile ... (Score 1) 322

Your definition of "own" can be expanded to cover a good part of the United States. The original land grants from various English Kings in the 17th and 18th centuries covers most of the US from the Atlantic Coast to the Mississippi. The land grants from various Spanish Kings covers Florida and most of the southwestern US and, of course, Central and South America. And yes, the French Crown granted land in Louisiana (named after Louis XIV). So, if you're going to cast doubt on the legitimacy of anyone's claim to property in the New World, you're going to have to cast doubt on the legitimacy of everyone's claims.

I like your idea about the Interstate Highway rights-of-way. In northern Virginia, the Dulles Toll Road and the Dulles Greenway (the privately built and operated extension) includes land for rapid transit, which is currently under construction (Washington Metro Silver Line)

Comment Re: solve your problem small (Score 1) 276

The captain sails his ship as he damn pleases, and if that means running it aground or sinking it, so be it.

Hold on there a minute. The Captain of the Costa Concordia found out the hard way that it wasn't his ship. If the calamity is bad enough, there will be an investigation and repercussions. Of course, it makes sense to be near the lifeboats anytime you doubt the Captain.

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