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Comment Talk about misleading title!!! (Score 2) 45

iOS portrait mode means portrait vs landscape mode for desktop/apps, PERIOD.
Hmm, do you put a period after you've said period? Anyway, I digress...
If you wanted to use the word "portrait" instead of having a more accurate title like "fake bokeh" or "portrait photo background blurring" etc you could at least use "new portrait mode for camera app". This is supposed to be a site for nerds, know your crowd. Yeah, I know, I talk like I'm new here... ;)

Comment I live in the Uk and call BS (Score 0) 175

I've been living in the UK for the last three years an as I use a telescope I look at the weather daily. The national weather service barely gets a prediction correct FOR THE SAME NIGHT never mind days or years in advance! I am not kidding, there is something like an 80% or a bit more chance for clouds and a lower chance for precipitation, but the forecast only gives you slightly more information than that. Eg instead of 80/20 cloud odds, if the MET office thinks it will be cloudless, consider the odds to be something like 60/40 instead. The forecast for the next night is even less useful.
For example, 2 days ago it was telling me there was a zero chance of rain and the clouds would be gone within the hour. I took my scope out and had to drag it back in due to the zero chance rain that was dropping (perhaps the heart of gold was using the improbability drive?). If it wasn't clear, this was the within the next hour prediction, I.e. Weather practically right now...
If they could actually predict UK weather with any accuracy short term That would be a start. Now for 1 year later a forecast of "cloudy with a 50% chance of precipitation" would be correct most of the time, yet I would not call it a forecast.

Comment I've come to dread these events... (Score 5, Insightful) 142

I've tried using MacBooks, but they always had issues for me, so I go with (not necessarily new) Thinkpads for the road, but I mostly use my desktops anyway, and that's where I have a Mac Pro and a Mac Mini, which are pretty solid machines. Granted, the Mac Pro was too expensive, if my job did not pay for it I had calculated that I would have built it for less than half the price, but if you're not on a budget it is a good machine.
So, whenever there was new hardware introduced, specifically Mac Pro and Mac Mini I followed it, and if there was a good feature / speed increased introduced I would perhaps go for it (happened once with the Pro, twice with the Mini). But in 2013, it happened. They took their only "classic" workstation with multiple drive bays (I have 2 ssds and 3 hds right now), dual CPUs, PCI slots etc and "transformed" it into a cool looking yet useless to me cylinder.
Then with the Mac Mini, first they took away the option of getting any graphics other than Intel, then in 2014 they soldered the RAM and took away the option for a quad core!!!
So I dread the new announcements, perhaps a new Mac Mini single core. Or with an iPhone cpu... And a Mac Pro that is a cool black sphere... but you can't open it at all for stuff like adding RAM etc.

Comment Yeah, right... (Score 1) 212

Your new Hyundai sedan might randomly explode, so after you return it you are likely to buy a Harley motorcycle instead???

Not related: I used to buy most things samsung until about 1-2 years ago (2 monitors, phones, AC, Plasma Smart TV, home theater, external USB drives etc), but after their support treated me badly on the Smart TV and my Galaxy phone stopped getting updates relatively soon (with the last one being subpar), I vowed to never buy Samsung again - for phones I switched to Xiaomi...

Comment Happy birthday. (Score 4, Interesting) 127

Happy birthday KDE. I know we haven't seen each other much the last few years, sorry about that, but when you went all "pretty" with KDE4 it was like you were snubbing people like me who just wanted a functional desktop and had found that in you. I am mostly with OS X these days, I know she is a primadona and we don't have what I had with you back in the KDE 3 days, so I'll always reminisce those times...
Best wishes.

Comment Seriously? Could it be any more phallic? (Score 1) 89

I had to call my wife to watch this one! Wow, she said, a huge penis is blasting off! Yeah, I told her, watch as the crew capsule will separate... Crew capsule? Oh! yes, there goes the head!
Was the design on purpose, to troll radar operators with a penis cross-section?
It being funny of course didn't take much away from the important parts of the mission, nice landing for both booster and capsule. Good to see these guys progressing.

Comment Small fries... (Score 1) 111

They are going after small fries. Meanwhile, most H1b visas are used by companies like Infosys or Tata Consulting who bring people from India, have them work as H1b low-paid slaves to get the training required so that their jobs can be outsourced to India where they return to and continue with much lower wages...

Comment And I was modded down... (Score 3, Insightful) 182

The direction of their investigation was obvious from their previous release where they were talking about the breach in the helium system. They had a "large breach" that could not be explained, so what else fits the description better than a projectile? I was actually modded down for pointing that out (people saying you can't get within 8 miles of the launch etc), but, yeah, that's what they are looking at (among other things I assume). It is not that far-fetched I guess, I mean there are billions at stake here. And if you think about it, if you wanted to sabotage a rocket fueling would be the perfect time - low security compared to a launch (not to mention no bullet-time cameras etc rolling) and yet some activity that could be thought to be related to the cause.
I'm not saying it was certainly sabotage, but, regardless of what Giorgio Tsoukalos might tell you, it is much more probable than aliens ;)

Comment I thought there were bigger issues than that. (Score 2) 261

I thought there were bigger issues than just souped-up screenshots/videos. I mean, I know that people bought this thinking that it is a vast, procedurally-generated "universe" that was persistent/simultaneous for all users so you could conceivably "meet" someone (and it was indicated that it was the only way you could "see" how you "look" in the game).
Which would have been an amazing feat of engineering, but it turned out they were lying and simply relying on the "vastness" that gave a low probability for two users to be close enough to discover it is impossible to meet (which is, of course, exactly what happened a week or so after it was released). Vast procedural universes that were not persistent/simultaneous for all users are a few magnitudes less impressive and have been done since the 80's (in fact they could fit in a floppy disk - see Elite/Elite II) and it is not how this was described.

Comment Making a base on the moon is dangerous (Score 2) 497

Making a base on the moon is dangerous, it could lead to many problems. For example, people might start sending their nuclear waste there which could lead to them exploding and taking the moon off orbit. Or people of Earth could start taking advantage of people on the moon until the latter get pissed and start throwing rocks to the earth.

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