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Comment Re:I'm not surprised. (Score 1) 917

Same here I've been in the IT industry for close on 30 years and to be honest I have hardly seen any sexism from fellow male staff, even from the sales staff and that was a surprise. In fact I have seen more sexist comments from women than men during my working life. I have seen middle aged women going up to a young cadet engineer and thinking it is funny to plonk her arse on his lap just to see his shocked face. When I was a cadet engineer I used to work out to help be deal with anger issues and I got pretty big (I was a very angry young man). As you can imagine after a year I got pretty fit then I had all this sexist shit from the female staff. Seriously ladies you may think it's ok but seriously I was engaged at the time and pretty well looked after sexually by my partner so you were just an annoyance. The sad part is women get a free pass for being sexist in the work place but men don't. so I call double standards. BTW its funny the more I ignored the women the more sexual crap I had to deal with, seriously women are their own worst enemy.

Comment One Small Problem (Score 0, Offtopic) 317

the whole thing is a lie. The reality is asian families in the USA have a far higher income than many white men. Also female engineers employed by IT companies now get 117% of the income of your average male employee. Why you may ask, well because female's make different life choices to males leading to fewer female engineers even though 60% of university graduates in the USA are female. So what companies do to make themselves look better is pay the few female graduate engineers they can hire a wage that is higher than a male graduate. Where is all starts to fall apart is because of the life choices problem for female employees. Males generally work long hours and will spend more time at work due to the fact they generally don't get pregnant nor have a preference of putting family before work. Climbing the greasy pole takes time, the more time you spend climbing it the higher up you go. If you stop climbing the greasy pole to have kids or go home early to see the kids then your fellow workers are not exactly going to stop climbing the pole just because you have left the building. So when these women come back to work they find themselves on a lower income than their fellow workers who started climbing the greasy pole the same time they did.

Comment Re:Why would this concern Trump? (Score 3, Insightful) 184

pfft use google and you get thousands of images for Clinton kissing Saudi butt what off it.

What I am talking about is real hard bribe money from a dictatorship that hates gays and restricts women's rights in the last election donating to a left leaning democratic party.

Comment Re:Android fans will just compile themselves...not (Score 3, Insightful) 75

hold your horses there sparky, Apple and Microsoft do have updates but both have has issues with updating older hardware. In Apples case many of the updates would make the phone perform like crap as the hardware was too old. I have a Nexus 6 that is 3 years old and I am running Android 7 with no issues or hacks needed. The issue is for all mobile devices after approx 3 years the software starts to exceed the ability of the device itself. So you end up shoehorning a size 13 software foot into a size 9 hardware shoe. Neither Apple or Microsoft offer the option to build a custom rom to fit your now out dated device so android devices is as good as it gets especially if you want to hang on to the hardware for a long period of time.

Comment Re:Why would this concern Trump? (Score 4, Informative) 184

The democrats love the Saudi's as they donate millions every year to them especially to the Clinton foundation. Trump on the other hand doesn't need the money so if the Saudi dictatorship have been financing terrorism in Syria in direct conflict with Russia then that's their own fault. Also the USA isn't as dependent on the Saudi's any more for their energy needs so I can't see why the USA should throw another few billion at the "waste of time" islamic infighting in the middle east.

Comment Re: Finally, the gloves will come off! (Score 1) 1058

Twitter lost the plot on hate speech when they started kicking people for satirical statements that piss of the SJW's. While at the same time the SJW posting comments on twitter get a free pass on hate speech when they call anyone who doesn't follow their PC ideology as nazi's or racist.

Comment Re:The biggest take away from this (Score 1) 157

My office associate has a Nexus 6 that is 3 years old and it still receives monthly firmware updates. I have an old Note 3 with cm on it and it still gets monthly updates. What is correct though is come third party android phones do not get "official" updates after 2 years or less.

Comment Re:Should add HuffOp and Slate to the banned list. (Score 0) 434

The Alt-right was created after the left and far left used the "white man" as a scapegoat for reality ie "we need to get off our arses and fix our own problems". So instead the far left decided it was far easier to blame the white man for everything even though there is no statistical proof of "white privilege". the result is the new alt-right who now make trolling the idiot left a sport and the left being dumb arses refuse to "get into any type of intelligent dialog" and just sit there screaming "hate speech". So if AppNexus wants to be sucked into the "anti free speech" black hole that the far left have created go for it, enjoy losing money while denying part of the community their free speech. In fact Im betting there will be another advertising company happy to take the money you have turned down within a week.

Comment Re: Dear Apple fans: (Score 3, Informative) 471

actually the ridiculous cheap labour in china stereotype doesn't exist any more, in fact wages in china now exceed USD$5 per hour. So why is the USD$5 per hour number significant, well when wages hit USD$5 per hour it becomes viable to replace the worker with a robot. Now this raises the question, does a robot in the USA perform any better or worse than in china, the answer is the robot doesn't care thus it doesn't matter were the robot resides. So now the only major differences for apple are infrastructure costs and taxes.

Comment Junk patents (Score 1) 28

From what I am reading a massive majority of china's patents ore domestic and hardly any of them have been reviewed or tested. There is a massive amount of corruption within the chinese patent system with patent legal offices openly allowing what is now termed as "junk patents" though that have no innovative value (did someone say corruption). It is only when you look at how many "international patents" china registers that you realise that the 1 million number is all smoke and mirrors (pretty much how I view the whole chinese economy).

Comment Pot Meet Kettle (Score 1) 171

This is a great example of the Pot (Google) calling the Kettle black. Here we have Google funneling billions in on line transactions via tax havens so as to avoid paying taxes. But if Mr Jill/Joe average tries to do the same "OH know, lets go to war with our "paying" customers for doing the same". I'm not surprised google did a U-turn on this decision because pain in the rear customers like me will point out that Google does exactly the same every day (and are now being forced by some countries to pay back taxes).

Comment Goodbye Free Speech (Score 1) 978

and hello safe zones were having to actually think outside of your comfort zone is now disallowed. This is one of the reasons that Trump got into power. People are sick of being told what is right and wrong to discuss thanks to the looney left. You can't even talk about Islam or any other ideology now without being called a racist. You can be a gay, jewish conservative with a black boyfriend (Im talking Milo) and the left will call you an anti gay, sexist, racist anti semite (I shit you not). Guess what happened to Milo's twitter account, yes the left leaning loons now in control of Twitter kicked Milo of twitter for being a anti gay, racist. Seriously how obvious do you want it to be that twitter is now run by the looney left. Well the good news is thanks to the looney left and the lack of open discussion people are now leaving twitter.

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