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Comment Re: Pricing... (Score 1) 150

Hell yes. Private airport, private plane, you walk from the front door, right thru and out the back door, hand your luggage to the pilot, and get in.
Did this all the time at my previous employer. It was $1800 a seat, and if you had 4 people to go, you could request it. If you filled it with 7 people you could fly for $1200 each.
Get to the airport by 7am, have a 4-5 hour meeting, and a nice lunch somewhere, and still be back by 5pm.

Comment Re:People are crap at multitasking (Score 1) 766

I design machines with (tens of) thousands of individual electrical parts. When you have to be sure that this will fit that, and that will fit this other thing, that has to be compatible with something else that needs to fit yet another thing...

Wire sizes, the lugs they fit in, where those lugs bolt to, what size hole does that have, should I use one big wire or two smaller wires, hopefully i don't have to use the expensive wire, electrical codes, wiring diagrams, conduit sizes and fittings, derating specs, panel dimensions, fuse types, circuit breakers, device ratings, nominal loads, short circuit current ratings, device clearances, multiple manufacturers, on and on and on.

How would anyone ever properly invent such an animal without hundreds of tabs open?

Comment Re:Beating a dead horse, I think at this point... (Score 1) 19

I'll just leave this here... It's nearly 5 years old now, but still perfect.

Congress today reauthorized funding for Facebook, the massive online surveillance program run by the CIA,â said Onion Factzone anchor Brooke Alvarez.
The sheer mass of data that people willingly display about themselves publicly is very, very likely being used by both the US government and foreign governments around the world to gather information about people of interest as well as to understand trends in the overall direction the world is heading. They can see political tendencies that could lead to actions and they can place associations between people through the network.
Is Mark Zuckerberg really a CIA agent, codename âoeThe Overlordâ? One never knows.

Comment Re:Browsers are fine (Score 3, Interesting) 766

When I'm verifying electrical drawings, I often have over 100 tabs open.
Imagine a machine with 20 different sensors. First you have the data sheets for the sensors open to find the pinout. Then you have one for the cable, perhaps two to find the wire color, then one for the mating plug that connects the cable to the junction box, then one for the junction box itself, then one for the cable that connects the junction box to the PLC card terminal block, then one for the PLC card that plugs into that terminal block. You can easily get six to eight tabs open for each sensor. Granted there may be more than one sensor to each junction box, but I often will keep duplicates of those tabs open so I do not have to find the other tab when working with a specific sensor to save time, double check my part numbers, and avoid looking at the wrong one.

I will often have multiple browsers open, one for each subsystem, with hundreds of tabs open in each.

Admittedly I may be odd, but it works better for me than printing them all out.


Comment Re: I'm not saying this is going to be abused, bu (Score 1) 292

The 120 and slamming on the brakes was the hacked signal. Does the car respond or not was the question.

We're on the same page, just different verbage. Once you have varying sensors with differing capabilities, multiple fields of view, on multiple cars, with the possibility of radio blind spots, the FMEA will dictate the car stops.

By the time the computers agree. It'll be too late.

The hackers have to win.

Comment Re: I'm not saying this is going to be abused, bu (Score 1) 292

Hopefully someone doesn't pass a semi on the right and then cut in front of you across four lanes because there's three car lengths between you and the car in front of you in the left lane, because that never happens.

People are stupid, just look at all the drivers that race in the lane that's closed in 1000 feet because of construction, and cut their way in front of those last few cars while narrowly avoiding the orange barrels.

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