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Comment Re:Oh Slashdot... (Score 1) 312

Still, both are wrong.
Saying it's better/"more favorable to our freedoms" to download music than having large corporations preform some illegal activity is retarded.
The fact is simply that larger corporations/industries have the resources to prosecute "the little guys" and we're just butthurt we can't get back at them.

Comment Re:Twice as fast... (Score 1) 226

Apps like Eclipse or OpenOffice are pretty massive though. You can argue other apps with similar functionality (Office, Visual Studio) are just as big and are much faster, but they have custom memory management and aren't compiled from bytecode. It's the price of running platform-independent software.
Oh yeah and I think OpenOffice doesn't run on java, just *with* it for extended functionality. The whole system is p bad though.


Submission + - Apple Releases Final Cut Studio 2

appleguru writes: "
Apple today unveiled Final Cut Studio® 2, a significant upgrade to the industry's leading video production suite that delivers new creative tools designed expressly for editors. Final Cut Studio 2 includes Final Cut Pro® 6, which introduces Apple's ProRes 422 format for uncompressed HD quality at SD file sizes and support for mixed video formats and frame rates in a single Timeline; Motion 3 featuring an intuitive 3D environment, paint and new behaviors; Soundtrack® Pro 2 with dozens of innovative tools for multitrack editing, surround mixing and conforming sound to picture; Compressor 3 delivering powerful batch encoding for multiple formats with a single click; and DVD Studio Pro 4.2 for SD and HD DVD authoring. Final Cut Studio 2 also introduces "Color," a professional color grading and finishing application for ensuring consistent color and creating signature looks.

A massive upgrade to their pro editing suite, including two completely new applications, Color (For color correction and editing, included with FCS2), and Final Cut Server (A separate application for distributed rendering and asset management). The new Final Cut Studio is slated to ship next month and costs $1299, $499 for an upgrade. Final Cut Server starts at $999 for a 10 seat license and costs $1999 for unlimited seats.

Apple also announced today a new hardware video conversion and playback box, utilizing Apple's new ProRes 422 codec (presumably with dedicated hardware) and created in conjunction with Aja. The box, called the IO-HD, will cost $3499. It's even got a handle for semi-portability."
The Courts

Submission + - RIAA Files lawsuits against NCSU students

Odin The Ravager writes: The RIAA filed 23 "John Doe" lawsuits on North Carolina State students, following the 400 settlement letters sent last month. Interestingly, the college is fighting these lawsuits. FTA:

But Pam Gerace, the director of Student Legal Services at the University, is fighting the lawsuits for her student clients.
The next step is for the judge to approve the beginning of the name-discovery process.

Submission + - C#, C++, Delphi and Java compilers tested

An anonymous reader writes: Developer named Master Alex, took LZMA SDK and compiled a set of benchmark using SDK as an algorithm base. Here he put an archive with source and compiled in Delphi, C#, C++ and Java binaries. Results are put here and retested here. See, Java runtime code speed in decompressing under Windows x64 is only 15% slower then that of C++.

So, the question is can you provide an optimized code in Delphi 7 so it achieve the same (+-10%) speed as C++ compiled code? Or is it impossible? It presumed that Delphi binaries are very fast, almost of C++ speed.
The Internet

Submission + - Canadian DMCA Coming This Spring

An anonymous reader writes: The Canadian government is reportedly ready to introduce copyright reform legislation this spring, provided that no election is called. The new bill would move Canada far closer to the U.S. on copyright, with DMCA-style anti-circumvention legislation that prohibits circumvention of DRM systems and bans software and mod chips that can be used to circumvent such systems.

Submission + - Russian Police Arrest Users of Foul Language

reporter writes: "Leaders of Other Russia, the coalition of anti-Kremlin political parties, have held another peaceful demonstration in St. Petersburg. The Russian police conveniently arrested Olga Kurnosova, an organizer of the rally, on a mere traffic violation as she drove to the event! Moreover, quoting a spokesman for the Russian police, "The Washington Post" reports, "Several participants in the rally have been arrested for chanting anti-constitutional and anti-government slogans and using foul language ." If foul language can land you in jail, 50% of the Slashdot population would be spending time behind bars!"
Wireless Networking

Submission + - Nanotechnology to protect from earthquakes

Roland Piquepaille writes: "Two separate efforts using high-tech to protect people from earthquakes have been recently revealed. At the University of Leeds, UK, researchers will use nanotechnology and RFID tags to build a 'self-healing' house in Greece. The house walls will contain nanoparticles that turn into a liquid when squeezed under pressure, flow into cracks, and then harden to form a solid material. They also will host a network of wireless sensors and RFID tags which can alert the residents of an imminent earthquake. Meanwhile, another team at the Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL) will use a wireless sensor network to limit earthquake damages. Read more for additional details about these projects and a picture of wireless sensors used in a model laboratory building."

Submission + - Pirate Party policies pirated by Norway's Liberals

Ghoti writes: In an unexpected move, Norway's Liberal Party has decided to adopt "pirate copy" of the Swedish Pirate Party's policies on copyright extension, legalised file-sharing, free sampling and a ban on digital rights management (DRM), according to a recent statement (Norwegian link only). In light of the recent EMI/Apple deal and the European Union's ongoing fight against DRM, the spread of ideas like these to mainstream political parties give a faint promise that the fight for fair use and against corporate lock-in for digital media may yet be won!

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