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Comment Bitlocker To Go (Score 1) 500

How about using Bitlocker To go to encrypt your USB devices? It's installed/available on all Win7 SKU's (though you need Enterprise/Ultimate to initally encrypt the device). As it's part of the OS, there's no suspision for having it...


Submission + - Congress to ban VOIP on airplanes

Ececheira writes: The U.S. House of Representatives Transportation & Infrastructure (T&I) Committee has taken Representative Peter A. DeFazio's (OR) bill from the last Congress (HR.5788) and inserted it as a section into the FAA Re-authorization Act of 2009 (HR.915) in this Congress, that if enacted into law, would permanently ban all inflight voice communication services and prevent passengers from using their own mobile devices to send and receive calls. The proposed provision (Section 423) would permanently ban aircraft passenger voice communications service using a mobile or wireless device and would deny passengers the convenience and choice of connectivity that consumers in other countries enjoy today.

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