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Comment Re:YOU HAVE TO GO BACK (Score 0) 278

Yeah, shipping people of a particular religion around in boxcars doesn't have any sort of bad history at all.

Seriously, what the FUCK is wrong with you? Okay, I'm an atheist, so I have no use for any religion, but why the screaming hell do people think that demonizing an entire religion for the acts of a few of them is a good thing? What is it going to accomplish?

This is what groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda want. They want us to fear every Muslim. They want us to marginalize Muslim youth because it makes it easier for those terrorist groups to recruit them.

Comment Re:Abuse? (Score 1) 212

Well, it's in the dictionary, so yeah, it would appear to be a word.

And there is a functional difference between "we can't serve you more bread, you ate it all" and file storage. Restaurants do, you know, close. Most aren't open 24 hours. Okay, sure, things like IHOP, but even they say "All you can eat pancakes" instead of "unlimited pancakes".

And that's the difference there, isn't it? I have never seen a restaurant offer "unlimited" anything. (Not sure if "bottomless fries" counts...) More often, with buffets, it's "All you can eat", so there is a top limit. Or "free refills" on drinks.

But "unlimited" specifically means without limit. Microsoft could have avoided a lot of trouble by defining a limit. But they didn't want to. They should have known better, considering how long they've been in business, and some of their previous decisions.

Comment Hrm... (Score 1) 212

This will only go anywhere if there is no money to be made by one or more major corporations by selling surveillance equipment. If there is money to be made, you can fully expect that the appropriate Congressmen will be bribed.... excuse me, a contribution will be made to their re-election committees, and any legislation will get dropped or neutered (or actively made into the opposite of what it claims to be).

Comment Re:so....gamergate was right (Score 1) 81

Yes, and my point still stands.

There were plenty of people upset about it, but it wasn't the event that caused Gamergate (or anything like it) to form. People got upset, and then they moved on.

Now maybe that was because social media was still taking off them (at least compared to now). Twitter had been around for about a year at that point, Facebook had been allowing anyone to create an account for about a year as well.

But of all the things to cause Gamergate to coalesce, it was really a relatively minor thing, blown way out of proportion, with a fair amount of misdirection and outright lying.

Comment Re:so....gamergate was right (Score 1) 81

I should say, I feel I'm not making my statement clear.

No, I do not expect Gamergate to retroactively be upset about something. But it is rather telling that of all the things that could have set off this "it's about ethics in gaming journalism", it was a relatively small event that did so. Could it have just been the final straw? Sure. It's possible. It's just not very likely.

Comment Re:so....gamergate was right (Score 1) 81

Actually, no, I don't believe Gamergate has a time machine.

My statement is that Gamergate is not about ethics in gaming journalism. If it was, they would have been much more vocal about it for years prior to the incident(s) that instigated it.

There may have been complaints (anywhere from minor to major) about a particular gaming site, or magazine, or whatever, but Gamergate as an organization (as loosely organized as it is), did not exist prior to approximately August 2014.

Comment Interesting to note (Score 0, Troll) 307

When the Orlando shooting happened, the right-wing talking heads were real quick to pull "OMG ALL MUSLIMS" (or variations on said theme), and they're not saying much of anything about this one.

Because radical Muslims killing other Muslims breaks that stereotype of "All Muslims are bad, mmmkay?" I mean, clearly, the fact that these terrorists are targeting people of the same religion... we can't spread that around, it might make people think that "holy shit, it's actually not about religion."

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