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Comment Re:The Self Reward Syndrome (Score 3, Interesting) 210

I used to go to the gym 3-4 times a week and do all the exercises etc and lost next to bugger all weight but I did get bigger muscles. The issue is to lose weight there are two simple rules, don't eat anything with a high GI (carbs) index and don't eat too much. If you avoid bread and cakes, beer (I drink spirits now), snacks etc all things high in carbs you will find the weight just falls off. Also reward yourself at least once a week with a sinful dinner setting and that way you don't get bored. Yes exercise should still be in the picture but is a wast of time if you don't get rid of the carbs,

Comment Try Bluetooth Ver 4.0 (Score 1) 385

I have a Plantronics Focus UC headset that came with a bluetooth ver 4.0 USB dongle. I tried pairing the headset directly to to my laptop via the built in bluetooth 2.1 hub and it sounded flat. I then tried the Bluetooth 4.0 dongle supplied with the plantronics wireless headset and the sound was completely different (cinema quality HD). I suspect those complaining about the poor audio quality of bluetooth on their wireless headset either have a hub or headset that is bluetooth 2.1->3.0 and not 4.0 on or better on both sides.

Comment Another Nail in the Coffin (Score 1) 247

I gave up when I started realising the Olympics stopped being about sportsmanship and your average sports person and all about who has the best genetic freaks and the smartest drugs and the best corporate sponsor. For example they now know that you can give enhancement drugs to an athlete withdraw them months even years before the event and the athlete will still retain some of the advantage of taking the drugs. So when you hear of past drug cheats getting back into the Olympics with times that are almost the same as when they were a drug cheat, well now you know why.

Comment Open Security Standard (Score 1) 16

I think it is about time we all agreed the ever growing password and 2 level checking even with a mobile is verging on becoming a complete fail. What we need is an open security standard that not only securely transmits data but allows a user to use their web services "without a password". Im thinking some type of smart dongle with a rotating 2048 bit key with a fingerprint reader built in that can scan up to 10 finger prints (users can have a multi fingerprint login sequence). The dongle should work with mobiles and other PC related devices and even door locks. This way it removes the security key layer away from the PC and the telco networks and isolates the device from open Internet access (device is a 2 part connection when plugged in in that the device itself never electrically connects only the io part does)

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