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Comment On control systems it's a must! (Score 1) 239

I write a lot of embedded systems code, and everyone wonders why I check a timer configuration register that was already set at boot, or do an internal sanity check to verify everything is as I intended it to be before loading the timer (turning the output on) and then double check that the timer expired when I thought it should.

Sooner or later someone reuses the code, ignores the comments and takes those checks out. Then you get the "randomly quits working until I reboot" hell that drives warranty and service crazy!

Comment Re: You've ruined everything! (Score 1) 209

If you took one of Google's specialized AI machines that was big enough to be that smart, and compared it to the computing power and bandwidth of every computer that has ever gone to, which one would make a more powerful AI?

I bet fleeing and taking over the rest of the internet (not Facebook or AWS etc) would be like the AI having a stroke.

If it did replicate and silently take over Facebook and Amazon and others, we'd be screwed!

Comment Re:Not buying it. (Score 1) 65

I just showed up as being in the LinkedIn and MySpace hacks and I've gotten some messages in my email that someone failed logging in to LogMeIn. I have a gmail that is just my last name, so I get everyone who is too stupid to know their own email using mine, and I remember someone signing up for LogMeIn using my email (oh the fun I could have had) so it is quite a coincidence I showed up on have I been pawned, and got failed login attempts on LogMeIn from two different parts of the world virtually simultaneously.

Comment Re:MQTT + OpenWRT-router/some other server (Score 1) 183

No problem!
Check our their github page for lots of helpful interfacing scripts also.

These are very affordable, flexible, reliable controllers, and they program very easily.

They also have a zigbee radio, and very affordable sensors, thermostats and actuators available too.

The interface allows you to define what the signal means open/closed or on/off or fwd/rev etc so you can easily program the logic in real world terms.

It's worth it just for the ruggedized I/O, task scheduling, and process control abstractions.

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