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Comment I thought there were bigger issues than that. (Score 2) 249

I thought there were bigger issues than just souped-up screenshots/videos. I mean, I know that people bought this thinking that it is a vast, procedurally-generated "universe" that was persistent/simultaneous for all users so you could conceivably "meet" someone (and it was indicated that it was the only way you could "see" how you "look" in the game).
Which would have been an amazing feat of engineering, but it turned out they were lying and simply relying on the "vastness" that gave a low probability for two users to be close enough to discover it is impossible to meet (which is, of course, exactly what happened a week or so after it was released). Vast procedural universes that were not persistent/simultaneous for all users are a few magnitudes less impressive and have been done since the 80's (in fact they could fit in a floppy disk - see Elite/Elite II) and it is not how this was described.

Comment Making a base on the moon is dangerous (Score 2) 482

Making a base on the moon is dangerous, it could lead to many problems. For example, people might start sending their nuclear waste there which could lead to them exploding and taking the moon off orbit. Or people of Earth could start taking advantage of people on the moon until the latter get pissed and start throwing rocks to the earth.

Comment I most definitely am not! (Score 2) 219

I most definitely am not! I do watch shows free on Amazon since I have Prime anyway and when I was in the US I also had Netflix which is under $10/month, while now in the UK where Netflix has less stuff I complement Amazon with the free catch-up service of BBC and ITV. Why would I pay the exorbitant amounts listed for TV, especially if we are talking about regular programming and not on-demand, even if I had no other choice, I'd probably just go without TV...
The only people I can understand having a reason to pay are sports fans. I do enjoy watching sports myself now and then, not enough to actually pay extra, but I guess others are willing to pay big bucks for that.

Comment Re:What I don't understand. (Score 1) 56

Well, I am familiar with the basics at least and, as far as I know, the extra circuitry is there to protect them from problems that are related to the battery charge and discharge. Otherwise the danger with lithium batteries seems to be short-circuits that can happen INSIDE the cell when tiny metal particles move around and touch parts they should not, or something like that. The circuitry does not protect from anything like that. That's why I am asking whether someone who actually knows this stuff can shed some light.

Comment What I don't understand. (Score 1) 56

What I don't understand is why you are not allowed to air mail a battery by itself in a sealed container, while you are allowed to air mail the same battery inside a device. I am not that familiar with battery technology, but I would expect that a battery connected to a circuit to have additional ways of catching fire compared to a battery by itself. I mean if a fault happens inside the battery you are screwed whether it is in a device or by itself, but AFAIK there are cases where the problems were caused by the electronics connected to the battery, so you get an even higher chance of something going wrong. Maybe they are afraid the density, i.e. shipments with just batteries which would make more batteries per volume than say a shipment of laptops? But still, there would be rules about density then.
What am I missing?

Comment emule (Score 1, Troll) 424

Connect to an emule server, search for Tiziana Cantone and you will see a multitude of results. There are 5-6 short explicit videos, including fellatio, multiple partners and even some "alone time", plus a few not explicit pics.
I was curious myself, because I know there are thousands of women out there that are named on their leaked videos and I don't think people actively go after them with memes etc, so I wanted to know what was different here. I don't really see anything out of the "ordinary" (sure most such videos don't have multiple partners, but the "minority" that does still is a really big number, so we'd say it is a common occurence). So I guess it is the place, perhaps Napoli is a bit of a "closed" society and that's why she drew focus and ridicule? Judging from their films and their politicians (don't think just of Berlusconi's parties - they even had a famous porn star, Cicciolina, elected in parliament), I'd think Italians would be more casual about sex...

