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Comment That's a palmtop, not a netbook! (Score 1) 243

Netbooks were small, weak Windows laptops costing a couple hundred dollars. That market is very healthy, although it partly moved to 2-in-1's. You can find lots of such products on Chinese stores like Gear Best.

This, on the other hand, is a palmtop. These were small PDA's (remember those) with keyboards. The Psion Series 5MX was one of the best, but there were several Windows CE ones.

This will certainly have an appeal for those (like me) who remember the 5MX fondly, so thanks for posting about it, even with the completely misleading title. I feel that there's less need for palmtops today, given netbooks and keyboard cases for tablets, but I did a lot of story editing on the 5MX, and I'm sure that some people would still find use for a small 400g device with a decent keyboard over the alternatives.

Comment We'd all be out of a job (Score 1) 383

If software could run just as well on any OS, even though it's vastly different, it would mean that the magic is serious enough to negate any kernel and driver differences, which in turn would mean that algorithms and bugs don't matter, which will lead to the total collapse of the software industry as we know it. It will be replaced by something magical, with no need for software developers or researchers. In fact, the entire world will probably change as a result of such magical discovery, and send the entire technological industry into upheaval.

Comment Breaksthroughs allow continued development (Score 2) 474

There have been many breakthroughs in the PC industry, incredibly clever inventions which allowed things to move forward. And that's the thing, the smartest things in the industry don't make for a huge processing leap, they enable making progress at all. Each of these developments take years. Ideas may be simple, but implementing them, especially at the level required for mass production, is hard. Each development also requires more accurate tools. Also, complexity is now so high, that, as imgod2u said, even a huge change in some part leads to an overall small change.

So as others have said, physics, but I think the above is a more nuanced answer. I remember when people said that it wouldn't be possible to make transistors under a micron in size. The very fact that we've reached so far is miraculous.

Comment Re:Perhaps a better method... (Score 3, Insightful) 1001

I've been working in software development for about 30 years, and I've never solved a single riddle. I'd bet that 99.99999% (and I'm being generous) of all software developers have never solved a single riddle as part of their work. I solved a lot of problems, developed algorithms, designed, analysed and optimised systems, but never encountered riddles.

Riddles are questions with simple answers which are deliberately obscure. They are rarely encountered in constructing something that requires rigorous thought and creativity, which is what software development is.

Comment They are already taxed (Score 1) 388

Replacing workers with robots reduces costs and increases profits, which are taxed. If governments reduced the amount of tax holes in their laws, they'd even get these taxes. If they don't, the big corporations would still manage to avoid the new tax while the little companies who want some automation will suffer.

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