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Comment I haven't been a gamer for well over a decade... (Score 1) 173

I haven't been a gamer for well over a decade (except whenever a new Civ comes out - when you lose me for a couple of weeks - a tradition since the first Civ) so I don't know if things have changed significantly, but is 50 hours of play time currently considered a lot? Especially with a game described as giving you an infinite procedural universe to explore? But in any case, if he is the *former* Sony director why would this guy's quotes be part of the news story?
Also, if the other post I read where two people tried to meet and found out the game "universe" is not common/simultaneous among players, which was what was promised, I'd think that makes a huge enough difference to warrant a refund... I mean, the developers themselves had said it would take quite some time for you to meet someone due to the size of the game universe, so if after 1000 hours of trying you find out they were lying and you couldn't meet players, not only should you get a refund but also perhaps some compensation for the time lost in the futile attempt?

Comment Don't count on it... (Score 4, Interesting) 222

I've personally had 3 iPhone 4 & 4S's get the dreaded "wifi grayed out" issue where your wifi, bluetooth and gps stop working. It was so common that dozens of forum threads involved long discussions about it (you can still find them easily - and also on ebay devices with the problem) and even Apple had a page about it where they offered as a solution to "reset your network settings". Obviously this did nothing, as it was discovered the problem was the temperature sensor was malfunctioning and disabling the wireless module (which took down BT, GPS as well) and once your one year warranty was over you were out of luck with Apple. What's crazy is that the temperature sensor was not enabled with the shipping iOS of the iPhone 4 (possibly the iPhone 4S as well), but Apple enabled it from either iOS 5 or iOS 6 (I forget - but people not upgrading never had the problem), so they could disable it again if they wanted to. But they did not want to, my company purchased 3 iPhones for me because they were all failing the same way (after being used only in the office, sitting on a desk, occasionally debugging iOS apps), so it was good money for Apple.
Apple won't fix a widespread problem even if it is just a firmware update for them, so don't count on a solution (other than offering you the newest iPhone perhaps with a "generous 10% discount" if you are "lucky").

Comment Re:Great products for the price (Score 2) 42

This is not related to "non-brand" or discount brand phones with a generic Android slapped-on with some crap. Xiaomi is actually the Chinese high-end, and their OS called MIUI is actually a very well maintained project with a consistent UI (I'd say it borrows ideas from iOS and TouchWiz, in any case it is simple and familiar), continuous updates with the latest Android kernels and various useful extras. In fact, they build packages for hundreds of third party phones (including all the popular LG, Samsung, HTC, Moto etc) should you want to try it out: . Although for non Xiaomi phones not all features are available and also I have no idea if the experience will be as polished.
Xiaomi originally pissed off the GPL people for not releasing their source (I guess not many Chinese companies do), but I think they eventually did publish it - in any case you can look it up if that is something you care about.

Comment Great products for the price (Score 4, Interesting) 42

After replacing my Samsung Galaxy S4 (flagship device, cost when new 550 euro) with a Xiaomi Mi4 (flagship device, cost when new 200 euro), I have never looked back. I tried the switched because there were a couple of annoyances with the Samsung, plus I actual made money from the switch (yes, people were buying a second hand S4 for more than a new Mi4!). Not only you get the top specs, same as every other flagship, including high quality screen, good battery (the Mi4 lasts about 20-25% more than my S4), but you also get some unique stuff that only the Xiaomi has. For example, without even using a PC, you can go to the Xiaomi website, download the latest ROM image, save it and either upgrade or rename it, reboot in service mode and have it clean-install (useful when ordering from cheap retailers that make up for the lower price by installing spyware/adware crap). Oh, and when you do something bad and break your installation, it is dual boot with a clean basic image installed on an extra partition! Even better, Xiaomi continuously updates all their phones, you can be running Android 6.0.1 (official) whether you have the latest flagship (Mi 5), or the previous flagship (Mi 4) or the flagship before that (Mi 3 from 2013) or their cheapest device from 2 years ago (Redmi 1S) etc...
And they have some other cool devices as well, but their phones have really done it for me, I'll be going with Xiaomi as long as they don't screw it up. Since you have to go through sometimes shady retailers sometimes currently, it will be great if they officially export to the US and other countries.

Comment Re:Let's see the Nvidiots defend THIS one (Score 1) 42

Defend? Is this some kind of subtle troll that pretends to misunderstand that this is a great thing for Nvidia? Great also for consumers, actually, as traditionally laptops get very weak graphics cards, but on this round they can get up to the high-end desktop equivalents. Of course they are expensive and their power profile will only fit on desktop replacement type laptops, but still it is nice to have the option. And I assume this means that AMD will also be able to fit their (less expensive) Polaris desktop chips in laptops, so should be something interesting for a lower price tier as well.

