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Comment Worth it for the environment variables window :) (Score 2) 376

I filed that feature suggestion for several Windows beta, and finally Microsoft made good. Not only are the environment variable window and the editing windows resizable (which is what I asked for), but the path environment variable is edited as a list of directories. Amazing!

As for my general experience: It's okay on most PC's I tried it on. Sometimes loses the tooltips on the recent documents on the task bar on my work PC, which annoys me when when using Visual Studio. On my tablet it freed quite a bit of storage space. On my HTPC I reverted to 7 because there were some software problems.

Comment Problem with the S around the corner (Score 1) 140

It's hard to recommend an older model when a Xbox One S is around the corner and expected to sell for the same price.

In general I think that the Xbox One is an attractive console at this price for the undemanding gamer. You can buy it for $250, subscribe to Gold for $60 a year and you get about 4 games a month to keep. Great inexpensive gaming gift for a kid. With keyboard and mouse support underway, aimed at PC style game control but hopefully usable for the UI, it could likely even become a PC alternative, at least for web browsing and applications using the Edge browser. (But that's just speculation on my part.)

Personally consoles don't get a lot of traction in my house these days. I have a Wii and a 360, and they both get some gaming, as well as LEGO games on my HTPC, but the kids and myself still normally prefer the tablets, and for console style gaming the HTPC with 360 wireless controllers works decently. Kinect does get some occasional use (in fact, it's the main use of the 360), and unfortunately Kinect games for the 360 aren't compatible with the One, or I might have been tempted to buy one. Still, even if I was planning to get one, I'd wait for the S, to have a console that's less bulky (and slightly more future proof).

Comment Re:Moore's Law ended years ago, for many (Score 1) 133

You're looking at desktop CPU's. You look at other chips, GPU's for example, there has been much higher growth in performance. Even performance of integrated GPU's has grown a lot.

Moore's law was never about performance, but even looking at performance, you got about 10x increase for GPU's in past 8 years. Not exactly doubling every two years, but more than the 3,4,5 you talk about.

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 2) 165

Bitcoin wasn't designed as a scam, it was just too optimistic. The concept isn't one of a magic money printing device; the miners do valuable work which keeps the currency functioning. It was originally mined on CPU's then GPU's, so was initially truly the 'people's coin'. It wasn't until ASIC's mining arrived that things started going downhill in this respect.

That's indeed a problem with cryptocurrencies in general, but it's a more serious problem with bitcoin because it uses a relatively simple function, one that became quite easy to solve. It was the first, and therefore it has unfortunately both the largest mind share and the most problems.

Comment The answer is obvious (but not to techies) (Score 1) 507

Suppose someone has a TV and wants to view Netflix on it. A smart TV can allow that, and that would be a natural way to go about it for a normal person. A techie, on the other hand, likes things to be complicated, so would prefer adding another device, or reusing an existing device (which we typically have), because that's more fun. So sure, I have an HTPC (partly created with old parts and upgraded over time), but for other people that would be quite insane. And when you mention the Raspberry Pi, it's clear that your deep in geek territory (which is a totally natural place to be on Slashdot).

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