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Journal Journal: Phrase for the day......

My phrase for the day:

"There's no sense putting your foot through the Mona Lisa."

You get to say this *very* rarely without irony. Not very often do you have a masterpiece. But you can toss it out with irony and get a good laugh.

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Journal Journal: Dead Man on the highway

I saw a highway fatality today after lunch. It was horrible, I can't stop thinking about it. It was on Interstae 80 going East, near Sacramento. The accident involved a large SUV, and a guy on a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle.

I was about twenty seconds or so, behind the accident as it occured in the Diamond Lane with vehicles cruising at speeds of roughly 80MPH. The motorcycle destroyed. The front wheel was in the middle lane, with the fork still attached. The gas tank was in the middle right lane, The body fell in the shoulder in the median. He was dead. I pulled over, thinking I might be able to do something, but the motorcylist was dead. Part of his head appeared to be gone. I'm not particularly religious, but I did say a prayer for him.

The SUV fliped three times, the driver was alive, I think. So many people came running in to see if they could help. There was nothing I could do, so I got back in my car and drove off.

I've seen two motorcycle accidents in my life now. The first one was a reckless young man zipping along with his friends, when he clipped a car. I'm not sure if he survived. This second one, I'm not sure the cause, but people were driving way too fast today.

I'm going to drive a lot more cautiously after seeing this. Anyway... Thanks /. for letting me get this off my chest.

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Journal Journal: Computer Names

My PCs have the dumbest names. I can never think of anything creative when I am looking at the computer name: screen.

My Windows Server: CORONA - I had a Corona in my hand at the moment.

My Linux laptop: TPLINUX - TP for ThinkPad, Linux, well because it's running Linux.

My XP Desktop: EGGMAN - my "old" Alter-ego online gaming name.

And of course my machine at work, K000140DSF.

I have worked in small companies, and in labs where systems had creative names.

One company I worked at named all the servers after types of trees. Cherry, Oak, Elm, - those were the important ones. Another place named servers after planets, Mars, Earth, Venus, etc. When we ran out of planets, we started with constelations. The CEO wanted us to tape pictures near the boxes in the MDF depicting the planet that the server represented. (We pushed back on that one)

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