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Comment Re:Evidence (Score 1) 401

I think that the "PC is dying" claim is based on the slowing of the market. Fewer PC's are being sold. That doesn't mean thought that fewer people are using PC's, just that they're buying new PC's less often. That said, research does show that for many people their phones are their main, or only, computer, so yes, to get to them you need to go through a few hoops.

That said, I see the InfoWorld article as pure fear-mongering. The market for software is so much larger and it's so much easier to get to people than in the days of floppy disk distribution, which InfoWorld sees as the 'good old days'.

Comment Over 600,000 new Google Play Store apps in 2016 (Score 2) 401

Couldn't find an exact figure, but this got me an approximate figure.

Which goes to show that tons of people don't mind going through minor hoops to get into the app store.

Does the OP have any proof that "Fewer people have the opportunity to write code and share it"? If anything, it's easy these days to get a professional development environment for pretty much any programming task, be it a pro version of Visual Studio for free or a free professional game engine. And people use them, as is evidenced for example by the huge growth in the number of PC and mobile games being published. Not to mention that consoles are a lot more open than they were in the past, with lots of indie games being available, and a normal Xbox One can be used for console development.

So even disregarding the sensationalist "PC is dead" angle, I feel that pretty much everything in the OP is not only unsubstantiated, but the opposite of the truth.

Comment Force researchers to keep abreast of their field (Score 2, Interesting) 280

It's been shown the gay men's brain activity change when they become parents, matching in some ways changes in mothers' brains, and they definitely don't go through a pregnancy.

The researchers could have compared to brains of women who got babies via a surrogate mother, which would have been more interesting, but they chose instead to compare to groups which obviously won't have relevant changes.

Also, they looked at scans only before and after the pregnancy, which makes this research quite useless in determining changes during pregnancy. It could be that these changes occur at or near birth.

All in all, looks to me like a waste of research money.

Comment Re:Will Starship Troopers Follow Heinlein's Book? (Score 1) 457

The main problem with the book, and other Heinlein stuff, is that it only works assuming that people generally have good intentions. Heinlein tends to have simplistic characters, which work well in his worlds, and therefore some people unfortunately imagine that what he suggests would work well in real life.

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