Comment It is a known issue with AV software (Score 3, Informative) 159

This is a known issue and is being worked on by the actual Avast! support :
I don't know how the OP submitted the ticket, but it went to a "retention specialist" who probably thought he was trying to use it on Ubuntu (at least that's what I understand from the first email reply). And it is not just Avast!, see for example similar problems with Kaspersky: and more:

Comment Re:A camera is NASA news now??? (Score 2) 81

And let's not mention the fact that they couldn't get the timer to work (!!!), so they missed the ignition, the power source was knocked off so they missed the end, and also it is kind of shaky... So not that great of a test even as far as cameras go!
Meanwhile two private companies are building rockets that can land themselves...
But, yeah, who needs NASA as long as we have our drones and our F35s ;)

Comment Really good stealth vs US radar. (Score 4, Interesting) 343

All they are saying is that the F35 has very good stealth vs the US AA radar, which is a high frequency radar and that makes sense, since it was a big priority of the design. In fact, it was a priority over other aspects, so the F35 has many disadvantages. But yes, it has that advantage.
Now, the problem is that Russia and China are building low frequency radars to which the F35 has no stealth capability. The difficulty is getting a good enough lock for weapons targeting - something that is thought to be hard with low frequency radars (i.e. you can see the F35 fine, but it exact location & vector are harder to get). If they succeed in making them good at targeting using low frequencies, then the F35 loses its main advantage and several disadvantages will start coming into play.
Personally, I'd have thought the US would have already built radars that can "see" the F35, mainly to anticipate the others doing so, in order to prepare on facing them (perhaps tweaking the plane, or seeing the limits of low frequency radar technology, or developing strategies etc). But of course they wouldn't announce it, so this fluff piece would be published anyway.

Comment Actually, in this case... (Score 4, Insightful) 118

Actually in this case this ship is still a record holder. It still holds the once very important "Blue Riband", which is the record for the fastest westbound (i.e. against the gulf stream) cross-atlantic passenger voyage. Only its eastbound records have been broken and even those not by regular passenger service. So this truly seems to be the fastest cross-atlantic passenger ship ever built (especially if you consider it held almost 2000 passengers) and it was retired quite early in its life, because cross-atlantic ship voyages were no longer required.
So, considering that, I do find it a shame nobody ever found another use for it...

Comment I don't get it. (Score 4, Interesting) 280

They've known for years and it is not uncommon for the Olympic city to host an event in another city (e.g. London held Sailing etc in Dorset), why did they HAVE to have these events in the dangerous Rio waters? I mean sure, a city that is on the coast, unlike others like the aforementioned London, COULD host water sports IF there are suitable waters. In this case there are no suitable waters, why couldn't they just move the event? It is not like they spent money for infrastructure for Sailing - in fact they didn't spend the promised money for sewage treatment, so they could just move the venue at any time.

Comment Re:Strangely, cheaper = more secure in this case (Score 1) 50

Well, that post is before Xiaomi turned the default of the "data sharing to improve experience" to off (you could set it to off yourself before) and also use of free services like the Mi cloud do share your details with Xiaomi as you should expect. But, for example, Microsoft sends more data, even if you say "no" to everything according to reports. And Xiaomi releases the kernel source of their OS, which is something Microsoft and Apple don't do. So I sort of take it for granted that whatever phone I have someone will be tracking at least my IMEI, location etc. Since I am not a diplomat or something "sensitive" like that, I don't really care if the one tracking me is a US or Chinese company, corporations are equally not looking for my interests wherever they are based. In fact, historically, US companies have been shown to be very prone to sharing their data with the US government, so there is no way you can claim the Chinese ones are more dangerous because they have "stronger ties" with their government.

Comment Strangely, cheaper = more secure in this case (Score 2, Informative) 50

It is very strange that while Samsung phones that me and my wife used to have had were not updated much (especially the non-flagship devices), from the moment I tried the cheap Chinese Xiaomi I've been enjoying continuous updates to all devices, from flagship to budget (and this, along with other reasons, is why I am sticking with Xiaomi for the time being). E.g. your phone will be running Android 6.0.1 whether you have the latest flagship (Mi 5), or the previous flagship (Mi 4) or the flagship before that (Mi 3 from 2013) or their cheapest device from 2 years ago (Redmi 1S) etc. And all these cost 1/2 to 1/3 the price of the equivalent Samsung/LG etc.
So, in this case buying "cheap Chinese" means you are the most protected from such issues. Yes, I know Xiaomi does not sell to most countries, I had to order it from a Chinese e-tailer who had an EU warehouse. And if you order from a Chinese e-tailer, whatever brand the phone it is almost guaranteed to be full of adware and spyware so your first move would be a clean install. Which is surprisingly easy on a Xiaomi, in fact you don't even have to use a PC - you can just go to the Xiaomi website to download the latest version, rename the file per the instructions, reboot in recovery mode and clean-install it! They even have dual boot - keeping a clean OS in case you screw up your regular installation.
Sorry for the "ad", but I can't believe I have paid up to $600 in the past (or more if we include phones my company has provided me like the iPhone 6 Plus), when a $200-$250 phone has proved better IMHO in both hardware and software...

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