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Comment Screw Windpower (Score 1) 250

This Texan says . . . FUCK WINDPOWER! You fucking jackasses in the NE and left coast are ruining our fucking country side. While a few farmers are benefitting form this raping, the scenery suffers and it requires just as much carbon energy because the wind doesn't ALWAYS blow the way you liberal fucktards do.

Submission + - Court Says Email Private (enquirer.com)

carpdeus writes: "The unanimous opinion of a three-judge panel of the Sixth Circuit US Court of Appeals upheld U.S. District Judge Susan Dlott's finding last July that prosecutors violated the Constitution when they persuaded a federal magistrate to give them access to Steve Warshak's e-mail accounts at Nuvox Communications and Yahoo!

The argument was that the Fourth Amendment's protection against unreasonable search and seizure applies to electronic communications. The government had used the Stored Communications Act of 1986 to obtain a sealed order and never let Warshak know that his privacy had been violated.

At the moment, this ruling only applies to emails in the southern half of Ohio covered by the Sixth Circuit."


Submission + - Mozilla exec claims Apple is hunting open source

Rob writes: Apple chief Steve Jobs expects to do more than lure Internet Explorer users to Apple's forthcoming version of Safari for Windows — he envisions a duopoly within the browser market at the expense of FireFox and others, according to Mozilla COO John Lilly. Lilly pointed to a pie graph representing the browser market that Jobs showed at last week's Apple developers' conference. The graph was made up with just two browsers: Safari and Internet Explorer. The graph "betrays the way that Apple, so often looks at the world," Lilly said. "But make no mistake: this wasn't a careless presentation, or an accidental omission of all the other browsers out there, or even a crummy marketing trick," he said. "Lots of words describe Steve and his Stevenotes, but 'careless' and 'accidental' do not. This is, essentially, the way they're thinking about the problem, and shows the users they want to pick up."

Submission + - PayPal becomes bank in Europe.

butlerdi writes: "Just noticed the following article on the Inquirer from Friday 15 June. http://de.theinquirer.net/2007/06/15/paypal_ist_ei ne_bank.html In German and not found in the English version, but talks about the conversion of PayPal accounts to their recent Lux bank. Guess not much a big deal in the US as it seems that they are already part of several other financial institutions but also had interesting stats on the annual turnover. As one who canceled my account years ago due to withholding of funds to a seller it does seem like a very large amount."
United States

Submission + - Climate stations may be recording bad data

Nephilium writes: A former TV weatherman is surveying the 1,221 climate measuring stations in the USA. In the two weeks since the project was started, they've gotten surveys of 50 of the sites. At at least 10 of the stations, there were issues that would cause the temperatures to be measured higher then the actual temperature. These elements range from being placed near a large parking lot, to air conditioning exhaust, to a barrel used to burn trash, to jet exhaust. This data is used by scientists studying climate change, isn't it important to at least make sure the measuring stations providing data are sending accurate data?

Submission + - Huge online pedophile ring broken, kids rescued (signonsandiego.com)

skinfaxi writes: British police, aided by U.S. authorities, have broken a global Internet pedophile ring that broadcast live-streamed videos of children being sexually tortured for the entertainment of subscribers. They netted more than 700 suspects worldwide and rescued 31 children.

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