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Comment Re:What. The. Fuck. (Score 1) 548

It's not a new feature. The "story" is because someone who exhibited a ...umh... loose control of his utterances used texting so verbosely during the campaign. Perhaps it was intended as a joke, but it's a joke with a *potential* barb in it.

There's lots of things about the incoming administration where I feel "well, we'll just have to see how things work out.". This is one of the less serious ones, so *I* feel it makes a decent tension relieving joke. When I look at his nominated cabinet, this is the least horrible potentiality of the incoming administration.

Comment Re:I'll move out of the country if Trump wins! (Score 1) 586

You don't want to know how much "*real* affect can the president actually have on one's daily life". The main protection is that he's unlikely to have that as his goal. The executive has been accreting power ever since Lincoln. Probably before, but Lincoln was an inflection point. Currently the "imperial presidency" isn't an overstatement. The checks on his actions are minor, and easily overcome if he's determined.

Comment Re:How far is far left going to go? (Score 1) 586

Calling the paranoia unfounded is unjustifiable. It may not happen, as campaign promises often aren't kept. Unfortunately, it often happens that the campaign promises I most wish would be forgotten are the ones that are kept, and the ones I don't care about, or even approve of, are forgotten.

Comment Re:What's Trump Got To Do With It? (Score 4, Interesting) 586

Yes, but that's a part of the consistent pattern. The Democrats use a need of the people to create enhanced government power. (Never mind whether it's a real need of the people, it just needs to be sold as one.) Then the Republicans take power and use that increased power for elitist ends. Then the Democrats take power and use a need of the people to create enhanced government power.....

At no point in the cycle is the government power decreased, despite the rhetoric sometimes used by the Republicans.

Comment Re:Police state (Score 1) 250

They also realize that only the wealthy are going to be able to afford to challenge the chain of evidence...and they leave them alone anyway.

Saying the police don't ask for this is not substantiated by past history, though those doing the asking tend to be from the very upper ranks of the police. Perhaps the rank feel differently.

Comment Re:Language creates strong AI (Score 1) 69

You are overstating the case. Language is a component of Strong Social AI, but not the entire thing, or even most of it.

What I find most interesting about it is that this is, or rather could be developed into, a sort of maximal universal grammar, capable of expressing any thought that can be expressed in any (current) human language. It probably wouldn't need to be trained on all languages, but it would need, in addtion to English, Japanese, and Korean, various Eskimo dialects, the Koisan languages, Arabic, Iranian, Sanscrit, Latvian, Basque, Magyar, a few polynesian and melanesian languages, and probably several others I haven't happened to think of. And it would need to learn each of those languages well enough to master the poetic forms.

Comment Re:not actually very surprising (Score 1) 69

Yes, but this could be seen as a vindication of Chomsky, even if they haven't quite got the Universal Grammar yet. (They'd need to cross reference a lot more languages.) I wonder if it could be externalized as an actual language rather than as just a map of neural net weighings and activations. The basic universal human language.

It probably can't be externalized, but the idea that it MIGHT be possible is certainly an interesting one. It seems that every existing language has things that are difficult to say in it.

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