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Comment Re:Why air gaps? (Score 1) 272

When I say gimmick... it's more like a catch to pump money out of pocket of people... do you really think that mom and dad's car need nitrogen tire fill? It's the same with the Argon filled double glazed window.

You pay extra money for it. Is it worth it?
Nope... this will make your window rating jump from R2 to R2.2 insulation. Might as well pay for Triple Glazing.

Comment Re:I'll be skipping this generation ... (Score 1) 191

Maybe because i'm used to the weight but 7.6 lbs is nothing... I move on the field all the time with this "behemoth", plenty of screen estate , color accuracy is very good plenty of storage bays if you are looking for storage space... very comfortable on the lap since the weight is spread on a large surface. But it doesn't show-off as macbook would.

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