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Comment Open Security Standard (Score 1) 16

I think it is about time we all agreed the ever growing password and 2 level checking even with a mobile is verging on becoming a complete fail. What we need is an open security standard that not only securely transmits data but allows a user to use their web services "without a password". Im thinking some type of smart dongle with a rotating 2048 bit key with a fingerprint reader built in that can scan up to 10 finger prints (users can have a multi fingerprint login sequence). The dongle should work with mobiles and other PC related devices and even door locks. This way it removes the security key layer away from the PC and the telco networks and isolates the device from open Internet access (device is a 2 part connection when plugged in in that the device itself never electrically connects only the io part does)

Comment Re:NSA Strikes Again! (Score 1) 59

From experience with dealing with chinese OEM's and the spy v spy nature of china the code could have been added by a chinese spy working as an employee. We have had reports from our chinese based factories of government officials asking for code to be tampered with but usually not on the export items but on the local stuff. So yes if you are buying consumer electronics made for the chinese mainland market with a english language update you may find the device has 2-3 layers of back doors built in.

Comment Automation Failure (Score 1) 208

I have watched a few companies take up the automation mantle even the food industry. The issue I notice with robots in the food industry though is maintenance and quality control. Im betting within 6-12 months the sauce spreading robot wont be properly maintained to save money and it starts spitting out pizza's with sauce that looks more like a Picasso abstract painting than a even coating. The human workers wont give a stuff as they are not paid enough to do so thus the quality of the product goes to hell. This is the issue with robots, unlike humans they suck at maintaining their tools and cant adapt or repair what they have thus things go astray.

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