Comment This is not something new for Apple (Score 4, Interesting) 204

The iPhone 4 and 4S had a temperature sensor that would fail easily (usually in a couple of years, so outside your standard warranty) and would lead to the "wifi grayed out" issue (google it, the thousands of posts from that time should still be there, along with many iphone 4/4s listed on ebay etc with a non working wifi) - since the wireless module was disabled (taking bluetooth and gps with it). The official response from Apple was "reset your network settings", while users found that temperature shock (phone in freezer, then blow-drier etc) would "fix" it for a while. I keep a phone from each generation for testing purposes, my original 4 had failed that way, it was out of warranty and I replaced it with a 4S (fortunately company bought), which failed the same way and was replaced with a refurb unit, which, quite naturally also failed just outside warranty (all three phones were permanently on a desk and got a few hours of debugging/testing usage per month). What is infuriating, apart from the fact that Apple didn't care probably because their average customer was happy to just move on to iPhone 5 etc, is that it seems that it would be very easy to fix by software, ignoring the temperature sensor. I am not just saying it is easy, IIRC the iPhone 4 included the sensor without software support when it first came out, so whoever stayed on the original iOS version (was it 5?) did not have any issues regardless whether their sensor was working or not!
Let's see how my iPhone 6 plus does... It also gets very little use for some testing (I prefer Android as a personal phone), so the screen is fine so far.

Comment I don't see it on latest Mi4 MIUI version (Score 1) 97

I don't see the running process or the file that is supposed to be under, I am running the latest Mi4 MIUI version 7.5.1 Global, which was released a couple of months ago. So, perhaps they changed this behavior? The forum posts at least were older than that release. In any case it's been the best (and cheapest actually) Android phone I've had so far. Now, about spying, it really doesn't make a difference to me who it is that is performing it, Xiaomi, Apple, Google whoever tracks me it is the same for me and I am sure they all do when I use their devices. The vulnerability part is of concern though, however I didn't read about anyone actually testing to see whether a random/unsigned apk can indeed be installed automatically using this process. But hopefully my device is not a fluke and indeed it does not run on the latest OS version, possibly replaced by some more elegant and secure spyware ;)
Note that one of the advantages of Xiaomi is that they give you frequent updates to the latest Android for several years, so if such a vulnerability is found even older devices can be updated.

Comment Wait, are there really HDR monitors? (Score 1) 41

Are there really HDR monitors or at least coming soon? I've missed this "development", so if somebody could explain. Mainly, is it just a gimmick, i.e. we start calling monitors with a very good color gamut and contrast "HDR", or is there really a significant leap in display technology and we are talking about something visibly different?

Comment A10 Fusion? (Score 5, Insightful) 324

Isn't A10 Fusion a bit of a weird name? AMD called their APU's "Fusion" when they first came out and gave them model numbers A6, A8, A10.... Even though they dropped their "Fusion" branding, I am sure I am not the only tech guy who upon hearing "A10 Fusion" thinks of an AMD APU. And it's been just five years since they came out, it is not like you have to be an old geezer to remember.
Unless I've missed something and Apple now uses AMD APUs on their iPhone...

Comment Fly over Utah??? (Score 3, Informative) 36

From the linked project description page it says that 4 hours before atmospheric re-entry, the craft will jettison the sample return capsule and will perform a maneuver to put itself into a stable orbit around the sun. The capsule will re-enter by itself and open a parachute to land. I don't see anywhere that "Hollywood-style drama over Utah" that the summary describes.

Comment Re:Universities aren't completely honest either (Score 3, Funny) 420

I went to ITT and now I write for Gizmodo. I applied to slashdot but I didn't have the errors per article count needed to be an editor

I don't think that was the issue, the powers at be at slashdot can often be forgiving about missing errors. But did you make sure you made a dupe application? That's how you get past round one of the process...

Comment Re:Overall a disappointing mission (Score 4, Interesting) 70

I don't understand why I can't say that part of the project was botched. I have actually worked on projects that required the finished product to "work 100%" when put in production (not "in space" the closest I have reached is satellite communication software) and it was not a matter of "unlimited engineering, time or weight budget", it was mostly a matter of solid design and especially testing. In this particular case, it seems that they either did not fully vacuum-test their harpoon firing, or the test was not right and they actually found this would be a problem while the probe was in space, from other people tests if I understand correctly! (see comments section). They thought they had found a solution, bit it either did not work, or there was an additional problem with the wiring.
Also a gas thruster is sort of a simple device, I think you just have to make sure it doesn't leak. But it failed as well. That's 2/2 control systems gone...

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